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Located at the lobby level of the hotel, 10 at Claymore is Pan Pacific Orchard’s signature restaurant – a modern bistro grill serving contemporary cuisine and where meat lovers can satiate their appetite with a variety of quality flame-grilled steaks and ribs available on the à la carte menu. The restaurant is also winning the hearts of buffet fanatics with the popular ‘Plates of Pleasure’ à la carte buffet concept, where guests can enjoy unlimited servings of premium meats and other seasonal specialities presented in petite portions and served à la minute. continue reading
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Signature Dishes
Seasonal ‘Plates of Pleasure' Blackmore Wagyu Beef Tenderloin Famous Peddler’s Char Kway Teow
Review (18)
Level2 2016-01-06
Had buffet lunch here with le familia. The spread variety was quite substantial. Took the raw seafood as appetizer and it was really fresh! Had 3 different kind of oyster on that day (US, France and Canada).I skipped the sashimi section as i had alot for the past few days, hahaha! Moving on to the live cooking station, I had angus beef and crepe. I was so touched on that day as it was the first time of my life i have seen crepe appear in a buffet. That almost move my tears, hahaha! The beef was really good, well-seasonsed and cooked to the excellent doness.They had my favourite chocolate fondue, provided with mashmallow, grape and strawberry. They have different types of cookies, cakes and also ice cream! Especially lemongrass ice cream! I had my reservation on that initially but after "kope" a mouth from my sister's bowl, i brisk walked (maintaining my glam-ness here) to the ice cream section and scooped out a large portion that filled up the entire bowl. The taste was amazing good!They have 5 ala carte dishes that is unlimited servings, which means that they will make and serve you after u ordered. The lists contains pork sausage, lamb rack, FOIRE GRAS, cod fish and award winning char kuey tiao. Had 2 portion of foire gras and cod fish, hehehe!Definitely recommend this buffet for good quality and quantity. continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-12
I would never have discovered this gem of a fine dining place called 10 @ Claymore if not for the Buddy, *Sidney. Tucked away in the inner heart of Orchard, 10 @ Claymore is Pan Pacific Orchard's signature restaurant , located at 10 Claymore Road, Lobby Level, Singapore 229540 and the number to get connected is 6737 0811.This elegant, exquisite restaurant with dim lightings and Balinese-style furniture, casting a tranquil and beautiful embiance for its diners, is busy winning the hearts of buffet fanatics with its "Plates of Pleasure" a la carte buffet concept where guests can enjoy unlimited plates of premium meats and other specialities presented in miniature portions and served a la minute.Browsing the different counters to explore what I should start with, I came across the Japanese counter - where variety of sushi is not alot, but the soba (cold noodles) and sushi looked very fresh. The colors were vivid and almost photographic. The Sashimi counter makes one salivate as well, with its display of assorted raw seafood and a friendly Chef serving whatever the guest orders.We started with the fresh platter of mixed Sashimi - Salmon, Tuna, Swordfish, Octupus and Squid - every item was expertly cut and every piece was juicy, springy and saccharine with freshness. Next, the Australian Volcanic Grilled Beef - from the "Plates of Pleasure" menu. It was a petite portion all right, but the tenderness was well-noted. The knife went through the red meat easily, and the taste was a smokey hint of deliciousness. Tiny pieces of grilled pototoes were served alongside, heightening the flavor.We tried the Canadian Honey Shoyu Glazed Cod - another fillet of heaven that was succulent and melted in one's mouth in a mess of sweet, savoury flavors. I always love Cod, but this jewel was so tasty and fresh.For more detailed information and photos, do feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2014/03/dinner-at-10-claymore.html continue reading
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Level3 2014-02-18
The breakfast buffet at Claymore 10 have good variety and the ambience is good. I would recommend the DIY salad. It is fresh and very delicious. With many selection of greens and condiments. The sauce is also very nice. They have balsamic sauce, raspberry sauce, malt vinegar etc put in the walnuts , Bert roots and lots of cheese. Heaven ! Also the coffee & tea is good. Go for the latte and Pearl of Orient tea continue reading
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Level3 2013-10-10
I come here for birthday celebration with family,actually i saw from website there"s macaron so i wanna come try but was sad that they don"t have it,now they having promotion bring 4 and pay for 3, there"s not much food to choose from,sushi only have 3-4kinds only,they have more than 10choices of cake,their cake was nice,especially the rasberry shortcake,service consider not bad,they have some food which is not there,we need to order from them if we wanna eat,and they forgot our order,food wise normal,cake not bad,price expensive continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-06
for photos and more reviews, visit http://littlemomentsofmylife.wordpress.com (:haven't been to a buffet in quite awhile! i enjoyed the one here (: seems pretty popular! i was so excited when i saw this cheese platter!!! i love cheese! although i have no idea what are the kinds of cheeses i ate that day cos they weren't labelled xP i think there was cheddar, i recognise the taste! there was also some really nice garlic cream cheese yumyum! a very subtle garlic flavour that gave the cheese such an interesting flavour. and i loved the biscuits that came with it as well. ritz!!!!! and the plain crackers complemented the cheeses perfectly!there was a wide variety of vegetables for the salad, plus a whole range of toppings! i love croutons and pine nuts! and there were some sauces for dressing as well (:i managed to take a beautiful picture of a whole baked salmon, but i never got the chance to try it!!!! it came with a lovely creamy sauce on the side as well. it was snapped up really quickly though, which is why i didn't get to try it sighhhh. but it tasted good according to those who ate it (:the seafood station does not have such a wide variety as other buffets, but it was fine for me, since i'm not much of a seafood-person i think scallops are quite nice though! with the lime sauce (: and of course sashimi!!!!!!!! i remember the salmon sashimi here is really interesting! it has a much firmer bite as compared to the salmon sashimi i normally eat. i always feel that salmon sashimi is always too slippery? but this one was a bit crunchier (?) which i liked. instead the tuna was less crunchy than normal, but still nice anyway!now for the main courses! this was what we had (i'm inventing names cos i really can't remember what they were called!)1. baked tomato salad - quite a regular tasting dish. the cherry tomatoes were baked till they became slightly soft and were tossed with other veggies and dressing2. mussels! i didn't try this. but it looked pretty good3. beef stew/stroganoff: the beef was nice and tender and the sauce was tasty, nice dish!4. bread and yam & pumpkin pudding, something like that. i really liked this dish!! ;D it was creamy and rich (don't take to huge a serving), food for the soul (:5. duck with apple sauce: i thought the sauce was pretty interesting!6. pineapple fried rice: this was cold!! if not i think it would have tasted better. it was quite fragrant though! (:7. stir fried kailan: just a normal veggie dish.8. chicken in oyster sauce: this was quite a homely dish which i liked (:9. mushrooms! i liked this healthy simple dish of stir fried mushroomsand each guest is entitled to a complimentary cheesy lobster! omgosh! i never thought that i would ever like something like this. i hardly even eat lobster. but anyway, it was LOVELY. the lobster was baked till the meat was tender, and infused with the yummy gooey melted cheese, it was heavenly and now we move on to desserts. it's always such a pity that i'm full to bursting by the time it comes to dessert, so even though i want to try everything, i often can't. and anyway, even if i do, i'm sometimes unable to enjoy it properly. sighs. but it's just so nice looking at it, yes? so many things to chose for the chocolate fondue! there is just something about chocolate fondue that is so awesome. somehow i always feel that the chocolate tastes nicer! so i'll just stick something in and drip the chocolate all over my other desserts so that i'll get to enjoy more chocolate. omg heaven!!!! anyways, i tried the macroons and i conclude that they always look much nicer than they taste. don't they look soooo pretty? (: (: but the taste is just, sugary sweet. nothing really special i think. there was a crepes station!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the waiter at the crepes station was really nice too (: cos i was one of the first few to order, i didn't have to stand there and wait, instead he served it to my table. hehe, it's good to be ahead of the crowd ;) there are quite a few flavours to chose from and you can mix! mine was peanut butter and strawberry jam. *drooooools* haha the crepe was paper-thin and nice and crispy! awesome (:and there were so many cakes/tarts to chose from! none that was particularly outstanding though, so i didn't have much of an impression.overall, a nice nice buffet! xD continue reading
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