Let’s Go Tea Time in Town
The sight of friends and family gathering over a weekend for a pleasant teatime brings warmth and exudes joy, fostering camaraderie and relaxation. With a diverse culinary heritage in Singapore, a vibrant tapestry of flavours awaits all. Let’s Go Tea Time in Town with us as we explore some of the unique cafes together.

1. PAZZION Café 

Nestled within Takashimaya Shopping Centre, PAZZION Café stands as a contemporary lifestyle extension of PAZZION’s renowned footwear retail business. This diversification into food and beverage services represents PAZZION’s ongoing commitment to enhancing brand relevance and setting itself apart in a competitive industry. With meticulous attention to quality, taste, and presentation, each ingredient in PAZZION Café specially curated menu is thoughtfully selected. From wholesome, hearty dishes to artisanal coffee, craft brews, and creative cocktails, PAZZION Café offers a diverse culinary experience. Guests can indulge in a relaxed atmosphere while savouring delectable fare, making every visit a delightful journey of flavours and comfort. Recommended to try on some of their signature dishes such as the Big Fabulous Breakfast, Beef Cheek Benedict, King Prawn Linguine, and Grilled Angus Steak Sandwich.

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2. Sinpopo Brand 

Situated in the heart of Orchard Road within one of Singapore's largest department stores, Sinpopo Brand stands as a bastion of tradition, rooted deeply in Singapore's culinary heritage. The restaurant menu, crafted with traditional, time-honoured recipes, pays homage to the rich flavours of Katong, a testament to Singapore's vibrant history. For nearly a decade, the restaurant has been the go-to destination for nostalgic, heritage-rich cuisine with a contemporary twist. Sinpopo Brand provides the perfect setting for corporate luncheons, intimate gatherings with loved ones, or introducing visitors to the diverse flavours of local cuisine. Be sure to try out their signature dishes such as Beef Cheek Rendang, Sinpopo Signature Nasi Lemak, Sotong Hitam with Handmade Crab Tortellini, and Fei Po Char Siew.

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3. Utu 

Nestled on Jiak Chuan Road, Utu stands out as Singapore's uniquely African cafe and lounge, celebrating the rich and diverse flavours of the continent. The café's ground floor boasts a quintessentially Singaporean shophouse ambiance, complete with an 8-meter banquette seat, intricately hand-carved from a single tree. Upstairs, hand-carved wooden doors and mirrors create an inviting space, perfect for gatherings. Utu delights patrons with a menu featuring signature African fare, alongside refreshing cocktails and coffee sourced from sustainable farms. Don't miss out on favourites like the Bidi Bado "Abracadabra," Caribbean Goat Curry, and Ricotta Hotcakes, each dish crafted to tantalize the taste buds. Whether seeking a taste of Africa or simply a cozy spot for teatime, Utu promises a memorable culinary experience filled with warmth and flavour.

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4. The Populus Coffee & Food Co. 

Nestled at 146 Neil Road, Singapore, The Populus Coffee & Food Co. warmly welcomes guests to indulge in their diverse menu of contemporary dishes. As a Muslim-owned establishment, The Populus Coffee & Food Co. takes pride in offering a delightful spread infused that draws influences and flavours from all over the world along with the Roastery’s entire lineup of seasonal specialty coffees, exquisite teas by Tea Bone Zen Mind and artisanal hot chocolate by Mörk Chocolate. Rest assured, all poultry and red meats are carefully sourced from halal-certified suppliers. The Populus Coffee & Food Co. eagerly anticipate your visit, inviting you to savour not just the cuisine, but also the sense of belonging and community that The Populus Coffee & Food Co. strives to embrace the good life, where every moment is filled with warmth, flavour, and genuine hospitality.
Be sure to try out THE POPULUS Scramble, Pulled Pork Grain Bowl, ‘Bounty of the Sea’ Mixed Grains Bowl, and ‘Heirloom Rendang’ Donburi.

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5. Alice Boulangerie 

Nestled in the heart of Icon Village, Alice Boulangerie invites guests to unwind in a cozy atmosphere while enjoying a refreshing cup of coffee or tea. The cafe's menu boasts an enticing array of mains and desserts, curated to satisfy every palate. Committed to showcasing the finest in classic French patisserie and viennoiseries, Alice Boulangerie has assembled a team of skilled artisans dedicated to continuous exploration and innovation. This dedication has led to the evolution of Alice Boulangerie into a hub of Modern European gastronomy, offering guests a culinary experience that delights the senses and leaves a lasting impression. Recommended to try out the signature Banana Caramel Latte, Ispahan, Duck Confit, Wagyu Flap MB9, and Tropical Danish.

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