Available on the menu of 20F Specialty Coffee is a variety of brunch, lunch and dinner items. For those who cannot decide between sweet or savoury can go for the Duck & Waffle or the Orange Cinnamon French Toast. continue reading
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Mon - Thu
10:00 - 22:00
Fri - Sat
10:00 - 00:00
10:00 - 22:00
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Signature Dishes
Duck & Waffle Duck Confit Orange Cinnamon French Toast
Review (6)
Level3 2016-05-19
20F Specialty Coffeehouse has joined in the crowd in the café street at Jalan Besah. It opens its doors in November 2015 where it starts to draw crowds to visit them. 20F Specialty Coffeehouse offers smooth and creamy nitro coffee from Liberty Coffee, beer and cocktails at night.After some time not seeing my bestie, we decided to pay 20F a visit where we neverregret bursting our calories there. Despite being small and compact, café allow diners to free ease and relax. The place was not noisy even when it is at its full capacity. In many small and crowded café, the staff would help to facilitate the crowd by somehow stressing the diners who finish their meals to leave soon by keep clearing their place and asking if they want to have any other items for consumption. In 20F, they do not practise this method, giving diners the freedom to chill. Cakes BarI have enclosed a menu for brunch below for your easy reference. I believe that they have different set of menu for brunch and dinner. MENUWe have order three of their specialties - Matcha Green Tea Cake, 20F Iced Coffee and Pulled Pork Benedict ($18). We do not have any stomach space for the house lemon curd cake, so we have to give it a miss.Matcha Green Tea Cake ($5.80), 20F Iced Coffee ($6.50) , Pulled Pork Benedict ($18)Matcha Green Tea Cake ($5.80): The matcha sponge cake was moist and light coupled with the rich and thick matcha mousse, the taste was amazing. Although matcha mousee has a slightly bitter after taste, it still tastes great as it prevents the cakes from overly sweet. 20F Iced Coffee ($6.50): This drink comprises of rich vanilla bean ice cream with cold milk and an intense shot of double espresso. It helps to satisfy sweet tooth and coffee kicks. Pulled Pork Benedict ($18): Generous serving of the pulled pork was spread on top of the lightly toasted brioche with two poached eggs drenched in hollandaise sauce. Upon cutting the poached eggs, burst out almost instantaneously. The streams of yolk, moisturizes the slightly dry pulled pork. This is definitely my favourite. You don’t often get to see café selling pulled pork benedict so I strong recommend that you try this main if you popped by. Not forgetting the soft and fluffy matcha cake... It’s heavenly. If you are not interested with getting a main or desserts, why not chill with a cuppa coffee Follow me at instagram / facebook : @jacefootprints continue reading
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Level4 2016-01-28
Checking out the new cafe that has replaced an old medicinal hall. 20F Specialty Coffeehouse has kept the essence of it’s original rustic interior but giving it a finishing touch of modernized feel.Menu filled with interesting creations.Chilli Chocolate White Tea ($5.50) – An intriguing distinguishing taste for this glass of Chilli Chocolate White Tea. The first taste you got is a slight creamy sweet taste from the chocolate, and slowly the piquant flavor of chilli kicks in gradually. Thank goodness for the white tea used as the base, that was a little lighter and bearable for this unique taste. But you can imagine, how it will taste like when it gets concentrated. One word – overwhelming! I’m still glad i gave this tea a shot.Duck & Waffle ($22) – Not the first but still a unique find at the coffeehouse. And it’s a gem! The waffle is kind of crisp and fluffy with evident sweetness to it. Topped it with a scoop of berries sorbet that gives an hint of refreshing sourness. Best complement from the tender, melts in your mouth duck confit! A sumptuous dish filled with flavors burst!Orange Cinnamon French Toast ($15) – I’m pleasantly surprised by the refreshing sweet orange scent you could taste from the soft and warm toast. Topped with mascarpone cheese, berries fruits and strips of deep fried bacon. Overall flavor for the dish was light and mellow but luckily thanks to the 2 strips of bacon that heightens the flavor to a higher level that sits perfectly well with the palette.Good place to satisfy some of the brunch cravings.https://poohlovesfood.wordpress.com/2016/01/28/20f-specialty-coffee/ continue reading
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Situated along Foch road with limited parking space around that area. We spend quite sometime looking for the cafe and carpark space. The atmosphere of the cafe was quiet, which is suitable for some romantic brunch date for young couples.Pulled pork Egg benedict: This recommended dish was really awesome! The egg was really flowy (the type that i like) and the pulled pork was soft. Both the pulled pork and egg benedict makes a good combination!Full works: Typical breakfast combo (scrambled egg, sausage, toast topped with avocado and bacon). I would say the portion was quite huge but the taste was just above average for this dish.Duck Aligo Olio: The most value-for-money dish. Aligo olio linguine topped with a duck leg. The duck leg was done well as the meat was so so so tender.Rosemary chicken: Chicken leg together with baby potatoes, asparagus and tomatoes. The not-so-woth-it dish as the portion was quite small hence not recommended for people with big appetite. The chicken was tender which goes well with the creamy white wine sauce.Tried the raved matcha cake too! It was super matcha-ty and i really like it. Recommended for matcha lovers as the taste was super strong. Some of the family don't like it due to the strong green tea taste.  continue reading
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20F Specialty Coffeehouse is a new kid on the Jalan Besar block. Other than the name just taking after the address aka 20 Foch Road, and how a 60-year old traditional medical hall / clinic has been transformed into a cafe, I cannot find much information about this place. Okayyyy, so they do have a day menu and a night menu - like some other cafes and restaurants.The House Lemon Curd Cake (SGD$5.50) was soft and fluffy in texture, layered with thick, citrusy layer of lemon curd. This was a light dessert with a stronger flavour, and the zesty taste was refreshing. We liked this, and was grateful that the crew at the counter recommended this over the Lemon Curd Tart (SGD$4.50) I'd originally wanted to order instead.The Salty Caramel & Bacon Waffle (SGD$12.00) was made up of half a buttermilk waffle that was crispy in texture, crispy bacon strips, salted caramel ice-cream and espresso Kahlua sauce. *H expertly doused the sauce over the waffle and ice-cream, giving it some artistic plating so it looked good. The salted caramel ice-cream was good, as were the bacon strips. However, the entire creation didn't seem to sync in terms of flavour or link. We felt like we were just eating separate items on the same plate - pile on the ice-cream, pile on the meat, pile on the topping - kind of feeling. There was no harmony between flavours.A couple of us tried the Christmas Special- the 20F Christmas Iced Coffee (SGD$7.00), with a dash of rum and raisin. The bottom of this luscious coffee drink was laden with melon seeds, dried cranberries and raisins, and the rum flavour was very faintly detectable. I personally liked this drink, but thought it might help better if we were given a larger straw or long spoons to scoop the goodies at the bottom, so they would not get stuck to the tiny black straw, hindering our sipping of the aromatic iced coffee.For full review and more detailed information, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2015/12/afternoon-tea-at-20f-specialty.html continue reading
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Level4 2015-12-15
Opening its doors in November 2015, 20F Specialty Coffeehouse is one of the hottest new cafes of the moment for year-end 2015. The hype has been building for this place over the last few weeks, and photos of its food, specifically its signature dish of Duck Confit And Waffle / Duck And Waffle, keep popping up all over social media. Displacing a former Chinese medicinal hall / clinic which had occupied this spot for over 60 years, 20F Specialty Coffeehouse pays tribute to its address of 20 Foch Road in its quirky name.Ambience at 20F Specialty Coffeehouse is modern industrial chic, in the vein of similar indie coffeehouses. Think warm lighting, rustic wooden furnishings, vintage floor tiling, metal grilles, and tight layout. Modern wall art paintings lend a splash of vibrant colour to the place, while a bright, airy backyard doubles as an event space. Pretty decent place, not too suitable for chilling / relaxing. Ambient noise can be quite loud, as the place is bustling and busy. The backyard is clean and naturally lit, very photo-worthy, but the kitchen is also located here, and the poor ventilation makes your clothing stink.Service at 20F Specialty Coffeehouse is partial self-service. Ordering and payment is done over the counter, but staff will serve orders to your table. The mostly young staff are friendly and chirpy, able to engage diners in conversation, as well as make astute recommendations, answering questions on the food or menu. Order fulfillment can take a while during peak periods, of up to 20 minutes. Consistency and quality of execution in dishes / beverages seems to be an issue, no problem with the more experience staff, but it shows in the junior staff.Food at 20F Specialty Coffeehouse is unique for their combination of savoury and sweet in several of their dishes and desserts. Primarily modern European (American, British, French), their unique approach means you either love or hate the food. Dishes here are rustic in presentation, with a focus on poultry (duck), bacon / pork, and waffles. Portions are big and rather filling for individuals, and could possibly be shared. Prices are at the higher end for a typical cafe, budget about SGD $38 per person for a meal with 1 main course, 1 beverage, and 1 shared dessert.The 20F Christmas Rum & Raisin Iced Coffee (SGD $7) features rum & raisin ice cream blended in to the espresso... but I only faintly detect its lovely taste over the much stronger flavour of coffee. In all other respects, this was the most irritating and poorly thought out beverage ever. The tiny straw, and glass packed with crushed peanuts, dried cranberries, mint leaves, and marshmallows meant everything kept getting stuck, making it a struggle to drink. At the very least, they could have served this with either a bigger straw, a serving spoon, or a sieve. Tastes good, but a terrible execution makes this an irritating drink, gave up without finishing.Full 20F Specialty Coffeehouse review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2015/12/20f-specialty-coffeehouse.html continue reading
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