Crafted with culinary ingenuity, Antoinette offers a complete all-day dining experience with an extensive menu that encompasses classic regional French savory specialties as well as luxurious pastries and confectionery. continue reading
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Blinis with Strawberry Compote Peach Melba Crepe
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Antoinette has launched new menu since Aug 2014 with new increased prices. Click my food blog to see their new full menu!Love their Antoinette's Breakfast set that costs ($27++) as my choice of egg is Scrambled. Can you see how big is the portion of the egg? I can tell you, this is the BEST Scrambled egg that i had among so many restaurants!!! It was so fluffy and smooth till now i still couldn't forget it... It was cooked very perfectly! Drool.... I don't like sausage so i requested to change into ham. They put cheese atop the ham that tasted so nice! It comes along with Basket of Viennoiseries and a choice of Orange Juice/Coffee/Hot Chocolate.. Wonderful All Day Breakfast Set!Overall the food & dessert at Antoinette was above average quality! Service was quite good when there was not so much crowd in the morning at Palais & Penhas outlet.For full review & photos, please visit:http://summerlovestoeat.blogspot.sg/2014/05/all-day-breakfast-at-antoinette.html continue reading
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Level4 2014-02-08
AntoinetteAnother birthday surprise from colleague, this sinfully decadent cake was worth the premium price tag. The earl grey infused chocolate mousse exudes a very refined flavour with a hint of bitter-sweet aftertaste. The brittle earl grey tea crumble and chocolate biscuit added a crunchy texture which complemented the soft and rich mousse layer. I was especially fascinated by the raspberry coulis, a squeegee translucent ball filled with raspberry jam which was slightly sour. When eaten as a whole, the infusion of the myriad of flavours and texture was simply heavenly. An extraordinary treat guaranteed to satisfy even the most hard to please palates. continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-27
They called it as “Pastries Saloon”, very suitable place for afternoon tea lover. Parisian style Café opened by a very famous local chef, Chef Pang, Antoinette required no much introduction. Although I felt that most of their dishes were slightly overpriced, yet it really fared well and worth a star. I also noticed waitress was conscientious enough, she was attentive and approachable to their customers. Too pretty to fork it down, seriously I was not willing to disrupt it. Berries were fresh, they made a significant and delightful impact on the tastebuds. Thin layer of soft outlay enhanced overall pleasure. The price was $9.00. Lovely charming dessert, I was still grateful to receive it even late. continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-01
Tucked away from the bustling city and among the industrial area, Antoinette is one of the outstanding places which sells french pastries among all. Painted with faint blue color, Antoinette facade had given us a classy outlook which reminds someone to pamper oneself especially over the weekend. Let's go!As we swang opened the door, sweet little treats with attractive looking packaging were all lined up neatly on the shelves waiting to be picked home.To the left of the cafe, there were a number of photo frames glued to the wall with different colors without any picture within.Everything could be ordered to their menu except for its pastries.Just in front of the cashier counters, customer can choose to have macaroons over the cakes. Customers were all pampered by the range of variety and colors to choose from. Not only that, delicate cakes were all displayed on the chiller, Just walk over to them and have your pick. Each type of cake comes with a tagging, indicating its made.The interior of Antoinette was very cosy with dainty victorian details, a very french theme with chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Its comfy plush cushioned chairs as well as those rattan made ones were good enough to make one spend additional time there chit chatting. Moreover the space between diners were great, allowing rooms for accessing and "spaces" to talk among ourselves.Strawberry cake was amazing. The sponge cake was moist that literally melts with a little press from the tongue. The layer of fresh cream was light with ample of tasty strawberries. Overall, I find that the shortcake was delectable, giving off sweet strawberries scent. If you were to ask me to eat another 3 of it, I would be most happy to do so.This cake is strongly advocate by our local TV program and is true to namesake. Super love this! A MUST Try and do make sure you had them before leaving.In case you are wondering, what is the red stuff on its top, its actually a raspberry coulis that you can burst to get raspberry sauce all over your cake. The thought of its lusciousness and lightness of Earl Grey chocolate mousse base over the thick raspberry sauce oozing out with its crispy bits of chocolate (reminds me of Ferrero Roche) excites me.Look at the video for burst of raspberry. Oohed!The pot of Charming Medows was rather normal, nothing to shout about.This place is very good for chit chats but may be a little pricy. But for this kind of ambiance and the delicate pastries, I find it worthwhile to pay a visit once in a while. However do ensure that you make reservations at least a week before to avoid disappointment. For full review and more photos, please visit http://www.umakemehungry.com/2013/10/antoinette.html continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-06
for photos and more reviews, visit http://littlemomentsofmylife.wordpress.com/ If you have yet to try Antoinette (though i doubt that is really possible), please go!!!! haha it’s super awesome! okay, maybe girls might be more inclined to it, but still, it’s a beautiful place to go for a day out. So guys, if you wanna bring a girl for a treat, she will LOVE this place, trust me. Just looking at it from the outside, you’ll be attracted by the quaint chicness of this place. It’s so prettily victorian!Step into the café, and you’ll be mesmerized by the array of cakes, pastries and other sweet treats awaiting you. Every single piece is practically begging to you eat it! Haha xD just look at the pictures – can you resist it?! And the decoration and furnishings in the store are so synonymous and complete with its image, even right to the washrooms which are decorated so beautifully! You have to visit it to know.We went there for brunch and were completely spoilt for choice. my mom was so funny! She was like…”I think I’ll have either the French toast with caramelized banana or the French thick pancakes…or maybe the egg with shaved truffle!” haha as you can see, it was a really tough time deciding. WE ARE SO GONNA COME BACK AGAIN ;) mom finally decided on the French toast with caramelized banana ($10.50). it was beautifully done. The bread was thick and soft, infused with a buttery sweet flavour which wasn’t too overwhelming, and had bits of banana within it, together with banana toppings and nuts. And of course, a generous amount of maple syrup to finish it off perfectly.dad opted for the French pastries – the hazelnut Danish ($3.50) and almond croissant ($3.50). I didn’t try the hazelnut Danish but the almond croissant was SO DELICIOUS. Really, you have got to try it! I know I’m like raving over every single product haha but it’s really really goooooooood! The croissant was crisp yet fluffy, and the almonds lent a satisfying crunch to the pastry. The flavours blended together made a wonderful combination.For once, I didn’t order an egg. I would have loved to, but…I decided to give the rest a chance cos they always complain that I order the eggs anyway, there wasn’t eggs benedict this time so I decided that it was alright to give it a miss. my sis ordered the Classic Eggs Florentine ($14) though! It was yummy! I only tried a little, but I could see how delightfully runny the poached egg was, and paired with thick hollandaise sauce, wilted spinach and Serrano ham, made for a spectacular dish.I had the 24-hours baguette with Serrano ham, emmental cheese and French butter ($14). Doesn’t it sound like an exquisite combination! the baguette was toasted to a crisp and the thin strips of ham went beautifully with the sharp flavour of the cheese. And don’t get me started on the French butter!!! Haha loved it!! And the cute container that it came in just made the experience even better ;)Finally, my other sis ordered the savoury blinis (French thick pancakes) with smoked salmon, French butter, sour cream and salad ($15). The huge and thick pancakes were a delight! They were wonderfully done such that they were fluffy and wholesome, and simply delicious to eat! It also went nicely with all the other elements of the dish.Our drink was the hot Viennese chocolate ($7.50). they have three kinds of hot chocolate there! Ours was sinfully thick and rich, bittersweet, and came with a lovely sauce of crème Chantilly which was light, airy and slightly sweet. A perfect complement to the chocolate.Are you tempted? I definitely wanna come back for round #2. Maybe tea the next time! Yeahhhh continue reading
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