New F&B Haunts in Scotts Square
Scotts Square is known to most as the atas mall in Orchard, marked with the distinctly pleasant scent that engulfs you upon entering. In a bid to give shoppers a wider gastronomic selection to choose from, it is now home to two new F&B tenants – London Fat Duck and Time & Flow Champagne.

London Fat Duck

London Fat Duck
Completely unrelated to the famous The Fat Duck in UK, this Hong Kong-style restaurant is a joint venture between Akashi Group and Fei Siong Group – folks behind Gyoza-ya and Legendary Hong Kong respectively. From its name, you can tell that they take absolute pride in their signature dish, the Roast Duck (pictured below).
London Fat Duck Signature Roast Duck
Priced between $12.80 for a portion to $48.80 for the whole duck, this special Irish breed — termed the “wagyu of ducks” – features a prominent layer of fat under the skin and is prepared using modern roasting technology. Add to your table order other must-try dishes such as the Black Pepper Duck Bun ($4.80 for 3), Hong Kong Crackling Pork Belly ($13.80) and BBQ Pork with Sauce ($14.80). Tip: Save leftover gravy from the roast duck and have it together with their silky-soft steamed cheong fun ($5.80). London Fat Duck, Scotts Square, 6 Scotts Road #B1-16/17, Singapore 228209

Time & Flow Champagne

Time and Flow Champagne
Organic champagnes and a wine academy coming in September are just two of the many unique elements that Time & Flow Champagne has to offer. Located right beside London Fat Duck, this chic yet rustic-looking bar and wine salon retails a wide range of wines and champagnes procured from eco-friendly and organic wineries around the world, as well as other products for the organic shopper, such as apricot jams and granola.
Time and Flow Champagne
Amongst the establishment’s prized possessions, are rare and exquisite champagnes such as Champagne La Closerie Les Béguines, in which only 800 cases of champagne are produced every year, as well as the royally approved Champagne Henri Giraud Fût de Chêne from the menu the Royal family of United Kingdom. For budding wine connoisseurs, take note of the complimentary wine seminars that are currently available daily at 11am, 3.30pm and 7pm. Courses ranging from wine and cheese pairings to introductory sommelier classes will commence starting September. And with Mr Norihiko Sakamoto, an accredited Wine Sommelier of the Japan Wine Sommelier Association, at the helm, it’s safe to say that you’ll be in good hands. Time & Flow Champagne, 6 Scotts Road #B1-18/19 Scotts Square, Singapore 228209 See also: Popular eats in Orchard New restaurants in Singapore
Written by Peh Yi Wen
Scotts Square
Roast Duck
Peh Yi Wen
Yi Wen likens the gourmet world to a theme park that never closes – full of adventure with endless rides to discover. When not writing, she dabbles in calligraphy and gawks at lego displays.
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