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49 Seats is a place that welcomes everyone offers great food, quality spirits, beers and more at affordable prices. This neighborhood restaurant bar nestled away in Chinatown with its cosy, warm and casual seating ambiance. Providing a good variety of fusion western cuisine from pastas seafood, chops, steaks, light bites and more. continue reading
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Alfunghi Pasta Tom Yam Pasta
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Level4 2014-12-11
A reservation is a must because they are almost always full and it takes forever to wait for a table (tried once but failed). We had the fried escargots for starters. The batter was crispy and thin, coating the escargots well. They were juicy as well and tasted somewhat like mushrooms. However there wasn't much taste to it. We also had the Creamy Smoked Duck Pasta which I felt was mediocre. Not to forget, the Tom Yum Pasta tasted lovely, with a good balance of spiciness and sourness. However, halfway through the meal the creaminess of it was a tad too rich and overwhelming on my tastebuds. It would be better to share this with another person. I wouldn't come back specially for this, especially when it's always so crowded. continue reading
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Amidst the rah-rah openings and facelifts around the Chinatown area, the less-than-new Western restaurant, 49 Seats is still going strong, enjoying a full house everyday even on weekday nights. This is quite a surprise because it means are no longer riding on business from being the novelty. In the brutal Singapore food and beverage industry, I would say they are the 25% that could survive.The soup of the day at 49 Seats that day was the tomato soup. Densely packed with sour tomato brew and topped with a lavish amount of parsley leaves, this soup can be considered as one of the better ones. These days I seem to enjoy tomato soups more than mushroom soups.I ordered their Creamy Smoked Duck Pasta because I couldn't forget the smoked duck from Sneakery Cafe and was waiting for something to top it. This pasta from 49 Seats was mediocre, the smoked duck was tough to bite and dry too. The carbonara cream base was also quite jarring on the appetite. Rubbery can be the best adjective to describe the pasta noodles. It definitely did not settle well with me.The Beef Bolognaise Pasta, though a cliche choice, was slightly more edible. The pasta wasn't cooked al dente but overcooked to limpidness. At least the beef bolognaise sauce was quite tasty, except that it was a little watery. Both choices of pasta turned out to be pretty disappointing, and it made me regret not choosing their signature Tom Yum Seafood Pasta. continue reading
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Level4 2014-01-18
Finally got to try the highly raved fish & chips with alscampi sauce today! Was actually debating between this and the smoked duck pasta, but was in the mood for fish & chips today. Shall leave the pasta for the next visit.The alscampi sauce is a creamy seafood sauce and it sure was good, thats why it is so expensive ($16.90), because the normal fish & chips is only $12.90 and serving is much bigger too. Adding the sauce to the grilled fish added more flavor and oomph to it, but one of the prawns wasnt too fresh. The fish & chips with alscampi sauce was delicious but I find it slightly pricey. Changing my fries to cheese fries was an extra $1.50.Chicken chop with mushroom sauce comes with two sides, chose the cheese fries and mash potato. The chicken is soft and tender with a rich and goodness packed mushroom sauce. Thumbs up! One minus point is the cafe don't provide complimentary ice water, which so many cafes does. I understand that there is no service charge (there are many cafes with no service charge too but they provide ice water), after all it is just ice water and doesn't cost much, it makes dining more pleasant especially when eating fried western food. Of course we can order drinks but sometimes drinks don't quench as well as plain water. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-11
My peeps and I are starting our journey to find hidden cafes along the nostalgic areas and we came across 49 Seats. What I love about the place is the hanging lamps and their reasonable pricing with good quality food. I know the place is famous for Tom Yam Pasta. It's a hidden gem with good food!One of the rare places which offers a wide range of pasta especially those "exotic" flavours like Tom yum pasta. It's a good place to chill out and enjoy good food.The best thing is that there is no service charge! continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-31
I walked past there at around 6pm and surprisingly there was no one at all. So my friend and I were the first customers. I didn't like it that the lights were so dimly lit (around that time) and it sort of affected my mood for dinner already. I shared the mushroom soup with my friend and it tasted not too bad! I love the garlic bread though, it's nicely toasted I ordered the creamy smoked duck spaghetti ($10.50) and as a person who does not like/eat creamy based pasta frequently, I must say this one at 49 seats is really not bad. I didn't feel sick of it after a few mouthfuls, which is a good sign that this is a good cream-based pasta. The only grip I had about this dish was that the amount of duck meat was too little and my pasta was too much.The interior of the café wasn't too bad, but as I mentioned earlier, there wasn't much lighting when I was there and I didn't like the metal chairs also. But we had friendly service from the staff! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)