A Happy Meal of Sins
What? You dare call yourself a burger fan and yet you've never heard of Fatboy's before? Well then buddy, it is time for you to hop over to this burger bar to try out their one-of-a-kind, value for money and oversized (accordingly to Asian standards) burgers to fill you till your stomach's content, or if D.I.Y is your thing, you can always have some fun by customizing your own burger with a varied selection of bun, patty, sauces and add-ons from the burger menu, some of which are as interesting as grilled bananas and peanut butter.
We tried the Burgatory, a new signature burger that Bernie Tay, owner or “Resident Burger Artist” as he seems to prefer calling himself, came up with his team after much research and development to celebrate their one year anniversary.
The burger itself stole all the attention, with its spiced beef patty and Jalapeños topped with spicy BBQ sauce and homemade Chili Queso stuffed between toasted sesame buns, leaving no room for its counterparts of steak fries (or what the British calls "Chips"), tomatoes and lettuce served on the same dish. Or was the tomatoes and lettuce supposed to be stuffed into the burger and eaten together? We wouldn’t know, because it seems too fresh and innocent to go with the burger of sins.
The taste of the burger was as sinful as it looks and sounds, and when you pair it with Satan Gold Belgian, selected and distributed by The Drinking Partners, you’ll know that the Devil is at work here. The beer works as subtlety as the way we would imagine Satan does: deceiving you in the beginning with its aroma of sweet honey which gives you a fruity taste at first, but then quickly evolves into something spicy and finally dissolves into a slight bitter aftertaste. This “Happy Meal” comes with a decent price tag of $25.
I would say a place like this is perfect for a boys-night-out and live sports broadcast, but it can work for the girls as well. You see, despite our feminine appearances, my female co-workers and I are a rowdy bunch of petite females who like to occasionally defy convention by making funny noises and laughing loudly. We can’t do that at heavenly places like Melt at Mandarin Oriental, which is a lovely destination to catch up for high tea on Saturdays when we’re all dressed-up no doubt, but on hectic workdays, all we really want to do is to abandon the high heels and indulge in some comfort food with no need to touch up our make-up at a non-pretentious place like Fatboys. Satan Gold might sound deceptively tough, but it is as smooth as a baby and could play off as a lady's drink. We know Fatboy’s won’t judge as for our devilish laughter, but instead do the opposite: egg us on with more "Happy Meals" of sins. Next time I'm down there, I'm gonna try The Elvis or The Bastard. More types of Western food to try out Can't get enough? Check out these other burgers
OpenRice SG Editor
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