Hong Kong Dim Sum Feast at Wan Hao: 9 to 22 Mar
abalone taro puff
From 9 to 22 March 2015, take your dim sum cravings to Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant, where you can expect to savour an exquisite Cantonese dim sum menu – brought to you specially by guest chefs from JW Marriott Hong Kong. With a common interest in coming up with novel and innovative creations whilst mastering the art of dim sum making, guest chefs Chow Shing Yip and Liu Wai Hung certainly make a great pair in the kitchen, as reflected by the 10 divine dishes that were brought out to us to relish.
mushroom celery dumpling
Steamed to perfection Starting strong with the Steamed Crab Roe with Minced Pork in Superior Soup Bun, the xiao long bao held a heavy and rich broth that we gladly slurped up before moving on to the generous chunks of crab roe and minced pork. The menu also included a myriad of dumplings featuring unique fillings, such as Steamed Wild Mushroom and Celery Dumpling (pictured above), Pan-fried Shredded Abalone and Pork Dumpling and our pick of the lot – Steamed Scallop with Fungus and Vegetable Dumpling.
pan fried minced pork bun
Guilty pleasures: Baked and fried Fans of sweet and savoury BBQ Char Siew will enjoy the Baked BBQ Pork and Egg White Puff, which comes with a soft, golden bun that crumbles like snow with every bite. And although the Pan-fried Minced Pork Bun with Sesame Seed and Spring Onion had doughy walls that were too thick for our liking, we like that it came stuffed with a extremely juicy and well-seasoned filling. Our Editor's pick had to be the Abalone and Taro Puff (first image). Bearing the right amount of chewiness, the abalone sits atop a crispy puff with walls bedded with soft and sweet taro. Best enjoyed whole, so pop it into your mouth and enjoy the moment. Hong Kong Dim Sum Feast at Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant Date/Time: 9 to 22 March 2015, 11am - 3pm A la carte lunch from $3++ For dining reservations or enquiries, please call 6831 4605 or visit singaporemarriott.com.dining Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant, Singapore Marriott Hotel, 320 Orchard Road Level 3, Singapore 238865
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