Top Gathering Spots in Town
Gatherings are elevated by the perfect blend of ambiance and cuisine. From mouthwatering treats to inviting decor, it's the perfect recipe for creating cherished memories with friends and loved ones. Planning your next gathering soon? here is a list of the Top Gathering Spots in Town.


Nestled within the quaint Upper Thomson Estate lies CAVA Cafe, a hidden gem that seamlessly blends contemporary fusion cuisine with spacious yet inviting interiors, perfect for fostering a relaxed atmosphere. As a go-to destination for all-day brunch, this cafe welcomes furry companions, adding an extra layer of warmth to your dining experience. With its charming ambiance and pet-friendly policy, Cava Cafe promises a delightful outing for both food enthusiasts and animal lovers alike. Diners will immerse in the cozy surroundings and savour a fusion of flavours while creating cherished moments with their loved ones and their furry friends. Recommended to try on their signature Chicken & Croffles, CAVA Burger,  Rösti Platter “Rösffles”,  Otah Bruschetta, and Sakura Cream Tagliatelle. 
For a delightful conclusion, the Ondeh-Ondeh Cake is undeniably the perfect choice to conclude your meal.

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2.Silver Shell Café 

Nestled within Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa, amidst Singapore's sole beachfront resort, Silver Shell Café brings on a culinary journey spanning dawn till dusk with vibrant flavours sourced fresh from the market, crafting an engaging and delightful dining experience. At Silver Shell Café, diners can indulge in endless feasting with themed buffets or savour enticing à la carte offerings, perfectly paired with curated wines, cocktails, and the gentle sea breeze. From Western classics to Asian delights, vegetarian dishes, and a dedicated kids' menu, there's something for everyone at this family-friendly all-day dining haven. Perched on the resort's third level, enjoy air-conditioned comfort indoors or opt for the al fresco terrace, where panoramic sea vistas complement a relaxed yet attentive dining atmosphere. Be sure to try on the signature Chilli Crab, Curry Fish Head, and Rasa Seafood Char Kway Teow.

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3.Sofi Cafe + Pizza + Keto by Pasta Brava 

Under the expert stewardship of Sofi, the culinary maestro behind Pasta Brava, Sofi Cafe + Pizza + Keto by Pasta Brava, nestled within The Scarlet Hotel, has been a beacon of authentic Italian cuisine since its establishment in 1991. Renowned for offering delectable fare at reasonable prices, this award-winning restaurant boasts an extensive menu featuring all-day brunch delights, Italian classics, and a dedicated Keto selection featuring Pasta Brava's acclaimed dishes. Indulge in heavenly waffles and desserts, accompanied by freshly brewed aromatic coffee, tantalizing cocktails, and a selection of whiskies. Don't miss the chance to savor signature dishes like Avocado Mashed, Alaska Crab Cakes, Parme E Rucula Pizza, and the irresistible Sofi's Addiction Pizza. Prepare to be transported to culinary heaven at Sofi Cafe + Pizza + Keto by Pasta Brava.

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Nestled amidst Novotel Singapore on Stevens, Winestone invites diners on a delightful culinary escapade blending exquisite wines and reimagined Western classics. Discover a treasure trove of affordable, quality wines sourced from around the globe, perfectly paired with signature dishes presented on distinctive stone boards. Whether it's a lunch meeting, afternoon rendezvous, or leisurely dinner gathering, indulge in these epicurean delights amidst a backdrop of warmth and charm. Experience the essence of WINESTONE's unique concept, marrying exceptional food with an inviting ambiance. Don't miss the opportunity to savour highlights like the Winestone Express Platter, sumptuous Ricotta and Veal Meatballs, crispy Battered-fried Whitebait, and the melt-in-your-mouth 150-day Grain-fed MS2+ Beef Tenderloin. Embark on a culinary journey where every bite is a celebration of flavour and every moment is infused with conviviality.

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Step into the immersive world of Edge Restaurant at Pan Pacific Singapore, where indulgence takes center stage. Prepare to be enchanted by a theatrical dining experience at one of Singapore's premier buffet destinations. Delight in the authentic flavors of local cuisine, as well as dishes inspired by the region and the Pacific Rim. Seven open kitchens tantalize the senses, each manned by master chefs crafting a diverse array of delectable cuisines. Whether it's a business affair or a cherished gathering with loved ones, Edge caters to every occasion with finesse. Revel in the joy of shared moments over sumptuous meals, as laughter and conversation fill the air. Let Edge Restaurant be your haven for unforgettable dining experiences that warm the heart and nourish the soul.

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