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Established since 2008, A-ONE Claypot House meticulously crafted menu is a good balanced combination of soul foods, incorporated with the local palate, inspired by traditional cooking methods. <br>Its mantra is that food should be consumed at the right temperature – and hence the use of traditional claypot cooking techniques which has good heat insulation. Central to the cooking are fresh ingredients - with great emphasis in attaining the natural flavours from the ingredients without using any preservatives. For the health conscious, claypot cooking uses less oil yet retains its natural flavours. continue reading
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Signature Dishes
Traditional Claypot Scallop Porridge Spinach with 3 Types of Egg one Superior Pot Hotplate Sesame Oil Chicken Noodle
Review (20)
Level4 2014-03-27
I had always wanted to try this because of so many raving reviews, even though I don't normally eat porridge. AOne Claypot House has a open concept, with its entrance so wide that you can see the corridors of the shopping mall (JP) even though you are just sitting in one corner of the restaurant. The service here is great - wide smiles and attentively serving customers to their seats. Onto the food! My favourite and recommended dish from AOne Claypot House would be the Claypot Hong Kong Style Porridge ($7.90). It was very fragrant and thick but not too dry either. There are also youtiao inside! What a pleasant surprise. The next time I am craving for porridge, I'm pretty sure this is where I'll be headed.We ordered the Pork Ribs Hot Pot Porridge ($10.90) which was more of rice-in-soup sort of porridge. The ingredients in the hot pot were really very generous, with tomatoes, pork ribs, vegetables, mushrooms and more! It looked like the portion is for two people. The gravy is savoury but possibly injected with a bit of MSG because it doesn't taste much of a well-simmered soup. Then we also tried out their Four Heavenly Kings, referring to four types of vegetables ($9.90). This is a dish which I find really expensive and not worth buying because it was very spicy for a vegetable dish and it wasn't visually appealing either... very different from what it looks like in the menu. While it looks like a Lai-Lai Kitchen sort of price standard, I was quite shocked to see the receipt amount up to $20/pax! Overall, hit and misses but if you go along with the Chef Recommendations on the menu, you should be good to go.  continue reading
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Level3 2014-03-02
The restaurant looks so simple and of minimalist design. We had passed by several times but had always skipped it. Not today, though. We felt impressed by the enthusiastic staff who was zealously finding us a seat while we were browsing through their menu at the door. Sometimes, a small gesture made a big difference.Olive veg sweet potato leaves $8.9This dish is slightly salty with the addition of olive veg. Usually, we couldn't stand salty dishes but when it comes to having porridge, salty dishes suddenly became appealing, and in fact, favorable. What a double judgement we have, right?Claypot dried chilli frog leg $16.9Don't you like the smooth and tender frog leg? Drizzle the spicy and sweet gravy over the porridge and instantly transform your plain white porridge to the dark one, not to mention double in flavor too.Hong Kong style porridge $7.9The porridge was bubbling hot when served. The smooth porridge paired with fried fritters, best combination ever. We love to coat the fritters with porridge to slightly soften the harsh edges of the fritters. Yum yum... Who say porridge is only for those who falls sick?The food here were simple, nothing fanciful, yet tasty. We would surely come back here again!For more details, please visit http://gingybite.blogspot.sg/2014/02/aone-claypot-house.html continue reading
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Level4 2014-01-27
It was Monday again, long weekdays to go. Met up with few friends at Jurong Point, we headed to Aone Claypot House for our lunch. Very accessible by MRT, restaurant was easily found. Offering a wide range of Claypot delight, the place was crowded during lunch hours. Service was prompt, staff has good knowledge with items on Menu when we requested for recommendations. Rice was fragrant with thickly dark soy sauce poured on top, the pot looked appealing. Boneless chicken was well-marinated and tender flavourful, sizzling hot when it served. Having to say, it was unfortunately a bit dry and rice was hard to munch. Price at $8.90, portion was absolutely sufficient for one serving. We enjoyed our food generally, it was a pretty comfy affordable dining place. continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-18
Aone Claypot House opened in Jurong Point earlier this year and I got a chance to try out the food there.I went with a group of 4 (including myself) and we ordered:- Claypot Dried Chilli Chicken Cube ($13.90)- Steamboat Tom Yam Seafood with Sliced Fish ($10.90)- Cai Pu Egg ($8.90)- RiceIn my opinion, this restaurant serves a good place to have zichar when dining with family or friends. It operates much like a zichar stall where they hand you the menu and you tick what you want to eat on the menu chit. Though it is a little bit pricier then when you eat at a zichar stall in hawker centres, considering that it operates in a shopping mall, the prices are pretty reasonable. If there are no seats, you will have to wait outside. When i visited, there was a queue outside and the restaurant remained full till around 2-3pm. There was not much fancy decorations, just a lot of round tables and chairs. It was generally a chore to move in and out of the restaurant when you are seated inside because they are quite crowded during the peak period.Nonetheless the stars were the food! I love the Steamboat Tom Yum Seafood with Sliced Fish. It was spicy, sour and all things that I think the tom-yum soup (Singapore-style) should taste like. The soup makes a nice accompaniment with rice. I think I can just eat it with the soup itself.Next was the Claypot Dried Chilli Chicken Cube. As the name implies, its served in a pot and so when you scope the chicken from the pot, it is piping hot. And the dish is spicy. Yums. (I am already planning another visit to this restaurant soon.)Nothing special about the Cai Pu Egg because to me it is just normal but at least it did not disappoint. Overall I am really pleased with the food served! continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-13
I had finally ordered the 4 Heavenly king! It was never ordered as my dinner mate do not like the taste of lady's fingers. Since we are dinging in a group of 4, I had strongly suggested this order as it's picture was pasted on AOne Claypot House's walls. The 4 heavenly kings comes a little spicy stirred fried in 4 kinds of vegetables with minced meat, namely brinja, lady's fingers, long beans and turnips. I will recommend this dish if you like crunchy and spicy vegetables.Cost: $9.90Shredded Chicken Claypot Porridge with Crab Meat was a light meal for the night as this pot was shared between two of us. It comes with a ladle and we had used it to split them into smaller bowls which fills up about 4 bowls in total. The porridge was scalding hot of course and was sweet to taste considering the ingredients added. Ample amounts of chicken and crab meat was added too.Cost: $8.90The guys had the claypot rice, one each! Standards of the food were maintained, nothing much from the last round I had tried. Cost: $8.90 / potTheir winter melon flavoured barley drink is my favourite and 4 of us had a similar order. The only difference in our versions was only between hot and cold.Cost: $1.50 / cupThe total bill for the night including 4 drinks sums up to about $13 per head. continue reading
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