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Starting out as a small fried chicken eatery tucked in 2nd floor corner of City Plaza, Arnold’s Fried Chicken’s humble beginning is the brainchild of 2 entrepreneurs who were on the verge of being jobless. <br>Nonetheless, that is a story for another day. So, with sheer hard work, determination, some brilliant ideas and strokes of luck along the way, Arnold’s Fried Chicken moved in a slow but steady pace to what it has become today. continue reading
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Full Arnold's Fried Chicken review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2015/04/arnolds-fried-chicken.htmlArnold's Fried Chicken is a home grown, Singaporean legacy brand that specialises in 1 thing, and 1 thing only; excellent fried chicken. For over 30 years, this halal certified fast food joint has been pulling in crowds day after day, getting even more popular each year. Queues at Arnold's Fried Chicken during peak period meal times can still take up to 1 hour! I first dined at Arnold's Fried Chicken way back in 2007, but have only recently realised that I never got around to blogging about it!Ambience at Arnold's Fried Chicken still remains more or less the same after all this time. Functional, wide tables laid out neatly within the small, cramped interior, whose walls are a garish mix of white against primary colours. It's usually noisy here, and there is also usually some minor uncleanliness similar to other fast food franchises, with tiny bits of food on the tables or floors.Service at Arnold's Fried Chicken resembles other fast food franchises as well, it's all self-service. Ordering and payment is done outside the shop, and then you take your place in the queue. Once you get a table, a buzzer will let you know when you can collect your order. And while you're encouraged to clear your own table, staff do assist in this regard. Possibly the only interaction you'll have with staff is when placing, or collecting, your order.Food at Arnold's Fried Chicken is focused, with the only main dish on the menu being fried chicken. The fried chicken is fantastic, with a thin, crisp, savoury skin, and juicy, tender chicken meat, served piping hot. Arnold's Fried Chicken uses fresh chickens, never frozen, which is evident in the taste. They also offer a range of side dishes and drinks. Portions are nicely sized, and prices are similar, or slightly lower, than other fast food places, budget about SGD $9 per person for a meal here.A standard 2 Piece Meal (SGD $6.60) is served with coleslaw, fries, and 2 pieces of fried chicken. The coleslaw here differs from elsewhere because it's lighter on sauce, thus, you actually get more of the freshness and crunch of the diced vegetables. The thick cut fries have solid potato flavour, and aren't salty. The fried chicken is the star here, no matter which part you get, the meat is always juicy, tender, and piping hot. The skin is thin but crisp, pulling off easily, though the chicken fat is still present. Extremely satisfiying! continue reading
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Tucked in the corner of the second level of City Plaza is Arnold's Fried Chicken. It is possibly one of the most crowded spot in the entire building, especially during dinner time. Arnold's Fried Chicken is the Singapore version of KFC, only way better. The fried chicken is prepared immediately after you place your order. This ensures that you will not be left with stale, cold and tough chicken. The marinate is average, I did not find it especially tasty. I love how even the breast meat is juicy and tender. Arnold's serves the thicker type of straight cut fries which have the perfect crispy exterior that makes them so addictive. It is nice that they still serve those fried buns with each chicken set. They are a rare treat nowadays with lesser Western stalls serving them. Anyway, not many of those stalls make them like Arnold's. Arnold's fried buns are exactly like fried mantous, only that the bun is softer and fluffier.   We ordered 2 sets of  the 2 person combo meal ($23.70) and it was more than enough for 5. Becareful not to over order.  continue reading
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Level4 2014-01-20
They have the best fried chicken around.I really love their nice blend of special spices used to marinate the chicken which makes it taste so tasty and different from those outside.The chicken skin is thin and very crispy and there are nice tinge of spice aroma in them,beneath the skin lies juicy tender yummy chicken meat.It is quite stressful and pressured to eat quickly here during lunch time as there will be long queues forming out the restaurant waiting for seats. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-19
My favourite fried chicken place in Singapore! Location may not be at all convenient to me but I was willing to head down whenever I have the craving, it's worth the trip! Have ordered their Spring Chicken ($10.70) this time around, it may look ordinary like what I see at some hawker centres or coffee shops, but no no no, you can't judge it on its own! The chicken was served piping hot as I was able to still see the smoke even after eating half of it. It's amazing how they can fry it to the right timing to make it so crispy, tender and juicy yet able to rid all the excess oil at the same time. The fries and colesaw were also great and complements the hero of the dish really well. If you haven't try it out already, do it! Trust me, it's always worth the trip! continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-17
We were shopping for our traditional wedding items at City Plaza and were recommended to try out Arnold Chicken by the shop owner.There was a slight queue when we arrived but thankfully, it didn't take too long for us to be ushered in after our orders were taken. At $9.60 for a 2-pcs chicken set with drink, it was considered pricy compared to other fast food chains such as KFC, Popeye's and Texas Chicken. Although the portion is slightly bigger than the usual suspects, I feel that it's not really worth the price. Tastewise, it's quite well fragrant and not oily at all! The meat was a little dry though. However, what really caught our attention was the mash potato that everybody seemed to have ordered. We decided to try it out and boy were we glad we did! The mash potato was exceptionally smooth, creamy and flavourful. At $3.60 for two giant scoops of mash plus an overflowing portion of sauce, this was a real steal! Not the best of the fried chicken but definitely for the mash potato! continue reading
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