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Lunch was enjoyed at 8 Degrees Taiwanese Bistro today, a small Taiwanese bistro restaurant located at a row of shophouses along Serangoon area itself. It was lunch hour but the place was not crowded, so it made for perfect catching up.For mains, 3 of them had a Stewed Pork Belly Rice (SGD$3.80 each), or more commonly known as "lu rou fan". The portion was just nice, and they enjoyed their rice.For sides, we started with a Salted Crispy Chicken (SGD$6.80), done rather nicely with a crispy exterior. It was not very salty despite it's name, making for a nice chewy bite after the teeth gets through the crispy skin.Next, my favorite Golden Salted Egg Yolk Prawn Ball (SGD$14.80) with a light, crumbly batter coating the juicy prawns. The combination of salted egg yolk against the prawns was brilliant - a grainy (or sandy) texture that slowly gave way to the luscious buoyancy of the flesh within. I could have eaten the entire plate of this on my own!Finally, the Shaved Ice with Red Bean, which also came with attap seeds. It was the shaved ice version of our local "ice kacang" I believe, tasting similar in flavor and ingredients, except the ice in this case was a lot smoother.For full review and more detailed information, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2015/05/lunch-at-8-degrees-taiwanese-bistro-at.html continue reading
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Having visited this exact outlet 5 times now. I've official tried 75% of their menu! Majority of the items here are fried, so do note that. Additionally, most of their dishes are great for sharing for 2-3 pax.1. Salted Crispy Chicken $6.80One would expect them to sell the XL crispy chicken cutlet, but they have this instead. Served hot and crispy, it's a great snack to share. It is slightly salty but just right for me.2. Five Spice Cheese Fries $4.80 *recommended*I love these cheese fries and I have to eat a lousy plate of cheese fries. The cheese itself is melted onto the fries and never hardens. The fries aren't crisp, they're more of the soggy kind and taste slightly peppery.3. Cheese Mantou $4.80The mantous were deep fried to crispiness and it had a generic cheese slice placed on top of it to melt. To be honest, I had higher expectations of this, the mantous were okay, and the cheese seriously just tasted like any kraft cheese.4. Eggroll with Pork Floss $6.80 *recommended*One of my more favourite snack dishes from here, I love pork floss and with the egg rolls, it adds some substance to the dish. It can get quite filling eating too much of this, but for $6.80 you get two rolls. Not alot, but enough for everyone to get a piece or two.5. Fried Prawn Omelette $7.80Quite oily but I'm used to their style of food here. Quite a number of prawns, cooked with veggies and beansprouts. Tasted decent.6. Scallion Pancake $4.80I love cong yu bing! Although my favourite is from Dong Bei Ren Jia in Chinatown, this isn't too bad either. It is like a crispy roti prata with a chewy inside.7. Brinjal with Pork Floss $4.80 *recommended*I rarely like to eat brinjal but this was a completely different experience. The brinjal was soft inside, almost like mushy pumpkin and on the outside, and a crispy batter on the outside.8. Fried Shitake Mushroom $8.80 *recommended*I liked their mushrooms. It was juicy on the inside and it had a very crispy batter on the outside.9. Green Lime & Sour Plum $3.80Most of their hot drinks here, just make me suspect that they're instant powdered drinks. So I decided to go with a cold drink, this wasn't too bad. It tasted okay, and it was a hot day, so a cooling drink was the best option for me.10. Mango Snow Ice $6.80This is my favourite flavour of mango snow ice and they were quite generous with the mango, although this slightly more than what other shops charge for mango snow ice. The snow ice melted so quickly, it was rather upsetting. The shop though air conditioned, isn't that cool, they also use oscillating fans mounted on the walls to keep the shop cool.The prices here are reasonably and is a great hang out spots for small groups.I made a reservation for 730pm on a friday and unlike the last time I visited, it has become a lot quieter. Not sure why, parking was simple ans straightforward as there's maybe 20 or so parallel parking HDB lots. Gotta bring your coupons. continue reading
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Level2 2013-12-15
Reached there at noon for lunch, no need to book on a Sunday neither need waiting time.We had an enjoyable meal and listened to Jay Chou's sentimental songs. We orderedEggplant with pork floss - It tasted delicious and nicely done, good portion yet non-oilyTofu - Good taste with sauce rather small and evenly thin-slicedFried Potatoes Chips - Quite normal taste, it comes in biig portionFried Fish Slice - Non-oily and crispy in mango sauceMilk Tea - It comes in a tall glass with lots of pearls, worth it.Hazelnut Coffee - Very good, I like it for not being sweet. continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-30
Nacho cheese like which is generously doused over thick cut fries! Shiok-a-nathan! Definitely a great starter to keep you wanting for moreWe ordered the chicken and mushroom version of the popular oyster mee sua and it is still yummy nonetheless! Chunkier with additional ingredients though!I never really like my food cold unless it is sushi/sashimi/salads or desserts? But this dish is definitely on the top of must-eats if you visit this cafe! Noodles drenched in peanut sauce and sprinkled with peanut bits and vegetable strips!We were puzzled by “Olive Leaf” cause it was definitely my first time hearing it. But it is just Olive fried rice which you can definitely get better ones else where e.g. Nahkon Kitchen.So if you are looking for a interesting Taiwan cafe with mid-range prices to hangout with your friend, this is definitely one place you would want to try out! It is also a plus plus for you if you are a Jay Chou Fan, cause his music is always playing on the background! continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-24
As me and my friends were huge fan of Jay Chou, we specially came to this restaurant!The restaurant interior were mostly decorated with jay chou album/poster poster, album, and some musical instruments (guitars, piano) Also the songs played are mostly Jay Chou's too. All of us order "Lu Rou Fan" (pork braised rice), " xian shu ji", osyter omelette and cheese fries. Gotta say none of the dishes that we order disappoint us a single bit. Our favorite is "xian shu ji", the chicken is very well marinated and the skin is really crispy Pork Braised rice is good too, the rice is very soft and blend very well with the gravy which taste good!We also ordered pearl milk tea and the sweetness is just nice. Pearl is extremely chewy. With so much food, each of us only paid $10 (4 person). Super affordable and worth it. Will definitely return to this place continue reading
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