Gourmet Greens Week 2015
Feeling guilty after snacking too much? With the holiday season coming soon, sign up for Gourmet Greens Week 2015 and go for a meat-free meal before the tempting sweet and savoury Christmas treats arrive!

What is Gourmet Greens Week?

Brought to you by Fiji Water and Chope, Gourmet Greens Week 2015 celebrates the leafy greens on our plates. From 23 to 29 Nov, each of the 17 participating restaurants will be whipping up and exclusive and exquisite four course vegetarian menus for you to savour.

17 Exciting Restaurants

Capitalising on Singapore's diverse food culture, Gourmet Greens Week 2015 has included an impressive line-up of restaurants: Absinthe, Afterglow, Blue Bali, Burlamacco, Highlander, Humpback, Luxe Sydney, Original Sin, Oso Ristorante, Pepenero, Punjab Grill, Song of India, Sugarhall, Tandoor, The Missing Pan, Neon Pigeon and Sopra Cucina & Bar.
Expect to be spoilt for choice with the variety of cuisines available, such as Balinese, French, Italian, Indian and Mediterranean. Diners can taste a range of savoury creations such as Goat Cheese Garden Salad, Beetroot Tatin and Gnocchi & Portobello (pictured). For desserts, some options include Yuzu Granita and Saffron Pistachio Kulfi, an Indian ice-cream.

How to Sign Up

Starting now, simply sign up on Chope for a four course set lunch or dinner ($30++/$45++). Diners will also be given a complimentary bottle of FIJI Water during their meal. See also: Healthy Vegan Lifestyle 10 Places to Eat Clean
Written by Rachel Wong
Gourmet Greens Week 2015
Rachel Wong
Rachel Wong loves desserts. When she’s not busy hunting down the next food trend in Singapore, she can be found baking up a storm in her kitchen.
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