10 Worth Visiting Hipster Stalls in Singapore
When our budget is tight and our cravings are strong as an undefeatable soldier, we turn to that one best friend everyone and their mothers have  hawker stalls! A hawker may not be seen as the most desirable in terms of career persuasion, but recent times have seen a rise in a new trend of hawker stalls  hipster hawker stalls!

In accordance with this rise of hipster hawker stalls, we see interesting results  the food we all grew up with being reconstructed in creative and unconventional ways! These 10 hipster hawker stalls here will testify that for you!

The World Is Flat sees modern Japanese restaurant Tanuki Raw utilizing the concept of bar & kitchen, serving up alcoholic drinks and food selections that explode with imagination and personality. You’d be in for a very nice surprise 
 the Fat Samurai Pizza, for example, dons the appearance of a toothsome pie, but is laced with flavor from ingredients such as duck confit, bacon, prawn and American beef.

A hearty bowl of ramen is always good and wholesome. A Noodle Story delivers this with a twist  the ramen is served Singapore style. The blending of Japanese and local flavors create a whole new experience with their “ramen” that incorporates Japanese food elements into traditional wonton noodles. Hard work of sweat and tears are put into each bowl. Not recommending them would be a huge regret!

(Credit: jrng91)

Do you ever wish you had the luxury to have German food often? Otto Berlin Haus solves your problem by offering affordable, high-quality German food! The well-revered Half Pork Knuckle will have you signing up for a lifetime membership. Who could say no to meat that’s thoroughly seasoned, succulent from juiciness and grilled to crispy perfection?

Ah Bong’s Italian work hard to serve up affordable and lip-smacking pasta. The pasta selection changes on a daily basis, so the surprise factor is often strong with them  you never know what they’d serve the next day! That said, each dish is brimming with personality, tastefully made from the first step to the last. Definitely one of the best places to get Italian food at! 

True to their name, the food here takes on an anatomy of their own  adorably cube-shaped and cake-sized! That bowl of laksa we all loved? It’s reconstructed as a solidified cube here, along with other varieties such as teriyaki chicken and nasi lemak. They score not only in food presentation but also the flavors  impressively delicious from start to end!

Ribs that are seasoned and cooked to ultimate tenderness? We don’t know a better place than here for that. All food here is prepared fresh on a daily basis and the pork ribs are specifically selected to ensure the highest of quality for their customers. The meat is smoked as well, eliciting a subtle smokiness that enriches the flavor. Be careful to not drool all over your screen!

Garcons is here to satisfy all your European cravings while making sure you don’t go bankrupt for it! The French duck confit will revive your appetite’s engine with its crispy skin and thoroughly tenderly fragile meat that breaks even at the slightest touch of a fork. To be able to access high-quality European fare like this through a hipster hawker stall is a worthy catch.

Seafood always tastes better when seasoned with sea salt; that’s why you should totally give Seasalt a visit. Only certain fishes are served daily in order to conserve freshness, but that doesn’t stop patrons from digging into their grilled whole fishes. The dishes are lightly seasoned, just enough to induce flavor, and the sea salt will make you feel the ocean in your mouth!

Singaporeans know no better place than here to get the best deep-fried chicken in the whole country. One of the best things about them is that it doesn’t feel greasy, assuring that health-conscious part of yourself  and there’s nothing better than not having to worry about greasiness as you sink your teeth into some luscious chicken meat!

The Burning Oak presents kushiyaki, also known as Japanese grilled skewered meat, as its major spotlight. Chicken, pork, and beef are the most available meats, but each dish on the menu packs different kinds of flavors and are all grilled to absolute perfection. It’s the perfect treat to have on a day where you just feel like having something small but savory!
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