Best Place to Celebrate Father's Day in Town
Father's Day is a day to express gratitude and honour their contribution to providing love, support, and guidance. What could be better than celebrating and fostering family bonds and appreciation over a nice dinner? follow our footsteps as we guide you to the Best Place to Celebrate Father's Day in Town.

1.Market Bistro 

Located in the heart of Marina Bay, Market Bistro at Marina Boulevard is the perfect spot to celebrate Father's Day if your father prefers drinks over dinner. This Wall Street-inspired bistro redefines quick, tasty meals in the fast-paced financial district. Known for its fast-casual dining done right, Market Bistro offers fresh, carefully curated dishes ideal for the discerning corporate diner. It's a place where new business deals are sealed with handshakes and where the Irish Duck Confit is a surefire way to impress everyone. For Father's Day, it’s an exceptional choice, combining a warm, inviting atmosphere with a menu that delights. Celebrate with a cold one during happy hour, indulge in a big feast, and enjoy the finest oysters. Market Bistro is more than just a meal; it's an experience that your father will cherish, making it the ultimate dinner destination for this special day. Recommended to try out the Irish Duck Confit, Australian Blue Mussels, Wagyu Burger Royale, and Steak Frites.

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2.Tomahawk Contemporary Steakhouse 

Nestled at Raffles Place, Tomahawk Contemporary Steakhouse is a halal steakhouse renowned for its bold, complex flavours and home to Singapore's largest variety of Wagyu tomahawk steaks. Dining at Tomahawk is more than just a meal; it’s a celebration of good conversation over exceptional food. The experience begins with their unique wet-curing marination process, which lasts up to two weeks, enhancing the steak's juiciness, tenderness, and flavour. The highlight of the dining experience is the tableside carving of the Tomahawk Steak. The carving knife is warmed with flames, adding a touch of theatrical flair. The carving process itself follows a meticulously designed procedure, ensuring each bite is perfectly prepared. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply enjoying a night out, Tomahawk Contemporary Steakhouse offers a warm, inviting atmosphere that makes every meal unforgettable. Be sure to try out the Burratina with Salted Fish, Iberico Pork Loin Ribs, and Australian Sanchoku F1 Wagyu.

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3.Fireplace by Bedrock 

Fireplace by Bedrock, located in the vibrant Holland Village, is a fiery new concept that pays homage to the award-winning Bedrock philosophy of embracing the classics, sourcing ingredients from the earth, and drawing inspiration from nature. This innovative dining spot exemplifies a deep love for simplicity in cooking with an open wood fire, which significantly enhances the depth of flavours and creates dishes that delight the taste buds. Fireplace by Bedrock not only offers a warm, rustic atmosphere but also a menu that celebrates the purity and richness of natural ingredients. It’s a perfect destination for those who appreciate the artistry of woodfire cooking and seek a dining experience that honours tradition while embracing contemporary culinary techniques. Be sure to try out the 8 Hours Wood-fired Roasted Whole Lamb, 6 Hours Wood-fired Crispy Pork Belly, and Chilli Lime Sakura Chicken.

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4.The RANCH Steakhouse & Bar by ASTONS 

Nestled within City Hall, The RANCH Steakhouse & Bar by ASTONS is a classic steakhouse that offers the highest quality American and Australian steaks, exceptional wines, and first-class service. This combination creates an unparalleled dining experience in an exceptional setting, quickly making The RANCH a favourite go-to destination. Committed to using the finest ingredients at affordable prices, The RANCH stands out as an upmarket restaurant that provides premium quality meats and beverages without the premium price tag. The menu at The RANCH features succulent dry-aged beef, premium cuts, and flavourful secondary cuts, all crafted with meticulous care to ensure tenderness and taste. Each dish is homemade and delicious, reflecting a dedication to quality and flavour.  Recommended to try out the USDA Prime 30 Days Dry Aged Bone-In Ribeye, USDA Prime 35 Days Dry Aged Porterhouse T-Bone, New Zealand Grass-Fed Black Angus Sirloin, and Japanese Hokkaido Wagyu.

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5.Rocku Yakiniku 

If you are looking for a delightful buffet feast with your family this Father’s Day, Rocku Yakiniku is an excellent choice. Located in the vibrant Bugis+, Rocku Yakiniku is a casual, upbeat, and edgy Yakiniku restaurant that offers a unique dining experience. Unlike traditional Yakiniku joints, Rocku Yakiniku introduces a fresh concept by blending the classic Japanese barbecue style with contemporary entertainment, capturing the essence of Japanese pop culture. The lively atmosphere is perfect for families looking to enjoy a fun and engaging meal together. The restaurant features a variety of high-quality meats and seafood that you can grill to perfection right at your table. With its modern twist on a beloved Japanese tradition, Rocku Yakiniku provides a memorable dining experience that combines delicious food with a dynamic ambiance. Recommended to try out the Beef Striploin, Pork Belly, Baby Octopus, & Wagyu Beef.

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