6 Places to Unwind at After a Tiring Day
As adults, work can take a huge toll on us. Being a productive member of society is sometimes too exhaustive and saps all your mental energy. That’s why places like bars are so active at night; what’s a better way to unwind with your friends and colleagues after work with some alcohol, after all?

Singapore boasts quite a number of attractive bar with alcoholic selections that are just as appealing. These 6 places will relieve you of all your stress as you down a satisfying glass of martini!

Where else is a better place to get some quick fix of booze?! The Tuckshop has more than 40 types of beer. Talk to the staff to make sure you find an alcoholic beverage that compliments your taste buds! Furthermore, their menu also encompasses of fares that you’d find in a hipster café, which means it’s a good thing because there’s good food to accompany your alcohol intake!

Red Dot has left a mark in Singaporean beer culture due to the fact that they serve up home-brewed beer, of which is brewed with ingredients from Australia, Germany, New Zealand and the US by the owner, who is a brew master himself! Red Dot shows that there isn’t anything better than a hearty, fulfilling meal paired with a fresh glass of beer!

Ah Sam is one of the best places to get “localized” cocktails. Many cocktails tend to be ones that originated from overseas, but here at Ah Sam you get to taste Singapore in your drink! Alluring cocktails attentively made with complimentary ingredients and the right amount of alcohol to soothe the burden on your shoulders; Ah Sam’s charm is one you cannot resist.

This Chinese bar is quite unique in the sense that craft beer is poured into glasses… from taps! Yes, they have specifically installed fancy taps that act as beef dispensers. The beers are imported from all over the world; beer lovers will surely have a field day at Druggists. Along with some beef, you could also opt for the finger food such as coffee pork ribs.

Formerly known as Potbellies, Lee Tai Fu is a family-oriented restaurant by day, bar by night. The arrays of bottles of alcohol give away their position and job when night falls. The old-fashioned interiors and decorations will remind you a piece of your childhood as you ease yourself with some tasty beer. Drink to your own glory!

The bar would look like a place that came straight out of a novel upon a glance. It’s quite elegant and classy. It might be a tad pricey, but we deem that it’s worth splurging on them every once in a while for the alcohol, if not for the full too. You can sip your martini as you enjoy and adapt to the comfortable and alluring ambience the place has to offer.
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