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DEC 10

Was visiting a friend who lived in Tiong Bahru. Since I was in the area, I decided to pop into Tiong Bahru market and buy siew mai from Tiong bahru Pau. This is one of my favourite brands when deciding on the standard of siew mai.

The siew mai was quite big in size, unlike those you get from elsewhere. The fillings was very tender as moist as they have water chestnut bits inside. The skin was not thick and the fillings was aplenty. With every bite, you can taste the balance fo sweetness and saltiness, it was very addictive to me. I cannot stop until I have finished up all my three siew mai. Yummy.
中峇鲁饱点's photo in Tiong Bahru )
Tiong Bahru pau is one of the famous bao stall in singapore and really lived up to their name. Bought their char siew bao and one bite of it really brings back memories of the older days. The bao...
Actually wanted to do a review on the Outram outlet but unfortunately was not able to locate it on the database so am going to tag this review to its Seng Poh outlet. For any gluttons that are...