Best Restaurants For Chinese New Year Celebrations
Chinese New Year is all about fostering family ties and shared moments as everyone gathers around a lavish feast. This year, embark on a culinary adventure this festive season and join us in discovering the Best Restaurants for Chinese New Year Celebrations.

1. Chengdu

Nestled on Amoy Street, Chengdu restaurant beckons with an authentic Sichuan experience and inviting ambiance. Being famous as a haven for spice enthusiasts, this locale stands out for its genuine Sichuan cuisine, offering fiery flavours that few can replicate. Whether savouring searing soup bases or indulging in healthy stews, there's a diverse array of choices at this central spot, making the restaurant ideal for dates or family gatherings during this festive season. To suit both personal and business events, the restaurant ensures a tailored culinary experience for diverse occasions. Adventurous souls can navigate the spice scale indicated by chili icons, with the daring starting their journey with the Secret Recipe Spring Frog—a delectable blend of chili, frog meat, and secret sauces. Be sure to try on the rest of their signature food such as Spicy Chilli Chicken, Chengdu Steamed Pork Belly, Chengdu Style Skewer, and Double Cooked Beef Belly.

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2. Nanjing Impressions

Located at Plaza Singapura, Nanjing Impressions Singapore passionately delivers an extraordinary Asian culinary experience that brings back the food from old times. Embracing a commitment to both ambient surroundings and top-tier cuisine, Nanjing Impressions immerses diners in a distinctive setting inspired by the Qing Dynasty tea parlour. A dedicated team prides itself on crafting original flavours, employing coal-fired clay pots and seasonal ingredients. Among the standout recommendations are the Braised Pork Shank, Wonton Dumplings, Sweet Tangy Pork ribs, and the delightful Baby Rooster stew. With an array of dishes and various choices on Chinese New Year Special Set Menus, this award-winning establishment promises an unforgettable dining adventure during this season of joy and prosperity.  Secure a table to indulge in a memorable culinary journey at Nanjing Impressions.

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3. Birds of a Feather

Nestled in the trendy Amoy Street, Birds of A Feather draws inspiration from the collective spirit of birds flocking together. Functioning as an all-day dining spot, café, and bar, this place stands as a soothing escape from the chaos of modern life, offering a delightful combination of delectable cuisine and inviting ambiance. While the name's origin is widely recognized in the English-speaking world, its deeper roots trace back to Chengdu, China. Spanning two conservation shophouses, the establishment beautifully captures Chengdu's greenery, laid-back lifestyle, and harmonious blend of modernity and history, providing a tranquil haven for patrons to unwind and 'roost'. Infused with a Sichuan touch, the contemporary Western dishes served reflect the best of both worlds. Be sure to try out their signature dishes such as Fried Japanese Purple Sweet Potato served with House Spice, Fortune Skewer in Sichuan Pepper Broth, Bird's Signature Burger, Sichuan Oxtail Soup, and more.

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4. Famous Treasure

Famous Treasure has become a modern dining haven since its launch in July 201, embodying the nostalgic and bold flavours that define Singapore's rich culinary tapestry. This gastronomic gem offers an extensive selection of generous Chinese plates, accompanied by rare and boutique wines and whiskeys to elevate the dining experience. Indulge in the city's most memorable Nanyang cuisine, featuring signature dishes like Wok-fried Squid with Cincalok and Lady’s Finger, Salt-Baked Flower Crab with Rock Salt, Silver Hill Roast Irish Duck, and Mashed Yam with Pumpkin. Diners can embrace the Year of the Dragon with ambrosial creations and festive favourites from Famous Treasure's Chinese New Year A la Carte Menu, available from February 10 to 12, 2024. Each dish is carefully curated and thoughtfully assembled to ensure a delightful dining experience for all diners.

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