Top 9 Celeb-owned Eateries in Singapore!
The cafés in this list all share two things in common: They serve delicious food and are owned by celebrities who have decided to take a step into the food industry by introducing their own ideas to the masses. You could say they double up in life by being in showbiz and food marketing. Let's check out what they have to offer!

No, there aren’t any adult materials here for you to fawn over (you’re in the wrong place if you’re looking for that!), but you can consider losing your virginity to the Sexy Thai Food set. Founded by the Thai artiste, Pornsak Prajakwit, Porn’s aims to establish a tryst between you and Thai food for a heat-filled experience. You’d be whistling by the time the food arrives at your table in all its glory!

Adam Chan and co. reign Singapore with their popular tachinomi izakaya-inspired bar chain. Being one of the few bars in the country that serves cheap food (with their most expensive dish clocking in at around $25, if you’re wondering how cheap we’re talking about), their popularity is no wonder. Many customers enjoy a good drink here after a long day at work, especially since a shot of alcohol is only $5!

Brought into Singapore by Mark Lee and Jack Neo from Ipoh in 2008, Old Town White Coffee has now established itself as a rather renowned kopitiam and now boasts 13 outlets throughout the country. Ipoh food is a staple here. The authenticity of Ipoh white coffee here is guaranteed and old-school kopitiam food are available, reliving your childhood memories through the goggles of modernity.

Chinese Singaporean actress Felicia Chin has graced the culinary scene with Wholly Crab, a Louisiana seafood stall that incorporated elements of locality. Feel the excitement as the staff pour a bucket of freshly cooked seafood onto a piece of lining paper and choose from one of many sauces available at your service. We personally recommend Sambal and Marmite, if you’re torn on what to choose!

Mischief is a successful collaboration between actresses Michelle Chong and Cynthia Koh, introducing Singaporeans to the scene of American street food. 10 marks may go to Slytherin for the beautiful food presentation and the combination of ingredients make every dish seem colourful. The Grilled Wagyu Cubes & Bone Marrow is especially hard to resist and we think you should be the next victim to its alluring flavours!

Another café owned by Adam Chen that boasts worthiness and creativity in food. The quirky thing is, it’s a café in the day and a bistro by night! One of their most popular orders is the Truffled Mac & Cheese which is well-loved and shouted about by their patrons. Promotions on alcohol are also available from Tuesday to Sunday. You might want to come here for a cup of their special coffee in the day, and then a glass of beer at night.

Adam Chen strikes again! Ikki Izakaya is another great introduction and door to izakaya culture. Like with Five Tapas Bar, food here is affordable and it’s easy to not spend over $25 for a fulfilling bowl of meal here! Moreover, portions are usually generous and food is usually the best of quality, so we’d say it’s definitely a huge catch in this country where the average meal is around $25 - $30!

A rooftop bar by actress Irene Ang, this little place will relief the burden on your shoulders for even just a moment. Seats are in the open space and you get a handsome view of Chinatown from the outside. Food is, needless to say, splendid, with selections that include the well-loved Salted Egg Yolk Fries and mac n’ cheese that’s flavoured by kimchi for that needed dash of imagination and wondrous flavour. Special dishes are only available on certain days, so be sure to keep yourself updates on their Facebook page!

Café Manuka takes the culinary scene by storm with their pretty offerings of cakes and sandwiches. Operated by Candyce Toh and her older sister, the place serves as a good choice for a casual afternoon tea time or a date with your beloved ones. Western fare is predominant here and there’s simply too many good stuff to choose, so look through the menu yourself! P.S. you might get a chance to run into other celebrities here too…!
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