Taste the Wintry Delights of Japan at Sushi Tei!
Singapore doesn’t have winter seasons like Japan. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the wintry delights the country has to offer for this period. From now until 25 March 2013 only, all outlets of Sushi Tei are having the Epicurean Winter Delights where you can enjoy seasonal items which go beyond their usual sushi and sashimi.
Ankimo Ponzu
Let’s begin with the Ankimo Ponzu (Monkfish liver) which is soaked in soya sauce. The seasonal menu won’t really be complete without it for liver is considered to be one of Japan’s precious delicacies during cold weather. It’s also known for its rich taste and soft texture, which is usually compared to Foie Gras.
Salmon Oyako Roll and Bamboo Oyster Roll
For familiar favourites, they also have the Salmon Oyako Roll ($10) and Bamboo Oyster Roll ($8). The salmon is just average, so if you’re looking for something interesting, we suggest you go for the Bamboo Oyster Roll. The idea behind this dish came from the bamboo sushi, where a piece of hollowed bamboo is stuffed with Sushi Rice and Sashimi. For this epicurean item, their chefs used cucumber strips to wrap the ingredients of pan-fried oysters, egg, and tomatoes. The result is a refreshing take on this popular item.
Kaki Kimchi Nabe
For cold, or in our case…rainy weather, diners can go for the Kaki Kimchi Nabe ($14). It is a warm and filling hotpot made rich with kimchi broth, oysters, and other vegetables. The dish has an intense flavour so this is best eaten with rice.
Kaki Sweet and Sour and Gindara Saikyoyaki
For other dishes which go well with rice, you can opt for the Kaki Sweet and Sour ($9.50) or the Gindara Saikyoyaki ($15). The first option doesn’t give you that typical sweet and sour flavour for this one isn’t tomato-based. It’s actually made from this Japanese sweet sauce which gives it an interesting flavour. As for the Gindara Saikyoyaki, the codfish is cooked in a way that makes it so tender. There’s also some kind of glaze layer outside. To enhance the taste, it’s advised that you squeeze lemon on it! Desserts are not to be missed at Sushi Tei’s current promotion. For our recommendation, go for the Naruto Sweet Potato Ice Cream ($3.40). At first, it may sound unusual for you to have potato in an ice cream. But it’s actually really good. The creaminess of the dairy blends perfectly well with the sweetness of the potato. With all the epicuran delights Sushi Tei is offering until 25 March 2013, there’s really no reason why you don’t head down to any of their outlets anytime soon! See Also: Love sushi and sashimi? Check out our listing here! Find the best Japanese restaurant to satisfy your craving
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