Best Restaurant for a Sushi Feast
Renowned for its diverse culinary offerings, Singapore boasts an array of Japanese restaurants featuring fresh ingredients that allow diners to enjoy Japanese delicacies without even the need to travel to Japan. Craving for fresh sushi? here are some of the Best Restaurants for a Sushi Feast in town.

1. Sushi Ayumu by Masa Ishibashi

Nestled in the Mandarin Gallery, Sushi Ayumu beckons with a promise of new beginnings, drawing inspiration from the Japanese words that signify embarking on a fresh journey. Enveloped in nature's finest offerings, the culinary ensemble, spearheaded by Chef Masa, aspires to transport diners into the heart of Tokyo's traditional Edo-style sushi experience, characterized by authenticity, freshness, and an exquisite array of flavours. Sushi Ayumu dedicates itself to crafting the epitome of sushi perfection, harmonizing its time-honoured signature “shari” (sushi rice) with the freshest seasonal ingredients sourced from the four corners of Japan. Indulge in their meticulously curated Omakase course, and explore the culinary landscape with highlights such as the Signature Handroll, Premium Chirashi Don, and the tantalizing Futomaki Roll—a testament to Sushi Ayumu's commitment to Japanese culinary excellence.

Reservations are strongly recommended. Make your table booking today.
2. Mitsuba Japanese Restaurant

Situated at The Central in Clarke Quay, Mitsuba Japanese Restaurant emerges as the discerning choice for those seeking a Japanese culinary escapade, offering authentic yet affordable delights with an emphasis on simplicity. Mitsuba has carved a distinctive niche, celebrated for its premium Thick Cut sashimi and sushi, featuring an extensive array of both Ala-carte Buffet and Simply Ala-carte options, a rarity in comparable menus. Renowned for creating diverse ambiances suitable for romantic evenings, corporate gatherings, social affairs, and family dining, Mitsuba stands out. Pioneering innovation, it proudly claims the title of Singapore's first Japanese restaurant to introduce four delivery robots, ensuring uninterrupted high-quality service. Signature dishes beckon, including the delectable Ebi Mentaiyaki, succulent Beef Yakiniku, the enticing Premium Sashimi with Sushi Rice Set, and the indulgent Thick Cut Assorted Sashimi, inviting patrons to savour an unparalleled Japanese dining experience.

Reservations are strongly recommended. Make your table booking today.

Nestled in the heart of Lorong Mambong Singapore, Takeshi-San stands as a captivating Izakaya and Highball Bar, luring patrons with its charming ambiance. The extensive menu boasts over 30 types of Izakaya delicacies, offering a diverse culinary journey for enthusiasts seeking authentic Japanese flavours. Takeshi-San's commitment to affordability extends to its Daily Happy Hour, where an array of drinks are available at pocket-friendly prices, ensuring a delightful experience for all. The fusion of traditional Izakaya offerings with modern Highball creations enhances the overall dining experience, making Takeshi-San a go-to destination for those yearning for a taste of Japan in Singapore. Be sure to try out their signature dishes such as Volcano Roll, Kaidan Sushi Set, Premium Sashimi Platter, and Mentaiko Pasta.

Reservations are strongly recommended. Make your table booking today.

4. Misaki Japanese Restaurant

Nestled on Marina Boulevard, Misaki Japanese Restaurant beckons patrons into a culinary haven at the pulse of Singapore's financial district. The restaurant unfolds as a masterpiece orchestrated by Executive Chef Khor-san, whose mastery in crafting kaiseki-style omakase creations is fuelled by a dedication to seasonal excellence. With a layout reminiscent of modern Japanese design, Misaki Japanese Restaurant boasts regular dining tables, a captivating sushi counter, and discreet VIP rooms ideal for confidential business exchanges. The unique menu invites exploration, showcasing exquisite offerings like the artfully curated Bara Chirashi Teishoku, a symphony of Seasonal Sashimi, the tantalizing Aburi Shake Ikura Rice, and an array of other culinary treasures. The enchanting blend of ambiance, gastronomy, and service positions Misaki Japanese Restaurant as a beacon of authentic Japanese cuisine in a mix of modern.

Reservations are strongly recommended. Make your table booking today.

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