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Boulangerie Asanoya is a Japanese bakery that specialises in gourmet bread and pastries. Using only the most premium ingredients, Asanoya blends the best of Japanese flavours with tried and tested European recipes. continue reading
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Asanoya Bakery, a Japanese bakery having a long history since 1933, has finally set foot in Singapore. Asanoya Bakery was located in 15 Queen Street, serving many quality bread and tart. It has also been gaining popularity in Singapore due to the launch of Salted Egg Yolk Croissants as well as Matcha Salted Egg yolk Croissants.Read more at http://www.jacefootprints.blogspot.com/2016/04/Singapore-asanoya-bakery.html continue reading
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Level4 2016-03-29
The 82-year-old bakery is brought in by Tan Chong International, which is well known for its car business in Nissan and Subaru. The bakery origins from Japan and this outlet is its first branch outside of Japan. The bakery takes over the 5,000 sq ft space that used to be a car showroom. The bakery has dining in area with its own restrooms at the back. There is free wifi offered at 30 minutes period, with login ID and passwords from the staffs. Besides offering breads, it also offers light set meals and ice cream. Credit cards are accepted here.Salted Egg Croissant ($4.50)Crossiant with salted egg custard filling.The croissant was buttery and soft, easy to slice through, although I wish it could be crispier. The filling was a bit too little.Salted Egg Cube ($4.50)Unique cubed shape bread filled with salted egg custard with a crispy sable top!It was more difficult to slice compared to the croissant but the filling was much more than the croissant.Maple Walnuts ($3.20)A french dough mixed with walnuts & special maple butter made with 100% pure Canadian maple syrup.Sweet and nutty but a bit too tough after some chewing.Chamomile Mint Tea ($6)The tea was served in pot, and tasted light and smooth.Asanoya Ice Mint Tea ($4.20)A non sugar added minty drink, which was great for such a hot day.Americano ($4.50)Served with a piece of biscotto.If you take a photo of the food and post online with #LoveAsanoya and show it to the staff, you will be rewarded with a coffee or ice lemon tea. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Full review: http://dairycream.blogspot.sg/2015/01/asanoya-singapore.htmlSomething that bewildered me is the sheer popularity of the Cube Loaf--cream filledcube-shaped bread available in Yuzu cheese, Caramel apple, Matcha, Chocolate,etc. Perhaps due to our nation's fetish for something goeey or flowy in thecentre (think Liu sha bao or molten lava cake), this has been the most featureditem on any media platform. However, I suggest we try to manage ourexpectations as the Matcha is just a chewy chocolate bread filled with sweetmatcha custard that is resistant to flow. Perhaps the chef did not intend to makeit flow in the first place. The problem wasn't whether it flowed or not, butthat the cream was too sugary, to the extent that it overpowered the demure teataste. At a hefty tag of $4.50, I'm hesitant to invest in another one. TheCinnamon Danish ($3.20) called out to me with that attractive dark brown sheenbut it was more chewy than crunchy, as the sticky caramel goo clung onstubbornly to the knife .....and my cavities the more I chow on it. Thoughthe Sweet Potato Yuzu Cream Danish is constructed on the similar danish base,the main ingredients helped to distract us away from the mediocrity. Yuzu is notonly visibly detected as peels on top but also in the white cream base, whichimparted a lovely tanginess that complemented the warm sweet potatoes. I wasglad we stood by this "less-popular" option instead of theall-too-common blueberry custard danish. Theother autumn-inspired bread named "Harvest" ($4.50) was alsoexcellent. The texture of the bread is chewier than an average Europeanbaguette but the subtle honey flavour crawled out as one slowly bite into it.The earthy sweetness from the candied sweet potatoes, chestnuts rode upon thesavoury cream cheese to create another wonderful dimension in this humble stickthat is easily overlooked on the shelf. Thefeathery soft innards with mild buttery notes in the Plain Brioche ($2.60) madethis quite enjoyable but my partners felt that it lacked the richness from eggand butter. Despite the sexy cheesy strands effect that took place as we pluckedthe Tomato Mozzarella ($2.60) apart, this pizza dough fared the worse becauseit left a pool of grease on our lips and hands instead of the double umamisensation on our tongues. Ilove the Signature Curry Bun, which tasted like any orthodox non-spicy Japanesecurry bun with the mellow sweetness. We were lucky to get one from the batchthat was hot out from the deep fryer so it was crunchy and not too oily. TheMushroom Quiche ($6) is indeed a very straightforward quiche with plenty ofmushrooms. While there could be more salt in this, there was enough that itregistered for me. This was good but the Potato French was even better. At$3.20, one get an entire potato with skin intact, snugged tightly within thecrusty French bread under the luscious blanket of butter and mayonnaise. Haveit warmed up and one would be greeted by mini billows of steam from the softpotato. Genius.Despitethe liberal amount of icing, I was not assaulted by a blast of sweetness in theCaramel Apple Croissant ($3.90). The tartness of the soft-but-not-mushy applescut through the dense almond paste. Also, the flaky pastry here managed tosalvage my impression of their weak Danish dough. The signature Karuizawa Green Tea Loaf is sold here in grams at $2.60/100g, whichis about the weight of one slice. Blended with white chocolate, the bread has atinge of milky sweetness, which was slightly different from the taste when Ihad it in Japan. Nonetheless, the texture is still spot-on; soft stretchy witha crusty brown shield. Would be great if they can also introduce the Coffeeloaf in future.Overall,the savory items were more remarkable than the sweet items, even though the priceacross all items was not very pocket-friendly. I was quite disappointed by thesweet bread but maybe to think on a positive note, the cube loafs are somethingexclusive to Singapore market. Nonetheless, there is still room for improvementbefore both the quality of the food and the service standards here can match uptruly with the level in Japan.Full review: http://dairycream.blogspot.sg/2015/01/asanoya-singapore.html continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-31
Since the opening of Asanoya and heard some much good thing of Asanoya, I decided to try the new brakery store here. It is also a coffee house and the bread aroma was strong and fills the nose. I order the Green tea lava cake.  It comes in a square shape and have to use knife to cut.  Once it is cut, the green tea lava flows out. It is just like volcano eruption. The bite was perfect and filling.  The green tea is not overpowering. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level2 2014-12-21
I was on the way back to office with my colleague when we saw this newly open bakery shop. We decided to give it a try as it was greatly recomended by our Japanese client. They have a variety of  bread available. All look so tempting!!!We have picked Tomato De Mozzarella,Caramel Apple Raisin, French Potato as well as pumpkin and potato salad.Besides bread, they have also homemade jams, cookies on sale. everything looks so delicious.The price of beverages are a bit steep so we decided to go for free flow of ice water avaialble for all customers.I like the french Potato the most. You can find a whole potato inside the bread! the whole potato was very cooked. It was soft and blend well with the cheese.Similar to the French potato, you can find a whole tomato inside tomato De Mozzarella. THe tomato is very sweet!!!! Frankly speaking, i do not like tomatoes at all but this tomato tastes like a fruit! it was so sweet an refreshing. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)