8 Teochew Porridge Restaurants You Need to Try!
What’s better than the porridge our mother cooks for us? Teochew porridge! (But of course, that’s out of the question if your mother is Teochew.) The best thing about Teochew porridge is that it’s usually served with an array of Chinese Singaporean side dishes that serve to make our porridge experiences even more memorable.

Finding good Teochew porridge in Singapore is actually not very difficult, but the best ones deserve to be highlighted. Here are 8 shops serving the best of Teochew porridge.

1. Ye Shanghai Teochew Porridge @ Boyang Coffee Shop

They’re not known for serving one of the most authentic Teochew porridge in Singapore for no reason. Side dishes are often varied and the portions are generous, especially for such affordable prices. The food goes without saying — it’s delicious and a major reason why so many customers flock to them. This is a must-visit place for all lovers of Teochew porridge.

Joo Seng Teochew Porridge opens every day and until 4am and operates much like an economy rice stall. The side dishes are predominantly Teochew in roots, but non-Teochew sides are also available, ranging from steamed fish cakes, salted eggs, and braised vegetables. The braised duck meat is especially delightful!

Another good place for some good ol’ Teochew porridge! There’s actually a wide range of selection of side dishes for you to choose from, so rest assured you’d be spoiled by what they have to offer. The braised tau pok and stew cabbages are a must-get.

Chaozhou Porridge is a heaven of Teochew cuisine, offering dishes that come in braised, steamed, boiled and deep-fried. When there’s Teochew porridge, you know the best options for side dishes are always the braised ones! Thus, we recommend getting the Braised Delights Platter which includes braised tau pok, duck meat, pork intestines and belly, egg and bean curd — basically all sorts of goodness on one plate!

Would you believe us if we told you more than 60 dishes are offered here? That’s right! More than 60 dishes are presented at your mercy, all available for consumption with your porridge. The price may not be as friendly as other shops on this list, but it’s worth it as the food is delightfully scrumptious.

You can easily access traditional Teochew side dishes here that have flavors akin to the food your Teochew mother cooks and will remind you of nothing but home. Our best picks are the sweet and sour pork chop, minced pork drizzled in bean sauce, spicy otak-otak and braised bean curds. The blending of Chinese and local tastes into one makes your porridge experience all the more special.

Many patrons find their food very “shiok”. The steamed fishes here are very popular, which are what we highly recommend getting as well. They’re cooked to utter tastiness and compliment the porridge very well. Another upside is that they’re one of the cheapest shops on this list — in fact, it’s very easy to spend under $10!

Ah Seah Teochew Porridge is quite well-received amongst many Singaporeans for the quality and taste of their food. Ask a Teochew what place they’d recommend for some good Teochew porridge and chances are they will name this place. The fish cakes will have you ordering seconds — they’re homemade and are a favorite among patrons to go with the porridge.
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