Weekend Brunch Boosters at Bochinche
Last time we checked, the weekend brunch trend continues to ride on and is hardly losing any steam. With more of us frequenting cafes around the island, we’re bound to tire of the once heavenly pair of poached eggs drizzled with hollandaise, consequently yearning more vibrant creations to fill our raging tummies.
Enter Bochinche. The Argentinian restaurant that sits above sister café Common Man Coffee Roasters on Martin Road, serves brunch far from run-of-the-mill standards. Most recently, their weekend brunch menu was given a brush up by Chef Diego Jacquet, granting you even more enticing dishes than before. Our favourites as follows: For those who chase savoury flavours
bochinche brunch

Clockwise from left: Classic Provoleta with Pan & Manteca, Brioche French Toast and House Chorizo Sausage & Malbec Braised Ox Cheeks

Big, bold and beautiful flavours can be found in these savoury picks. Starting with the “mayor of Cheeseville” – the Classic Provoleta ($17) in a pan is given a crunch with almonds and candied with honey. Unless that sounds like stunning solo to you, we’d recommend a pairing with their house baked bread, Pan & Manteca ($7) for a more balanced duet. At this Argentinian restaurant, the brunch staple, Brioche French toast ($19) comes with a layer of house-cooked ham & bacon. Pulling it way from being too dry and salty is the additional scoop of vanilla ice cream bejeweled with bacon bits. If you’re game enough for a meatier challenge, choose the House Chorizo Sausage & Malbec Braised Ox Cheeks ($25) with a slab of caramelized onions hidden between the meats and sourdough bread. For fresh and fruity options
bochinche brunch

Left: Heirloom Tomato Salad, Right: Ricotta Pancakes

Light and gorgeously plated in a shallow wooden bowl is Bochinche’s summer-looking Heirloom Tomato Salad ($23) comprising citrus olives, chopped tomatoes and basil, not forgetting the cream-filled burrata held by its thin and supple walls similar to a poached egg. The resulting mix is refreshing yet heavy enough to satisfy as a light meal. And proving once more that a bounty of berries makes the perfect spruce up to a trio of pancakes are the Ricotta Pancakes ($18). The picture-perfect crowd pleaser lashed with maple syrup and accompanied with crème fraiche on the side, makes a choice candidate to go from plate to pixel. For dessert junkies
bochinche brunch

Left: Bitter Chocolate Tart with Chilli Flakes Yoghurt, Right: Milk Cake with Passionfruit Sorbet

Seeing that Bochinche proudly whips up their own ice cream, we weren’t surprised to find one scoop present in each of their entire dessert line up. The Bitter Chocolate Tart ($16) for instance, is paired with a serving of chocolate ice cream. However, what thrilled our taste buds most in this sweet treat was the pool of chilli flakes yogurt that came with. Tried and love chilli chocolate? This one's for you. For a more refreshing end to the meal, we’d go for the Milk Cake & Passion Fruit Sorbet ($14) finished with toasted almonds. While the sorbet is zesty and uplifting in flavour, anyone who cringes at soaked cake ought to give this a miss and try your luck with something else instead. Text and Images by Peh Yi Wen See Also: Best artisanal bakeries in Singapore Can't decide between breakfast and lounging in bed? Check out these places for all day breakfast now!
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