Made Fresh, Hot & Fluffy ORIGINAL CAKE Now at Westgate Jurong!

Pretty sure you’ve seen, heard or even tested the truly authentic ones from Taiwan; Original Cake is it. Being a hit when it was first announced that they are expanding its territory to Singapore (soon after they make a hit in Malaysia), what now? Land yourself to Westgate right away.

We’re pretty sure many will beg for more due to its deliciousness and totally different from what you’ve tasted from the others, Original Cake will make it into your foodie directory. If you’re not convinced enough, here are the reasons why:

1. The most ‘Original’ flavor of a traditional ‘castella’ cake

There are so many cakes you can get elsewhere ranging from shapes and flavors but why Original cake if you asked? Originated from Danshui Taiwan and insist only on using the traditional recipe, be sure to enjoy flavorful egg taste on every bite, even though it is fluffy, but it is compact and dense too. No need fancy decorations or toppings, a traditional recipe will sure to be the secret to a delicious cake!

2. Fresh from the Oven – DAILY.

Holding on to their motto of freshly baked cakes daily, you do not have to worry about cakes being baked days before or cake texture that isn’t up to the standard. Baked fresh daily, all in front of you, you'll see them taking out those fresh Castella cakes and it smells so good! Apart from baking, they even cut the cake right in front of their patrons and packed them into boxes right away.

3. The Golden Ratio of Eggs, Fresh Milk & Flour!

Chooses to use fresh eggs, milk, and flour, this perfect secret golden ratio is it together by adding in 78 minutes of baking – voila! A perfect piece of Original Cake that is so fragrant and fluffy when taken out of the oven, totally mouthwatering! Not exaggerating, we totally understand why people are willing to queue for it!

4. Available in 3 great flavors!

Original flavor

Golden Cheese flavor

Frozen Chocolate flavor

This means jump for joy because they are bringing in 3 tastiest flavors that are so in demand around Taiwan and Malaysia. The Original taste, Golden Cheese, and Frozen Chocolate flavor – fragrantly good eggy taste that isn’t cloying, savory cheese that mixed well with it and not forgetting the thick chocolaty taste, all ages will love them for sure!

5. Employees of Original Cake Gets Training from HQ – Taiwan!

To serve the best, not only cakes were getting the recipe over from Taiwan, but their staffs get training from Taiwan. To serve like how it was done there, staffs were selected and required to get their training there. Bakers too got their special training there – such a perfect team crafted in Original Cake!

Great news! Original Cake will be opening its first outlet here in Westgate Mall Jurong and be sure to enjoy the freshest baked castella cakes today!


Original Cake  

3 Gateway Drive,

Westgate Jurong #02-24, Singapore 608532

Contact: +65 9688 7012

Facebook: 源味本鋪 Original Cake - Singapore

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