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Along the stretch of Irving Place, Commerce building area, rows of cafes have sprouted almost all at the same time and have since hold a foothold in the area, creating a mini cafe scene amidst the industrial area. Unpretentious 23 Jumpin cafe with a laidback ambiance that serves specialty coffee and hearty meals to their customers.Being a small scaled cafe, not as extensive a food menu but they do have a decent variety of choices, so fret not! Sometimes more doesn’t mean good but instead ensure the quality of the food served is of utmost importance. Another great point of the cafe is the nett prices of the food served!Brunch and Main food menuDrinks and waffles menuHoney Paprika Wings ($8). A little fluffy and crispy batter drizzled with sweet honey and sprinkled with paprika spices and parsley. Sweet wings dished out on a wooden serving board piping hot and juicy with a tinge of spiciness.Duck Confit ($16). Delicately mashed up potatoes in a smooth puree drowned with citrus-y brown sauce with hint of sweetness and sourness. Duck leg is seasoned, well flavored and slow cooked till its meat pink and tender, melts in the mouth upon the bite.All in all, very cozy and relaxing ambiance with friendly attentive staff and quality food at reasonable price.https://poohlovesfood.wordpress.com/2015/12/25/23-jumpin/ continue reading
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Full Review at http://lepakwithyaops.com/23-jumpin-fuss-free-homely-cafe-at-tai-seng-1-irving-placeFollow Lepak With Yaops on Instagram and Facebook#181st CafeLocating just a stone throw away from Tai Seng MRT station is 23 Jumpin, a plain-looking yet sincere cafe. Despite of its simple deco, food and beverages served here ensures customers a bang for the buck. 23 Jumpin offers a full menu with small array of items from Starters, Brunch, Mains and Desserts.Luck being on our side, we managed to occupy the last two seats despite lunch time and the scarcity of seats.We ordered the Honey Paprika Wings ($8), where our palates were teased by the paprika's spiciness and calmed by the sweet honey simultaneously. However, the game changer was not the tantalizing taste, but the thoughtfulness of the chef! Did you notice that the mid wings only has ONE bone instead of two?I had their Spicy Chicken Burger ($9) which is also marked at one of their hot seller. Yes, it was nicely marinated with spices, however, nothing to shout about in my opinion.My friend ordered the Pork Goulash Stew ($12) that came with baguette. Well, I'm not a fan of stew, but I will agree that it was full in flavour and the pork was well done.Latte ($4.5) served here had a mild buttery flavour and nicely frothed milk. Indeed a satisfying cuppa.Generally pleased with 23 Jumpin based on its good location, price and food. Just refrain from coming in large group (4 or more) during peak hours and you will be just fine! continue reading
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Level4 2015-04-13
Located within 3 minutes walk of Exit A of Tai Seng MRT is this stretch of cafes that recently opened in this industrial estate. They have a variety of snacks, main courses, desserts and drinks, so this cafe basically caters to everyone!The 12th April Life section on Cafes in Tai Seng says this cafe sits 30 pax, but it is a squeeze! I made a reservation for 12 and it was difficult to get in and out, to go to the restroom, or make payment, etc. Help yourself to the water that is placed on the counter. It is a nett priced cafe, but they will still serve the food to you.1. Creamy Mushroom & Bacon Pasta $12It was very creamy and I liked it, there was a generous serving of mushroom and bacon. But the creamy sauce did not contain much of the bacon flavour at all, which I had hoped for. Nonetheless, a good dish of pasta for the mushroom and bacon lovers!2. Cheese Fries $8This dish was extremely pretty to snap photos of, but tasted reasonably okay, at least they were the thin fries Gotta love thin fries! Again, 23 Jumpin was very generous with the cheese sauce, all the fries were drowned in cheese!!3. Mushroom Pizza Waffle $14So 23 Jumpin came up with the idea of Pizza Waffles, so it's their iconic dish, however I was very upset to hear that they did not have any Hawaiian pizza waffles that day. Oh dear! We settled for 2 mushroom pizza waffles. Boy do they smell delicious! The waffles look so brown and crisp but sadly, the waffles were very mushy. I did like the melted cheese and mushrooms on top, but I think they need to figure out a way to keep the waffles crispy! It was quite a let down, but nonetheless an interesting dish to try!4. Honey Paprika Wings $8It was very crispy, and not dripping in oil. I loved the taste of the honey on each bite! Take note that this is actually just one part of the wing, each piece is just one bone. It makes it easier to eat, so this plate of 10, is actually 5 whole wings. I love honey paprika wings5. Jar of Tiramisu $7Tasted okay, the lady fingers were moist and sweet. It was creamy and you could taste the rum. Definitely share this with someone or you may get sugar-high!6. The Volcano Waffle $18My friend saw this at the counter, it was off the menu and hence no one saw this!It looked awesome, except that the ice cream was melting too quickly, the air conditioning at 23 Jumpin needs adjusted, the high ceiling doesn't melt and it was quite hot in there. My black volcano waffle didn't like the temperature either. The charcoal waffle was sadly again, mushy, but on the edges it was crispy. The lava cake did flow which was great! 7. CappucinoThe barista very busy seen running in and out of the kitchen as well, which resulted in me getting my drink only after I had finished all my main dishes and just before the desserts arrived. I actually forgot that I had ordered a drink! The coffee tasted good, the latte art was pretty too!  continue reading
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Level3 2015-02-23
In the heart of the industrial estate at Tai Seng sprouts a cafe - 23Jumpin. Meant to serve the needs of hungry factory workers looking for something different in the neighbourhood, this family run F&B is slowly ringing bells around the cafe scene.The Coffee Serving pretty good coffee as well as ice chocolate. You can even pose for a picture with the iconic 23Jumpin scooter just outside the cafe. Eggs Ben Decent eggs ben served. Nothing much yo shout about, although i like that the holladndaise sauce given was just right, not too much, yet enough to taste the eggs ham and leaves. Duck Confit The mash was a winner. The duck differs from many, having a more stewed skin den a crispy one. Flavours were good and the gravy coming from the slow cooked duck leg after 6 hours was mouth watering. Pizza Waffle (5Hands)a full 5 hands because of the sheer creativity done to a waffle. this is a waffle topped with pizza ingredients and served as a waffle pizza. I liked how the batter was fragrant and yet could complement the flavours of the Hawaiian and the mushroom cheese. I was told that it took hours of practise and loads of feedback to get it to this quality. kudos and i must say 23 Jumpin is bringing waffles to another level. Tiramisu Nothing much to rave about this. Average, really average. Full review: http://shauneeie.blogspot.sg/2015/02/23-jumpin-tai-seng.html or follow me on Instagram: @shauneeie or like my Facebook page: @shauneeie for more foodie escapades. continue reading
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Level3 2015-01-17
Full review: http://www.jacqsowhat.com/2015/01/23-jumpin-cafe-tai-seng.html23 Jumpin Cafe is probably one of the newest kid in the cafe hopping scene, being a few months old. Located in the isolated industrial estate but thankfully it's a stone throw away from Tai Seng MRT Station. Upon reaching the Commerze building, I was surprised to find a stretch of restaurants and salad bars together with 23 Jumpin. Tried Egg Benedict, the hollandaise sauce were rich and creamy, the english muffins were slightly toasted as they soak up the egg yolk. The eggs were poach perfectly, with the ham adding on the savoury taste. Overall nicely done. Went ahead with Spicy Bacon & Ham Aglio Olio ($12) in the specialities menu. The spiciness was strong enough to get the kick, as well as a generous portion of bacons and ham. Other than the noodles being a tad hard, the overall taste were delectable.Charcoal Waffle w Ice Cream ($9), was my main reason for visiting 23 Jumpin. Choice of ice cream, Vanilla or Chocolate. For a gourmet waffle with ice cream priced below $10 is really reasonable. The texture of the waffle were crispy and fluffy within, the only let down was the ice cream. A small space with minimal decor, no fanciful walls or anything. But I've to say the service were sincere, reasonable pricing and tasty food. continue reading
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