12 Worth Trying Korean Restaurants in Singapore!
The Korean Wave has swept us off our feet. Thanks to K-pop, youngster have hopped on board the Korean pop culture craze. Naturally, when an interest in a pop culture surges, so is an interest in that culture’s food.

The craze for Korean food has hiked up in recent years. In order to accommodate this enthusiasm, we have specifically compiled the best 12 Korean eateries throughout Singapore!

Paris Baguette actually originated in South Korea, and anyone who has been to the country would know that this famous café is not one to be missed! With over 3500 branches in South Korea, United States, and China to boast, Paris Baguette is now on Singaporean shores to introduce some of the most savory pastries you will ever taste! Not a place for the budget-conscious though.

Want some Korean BBQ but you’re budget-conscious? You can stop worrying now. Conveniently situated in Tanjong Pagar, otherwise known as the “Korean food road”, 2D1N Soju Bang allows you to indulge in a sinful amount of Korean BBQ without leaving a dent in your bank account. For just $20++, you’re entitled for a free-flow amount of meat that includes pork, chicken, and beef!

Ju Shin Jung is one of the best places to get your fix of Korean food, having many different menus for all sorts of dishes, including a la carte, soups, BBQ, lunch sets and hot-pot. The BBQ is one of the best options because you get generous access to marinated and seasoned meat, barbequed until they’re ready to melt in your mouth! For something lighter, the lunch sets are also just as valuable.

Ditch those plans to go to the local kopitiam in favor of a visit to this Korean coffee shop for a nice change! Students love this place for not only the free WiFi but also the delectable pretzels, bingsu, pizzas, thick toasts and different kinds of pastries. Beverages range from milk teas to coffee; the latter of which we recommend the most.

Everyone and their mothers love Korean fried chicken, which means everyone and their mothers should give Oven & Fried Chicken a visit! They’re one of our best picks to get that perfect piece of Korean fried chicken, coming in either the selection of okkudak — roasted marinated chicken — or ssal dak — fried chicken. Each piece of meat is meticulously cooked, invoking sensational flavors that will enlighten your taste buds.

Ssikkek is another BBQ restaurant that provides BBQ buffets to patrons at reasonable prices without trying to drain your savings. The staffs are efficient and will ensure every single thing is cooked just right, but you also have the choice to do the cooking yourself. Ingredients are served in arrays, so feel free to take as much as you like and cook to your heart’s (or taste buds’) content!

The best Korean fried chicken is in town! Hit them up for their fried chicken, carefully cooked in different kinds of lip-smacking marinade! Our recommendation goes to the Ganjang Soya Chicken Wings, in which chicken wings are painstakingly marinated in a special kind of soy sauce. Trust us, the experience with Chicken Up is nothing but rich. Thank us later; make a visit to Chicken Up this weekend!

More Korean fried chicken! You’re probably sick of seeing Korean fried chicken at this point, but we doubt you’d ever be sick of the flavor. If you’re really sick of Korean fried chicken though, we’re sure Kko Kko Na Ra’s signature fried chickens will make you addicted again — coming in four flavors that encompass original, soy garlic, sweet & spicy and hot & spicy!

Everday is a dessert day and when there are desserts, there’s bingsu. Step inside Bing Go Jung and help yourself to some of their milky bingsu. Pour that condensed milk all over those soft shaved ice and bring out the creaminess that will make your life better for even just a moment!

Did someone say HOMEMADE Korean food?! This homely eatery is operated by a Korean lady who cooks homemade food for Korean students in Singapore. The Samgyupsal Suyuk is worth losing your breath for —rows of steamed pork belly served multiple kinds of gravy, one of which is bright pink in color! Big Mama’s food is a gateway to how home feels in South Korea!

Many people love bingsu for the ingredients, the silky shave ice, that smooth milky texture; all of which you can easily get at O’ma Spoon. The bingsu is made from premium milk and ingredients are specifically Korean-imported. The prices might not look as beautiful, but it’s worth treating yourself to once in a blue moon for that bowl of bingsu boasting the perfect texture and flavor!

Milkshakes don’t bring all the boys to the yard — Korean BBQ does! The BBQ here is done via charcoal grilling instead of a gas or electric stove, giving all your meat that slightly smokiness that they need. Did we mention that eggs here are free-flow? You could just notify a server and they will pour you your eggs however many times you like. What a catch!
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