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Happy Call Recipe: Trio Chilli Selar In Just 3 Steps!
That’s the wonder of this Happy Call Pan! The Selar recipe is perfect for novice cooks. I used Tom Yam, Sambal & Hay Be Hiam (Spicy Shrimp) to pair with the fish & name it ‘Trio Chilli Selar’!
Ingredient and Portion
3 Selar/Kambong
1 tablespoon Tom Yam, Sambal & Hay Be Hiam paste each
Pinch salt & pepper
Extra-virgin Olive Oil for greasing pan
Marinate the fishes with the seasoning. Grease pan lightly & heat pan. Put in the fishes & close the lid.

When steam comes out of pan, flip it over. Open lid to check to ensure fishes are in place & browning. Close lid & flip it back after about 4-5mins. Fish is completely cooked if your fork goes thru the meat easily.

Remove & top with the 3 types of chilli & you’ll get a tender fish dish with crispy skin!

While hubby & I thought the Sambal would be the best match for the fishes but Tom Yam turned out to be the best. So take your pick & choose your favourite toppings!
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