Established since 2008, A-ONE Claypot House meticulously crafted menu is a good balanced combination of soul foods, incorporated with the local palate, inspired by traditional cooking methods. <br>Its mantra is that food should be consumed at the right temperature – and hence the use of traditional claypot cooking techniques which has good heat insulation. Central to the cooking are fresh ingredients - with great emphasis in attaining the natural flavours from the ingredients without using any preservatives. For the health conscious, claypot cooking uses less oil yet retains its natural flavours. continue reading
Opening Hours
10:30 - 21:30
Mon - Sun
10:30 - 21:30
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Signature Dishes
Traditional Claypot Scallop Porridge Spinach with 3 Types of Egg Aone Superior Pot Hotplate Sesame Oil Chicken Noodle
Review (1)
Level4 2013-07-28
The A1 claypot house outlet chains seem to be opening one after another! This is evident of how good the food is! This branch that i went to seem to open not too long ago, maybe around june to july? The novelty of it attracted many people and one could see long queues at times during the peak lunch hour as office workers dash around for their food! I decided to go for something light today and ordered the Cai Pu egg and spinach with 3 kinds of eggs. Cai Pu egg ($8.90). This egg was normal and it wasn't the a little liquidy quite that i prefer. The egg was also a thin slice which doesn't explain the cost. As cai pu is quite cheap in the marketplace, I think that just threw a bunch of it into the wok as it was really quite salty! I had to drink the soup from the vege that i ordered. Spinach with 3 types of eggs ($8.90). The soup was not up to standard and it wasn't as flavourful as the other places that i tried. Perhaps they show use the superior stock to enhance the taste. The vege portion was quite generous and one could see the large amount of salted egg floating around. The 2 other types of egg were not so evident. The service staff were all very friendly although they were very busy attending to each customers. They had smiles on their faces despite of the business of the eatery. I would definitely go back for the service but I think I would try the other dishes as there were more misses than hits this time round. continue reading
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