ENBU: Singapore’s First Warayaki and Charcoal Grill Izakaya
Imagine the likes of charcoal grill Izakaya, Japanese craft beers and fresh, wholesale maguro and sashimi all under one roof in a single location in Singapore – Eat @ Seven makes this dream a reality. As a joint venture by Global Retail Partners and Japan’s leading airline, ANA, ENBU is the first of seven restaurants that has opened at Suntec City. ENBU translates to “Dance of Flame” and is known for Warayaki Izakaya (pictured below), a traditional cooking method that has its roots in the Shikoku, Kochi prefecture, whereby grilling with straws and the charcoal grill lends a smoky fragrance to the exquisite cuisines cooked.
enbu warayaki method
Its indoor area has high ceilings (most probably to ventilate the kitchen) and the woody and minimalist décor of the place gave the establishment a stylish, contemporary vibe. I was shown a seat at the outdoor alfresco dining area of ENBU; a rather cooling spot with a constant breeze, and definitely a place with great natural sunlight for compulsive foodstagrammers.
enbu interior
I was impressed by the Katsuo Warayaki ($16, below), which consisted of sliced raw bonito atop a bed of hot straws, subsequently wrapped in foil so that the woody scent of the straw would infuse into the flavor of the fish. On my first try, the slices of bonito had a lovely, unique taste to them, however, the straw scent – that the restaurant is notably known for – was lacking.
A surprise highlight of our meal was the Sashimi Moriawase ($120 for 4 pax, below), a generous, gorgeous platter of fresh Akami, ChuToro, OhToro, Saba, Tai, Kampachi and Uni.
Oyster lovers alert! You will probably love the Oyster and Spinach Teppanyaki ($15, below) that’s drizzled with Uni sauce. Just picture freshly grilled oyster juices coupled with the Uni sauce – it’s the perfect combination in your mouth.
Sweet treats never fail to top off any meal, don’t they? The Mochi Ice Cream ($8, below) featured smooth mochi skin encasing a milky vanilla ice cream centre that melted in our mouths.
ENBU, Suntec City Mall, 3 Temasek Boulevard, #03-307, Singapore 038983 See also: New Restaurants in Singapore Best Japanese Restaurants in Singapore
Written by Eunice Tang
Eat @ Seven
Japanese cuisine
Suntec City
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