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Bloggers Go Table-hoppin’ at The Grandstand

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Singapore’s newest family lifestyle destination, The Grandstand, is home to one of the country’s hottest and biggest dining enclaves. Here you’ll find countless eateries and whether you’re craving for healthy burgers or lip-smacking Korean BBQ, you can be sure to find something to satisfy your appetite here at The Grandstand!
Six restaurants, five foodies, one big table-hoppin’ session at The Grandstand

Recently, five lucky bloggers were able to go on a colourful gastronomic tour of The Grandstand. Throughout the evening, Melissa Koh of Melicacy, Eileen of Eileen Loves, Verlyn Lou of Luvverlyn, Herine Ang of My Fat Pocket and Noelle Mikazuki of Noelle Mikazuki were busy noshing on the signature creations of not one, but six different restaurants, namely Casallena, Grill-Out, HANSANG, MAD, The Ascot and VeganBurg.

Stop #1
Casallena | Wine, bistro, tapas

Food: Wagyu Tomahwak, Tataki of Tuna with Peppercorn Salad, Curry Seafood Pizza, Baked Apple Crumble (clockwise from bottom left)

The first stop for the evening was Casallena – this warm, cosy bistro and tapas place is all about fab food and fine wine. Here our bloggers enjoyed a grand feast and tucked into a total of nine dishes, from mouth-watering entrees to hearty mains and sweet desserts.

Casallena tasting menu:

• Exotic Mushroom Soup Infused with truffle ($7.50)
• Tataki of Tuna with Peppercorn Salad ($11.90)
• Curry Seafood Pizza ($11.80)
• Pork Sausage Pizza ($11.80)
• Seafood Lasagna Maki ($12.50)
• Wagyu Tomahwak ($198 – special promo price)
• Baked Apple Crumble ($9.80)
• Green Tea Tiramisu ($6.50)
• Chempedak Cake ($6.50)

Everyone had a tough time deciding on their favourites, but dishes that earned themselves a couple of ‘ooohs’ and ‘ahhhs’ include the Tataki of Tuna (definitely something to do with the delicious pepper-crusted skin), the spicy Curry Seafood Pizza – which Noelle described as “addictive” – and of course, the gigantic, melt-in-your-mouth, must-try Wagyu Tomahawk. Hurry and try the Wagyu Tomahawk soon because it isn’t going to be that affordable for long (usual price $256)!

Stop #2
MAD | The most eclectic, creative dining concept yet

Food: Josper-grilled Wagyu Beef Claypot Rice (top left), Josper-baked Foccacia Flatbread with Scallops, Prawns and Bacon(bottom left)

The tasting at MAD (Modern Asian Diner) began with a tour around the huge restaurant. Here, our bloggers got to fully grasp the meaning behind MAD – with so many concepts in one place, no wonder it’s called MAD!

However, what really surprised everyone were the too-pretty-to-drink cocktails, specially prepared by MAD’s super talented bar manager, Kino Soh. Everyone had a different tipple to sip on while indulging in the restaurant’s hot favourites.

MAD tasting menu:

• Signature cocktails – Strawberry Shortcake ($16), Squarepants ($20), Oolong Collins ($17)
• Crispy Skin Roasted Pork Belly ($14)
• Josper-baked Foccacia Flatbread with Scallops, Prawns and Bacon ($16)
• Josper-grilled Wagyu Beef Claypot Rice ($26)

If we had to pick one champion, it’d definitely be the Josper-grilled Wagyu Beef Claypot Rice. This baby comes with tender Wagyu beef, mushrooms, hot spring egg and best of all – truffle dressing. It takes around 15 to 20 minutes to prepare but trust us, it’s worth the wait!

Stop #3
Grill-Out | Premium meat at affordable prices

Food: Cold Angel Hair Pasta (top right), Pan-fried US Kurobuta Pork Collar (bottom left)

Out of MAD’s wonderland and into yet another homely eatery, our bloggers had a meat-fest at Grill-Out. Originating from the heartlands of Clementi, Grill-Out served up some of their best steaks and even a couple of lovely appetisers before the four main courses to whet the appetite.

Grill-Out tasting menu:

• Cold Angel Hair Pasta ($13)
• Deep-fried US Corn-fed Pork Jowl ($10)
• Grilled Canadian Lucyporc Rack ($29)
• Pan-fried US Kurobuta Pork Collar ($26)
• US Premium Angus Ribeye ($40)
• Barramundi San Sebastian Style ($28)

Drizzled with white truffle oil, the Cold Angel Hair Pasta made an extremely refreshing appetiser. For the meat, one dish stood out in particular and that was the Kurobuta Pork Collar. What makes this pork collar creation so different, you ask? Not only is it drenched in olive oil – it’s practically infused with it. What you get is extra smooth meat!

Stop #4
HANSANG | Singapore’s largest Korean restaurant

Food: Yangnyum Galbi, HANSANG Bibimbab, Hodduk (clockwise from top right)

From Western grub to Korean bites, our bloggers got the VIP treatment at HANSANG. Dubbed as Singapore’s largest Korean restaurant (it has a supermarket and even a kimchi factory!), our bloggers occupied one of the 10 VIP rooms in the restaurant and sunk their teeth into various chargrilled delights and wholesome chow.

HANSANG tasting menu:

• Assorted Pancakes / Modum Jon ($18)
• Jab Chae ($9)
• Prime Ribeye / Saeng Dungsim ($38)
• Marinated Shortribs / Yangnyum Galbi ($35)
• HANSANG Bibimbab ($20)
• Ginseng Chicken Soup / Samgye Tang ($15 – half chicken)
• Cinnamon Punch / SuJeongGwa ($3.50)
• Pancake with Ice Cream / Hodduk ($5.50)

As usual, the barbecued meat got everyone’s attention (the scrumptious Marinated Shortribs did get a little more), but so did the healthy Ginseng Chicken Soup – which HANSANG does a little differently.

Also, at the end of the tasting, our bloggers were presented with a very special creation called Hodduk. Basically a pancake with ice cream dessert item, the Hodduk boasts this extra oomph thanks to the addition of yuzu jam and is only available for patrons of the VIP rooms.

Stop #5
VeganBurg | An organic vegan burger fast food restaurant

Food: Char-grilled Satay Burger (left), Smoky BBQ Burger (right), Crispy Potato & Spinach Pops (top right), Vegan Franks (bottom right)

To help our bloggers feel less guilty about indulging in sinfully good food, VeganBurg was there to save the day. With the aim of shaking up the fast food scene, VeganBurg focuses on proving that fast food doesn’t necessarily mean junk food and that healthy, meat-free cuisine can be just as awesome.

VeganBurg tasting menu:

• Char-grilled Satay Burger ($6.90)
• Smoky BBQ Burger ($7.90)
• Vegan Franks ($3.90)
• Crispy Potato & Spinach Pops ($3.90)

Both the Smoky BBQ and Char-grilled Satay burgers were definitely tasty, and the sides of Vegan Franks and Crispy Potato and Spinach Pops surpassed everyone’s expectations. With such fantastic-tasting organic nosh, it’s safe to say we’d be glad to go vegan any day!

Stop #6
The Ascot | ‘Gastrogrub’ for anglophiles

Food: A Bunch of Bangers, Classic Bread & Butter Pudding, Deep-fried Mars Bars (anti-clockwise from top left)

The final food stop for the night: The Ascot. Not only does this English-inspired pub offer the best alcohol, but also some of UK’s most iconic comfort food. With a drink in one hand (obviously most opted for cider), and a fork in the other, the bloggers filled their stomachs one last time with classic creations such as bangers and mash and bread and butter pudding.

The Ascot tasting menu:

• Strawberry Spinach Salad ($18)
• A Bunch of Bangers ($20)
• Deep-fried Mars Bars ($8)
• Classic Bread & Butter Pudding ($9)

It’s hard to go wrong with A Bunch of Bangers (served with bubble and squeak) and the unique Strawberry Spinach Salad was pretty out of this world, but we must say The Ascot’s desserts would blow anyone away, anytime. The batter of the Deep-fried Mars Bars is so light that’d you be able to snack on them non-stop, just like popcorn, whereas the Bread & Butter Pudding is just so well done. Two words: highly recommended!

Our bloggers were left happy, extremely full and of course, satisfied by the end of evening. “The event was fun and exciting, giving me an opportunity to taste the food The Grandstand has to offer!” said Melissa.

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