Bloggers Make Their Own Burgers at Fat Boy’s
It was quite an exciting challenge for our 9 blogger friends who were invited to another Food Tasting Session at Fat Boy’s Burger. This time, they didn’t just go down to eat scrumptious food, they also got the chance to make their own burgers. Fun, right?
The bloggers get an introduction on how Fat Boy's burgers are made
Before the session started, Bernie Tay, owner of the restaurant explained the process of making their fresh burgers. And it all begins with the burger patty. To make it unique from all other burger chains, they add a smokey taste to it. As for the sauce, they also use a special brand which just heightens the flavour.
Finally, it's their turn to make their own burgers!
Now, it was the bloggers’ turn to mould their own patties. They were given the freedom to shape them any way they wanted that one blogger made hers into a heart. After their patties were cooked, they were then asked to build their own burgers by choosing which buns, sauces, and ingredients to use. You want to know what our blogger friends thought of their DIY burgers, then click here to read their reviews!
The burger-making session won't really be complete without posing for the camera
For the invited OpenRicers, it was such a memorable experience having to make their own burgers and eat them! To read their blogs, click the links below: Melicacy Celestial Delish Darren Bloggie Darrensim Calvintimo Cookie o Logic Amanda Isabelynn Luvverlyn Interested to join us for a fun time at upcoming Food Tastings? Simply fill up this form and you may be the next one to get invited to a FREE food tasting session with us:

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