Dim Sum Jollies at Red House
Happy 34th birthday to Red House Seafood Restaurant! One may wonder why the restaurant is named after the 'red' rather than 'yellow' or 'orange'. Well, 'red' plays an important indication to the colonial past of Singapore back in 1976. Red House was then located in a striking red colonial bungalow formerly located at Upper East Coast Road. A decade later, which was in 1986, the restaurant relocated to East Coast Seafood Centre where it continues to serve authentic local seafood to all seafood lovers till date.
So how does Red House, this family-run business, continues to satisfy and surprise its local and foreign seafood supporters in this modern era? A second outlet, Red House at the Quayside, is opened in 2008 to continue it's legacy of bringing delicious local seafood to more people and office crowds in the central district. This central riverfront location incorporates a refreshing adjoining bar and lounge, aptly nicknamed 'Little Red House' that offers it's diners the luxury of enjoying drinks pre and post meal with some dim sum or seafood finger food. Dim sum was traced back in history to be served only in the morning with tea, however with its gain in popularity in the modern culture, it has become a staple food in the Chinese cuisine dining. Bringing the joy of hot steaming dim sum closer to its supporters, Red House launches the 34th Anniversary Weekday Set Lunch Special to captivate the hearts of all dim sum lovers. To get a peek on the other favourite dim sums such as Steamed ha-kau ($5.00 per basket of four),Steamed Siew Mai ($4.80 per basket of four),Steamed Cheong Fun with Shrimps/Char Siew($4.80 per serving of three) and Baked Flaky Char Siew Pastry ($3.80 per basket of three) in the new dim sum menu, get ready on your toes to stop these striking hand-painted push-carts whenever they are passing by your dining table. Some of these lovely signature dim sums are concocted by Chef Lee Kian Peng who has a 15 years of culinary experience.
Be adored with the Red House's signature creation, the Chili Crab Pau ($8.00 per basket of four). Adding a creative twist to a traditional pau, flavourful Sri Lankan crabs are stuffed inside this fluffy bun. This is one of my recommended dim sum as I like how the spicy and sweet taste of the chili crab goes well with the pau. Have a cup of cha (tea) also to neutralize your taste buds before moving on to other dim sum treats!
Trio Combination of Chef’s Signature Squid ($50/$28 per serving) If you love to nibble or munch on bite-sized food, you’ll love this dish. It’s a combination of 3 different cooking style of squids - Barbecued sotong, Crispy Baby Squid and Golden Calamari Strips. An ingenious display of squids cooked with 3 different techniques. I got addicted to the Crispy Baby Squid and ended up having a few more bites.
Creamy Custard Prawns ($7/100g) This dish will be a delight for prawn lovers. The essence of the creamy custard sauce lies in the prawn shells. Hence if you choose to peel the shells and only eat the meat (like what I did), you will still get to taste a tinge of sweet and creamy aroma in the tender prawn meat. Some of the OpenRicers reviewed that even if they eat with the shells, the custard sauce does not overpower the taste of the prawn meat. Have some fun eating the prawns with your hands and let us know how it tastes like to you - with or without the shells!
Being a typical Singaporean, how can one forget the authentic local taste of a Signature Chili Crab. And also, the taste of fried mantous (fried buns) dipped into the chili crab sauce completes the whole crab eating experience here in Singapore. At Red House, you can have a good reminisce of the authentic taste of Chili Crab that has a semi thickness of sweet & spicy based sauce. Apart from this, there are 8 other variety of crabs in their menu. Be prepared to get your hands dirty with all these crabs!
Red House Signature Chili Crab ($4/100g)
Black Pepper Crab ($4/100g)
It was an awesome dining experience at the Red House Seafood Restaurant at The Quayside. Share with us your experience here on OpenRice! Explore the best seafood places in town Check out these Dim Sum places recommended by foodies
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