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Back with a new look and feel, the refreshed interiors of the well-loved Asian Market Café are inspired from the black and white charm of Singapore’s historical colonial-style homes. Tuck into a glorious buffet spread of local favourites and contemporary regional delicacies which showcases the authentic Halal-certified pan-Asian cuisine. This sumptuous buffet which reflects the colourful diversity of flavours and cultures within the region is complemented by live stations and exciting DIY dessert stalls that will keep diners coming back for more. continue reading
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Level2 2014-09-21
I booked a table for 6 last week and was happy to see quite a good spread of Asian delight on a Friday evening. I love the fresh cold seafood selection- fresh oyster, slipper lobster, mussel and prawns. The vegetable salads were fresh with a few selection of dressing. However, I'm not too thrilled abt the Hainaness chicken rice- the rice is rather dry but the steamed chicken is moist and juicy with the tasty chilli sauce .i like that there's achar to go along with it. Their lamb and chicken satays are tender and the peanut sauce is nice too. Next I tried the grilled lamb chop which goes well with the tamarind sauce- but I'd rather they provide mint sauce for lamb. There is also roti john of 3 types: plain, chicken or mutton and I personally like the mutton one. The other local selections are sambal sting ray is too sweet for my liking, and the chilli crab is also sweet but spicy and this goes well with the fried mantou. There is even stir-fried mixed vegetables (chap chye) which is so-so. For the not-so-adventurous, there's fried bee Hoon and fried rice. The other side of the buffet are usually the Thai and Indian spread. But last week there's nyonya laksa. It's quite tasty tho a little salty and I wish they hadn't grinded the laksa leaves so fine. They are not quick to replenish the prawns and fish cakes. I love the Thai steam fish tho I find the herbal chicken abit too mild. Patrons of the restaurant could also orderon-the -spot roti Prata who hv goes well with the Dalca and chicken curry. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-17
I started off my buffet dinner with the Japanese section. My two favourites are the soba and salmon sashimi! Those two are a must-try for me! Some of the food items, which all tasted pretty average. Some of the food from the seafood section. The oysters are fresh and the prawns are quite juicy. The crab however was quite disappointing as there were too little meat in it. Ending off my feast with cakes and ice-cream for dessert! The most memorable one is the peanut butter cake! Probably because I am a huge fan of peanut butter! Their range of desserts is not extensive but not bad. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2013-08-10
This buffet restaurant is popular for their international buffet spread that certainly will have a food item that suit you. As for me, I enjoy having the cold fresh oysters, chilli crab and lamb kebabs. The oysters is super fresh and really tasty with a bit of lemon juice added on it. The chilli crab is not too spicy and the sweet chilli sauce gravy is certainly very appetitzing and make me crave for more. Lamb kebabs are not to tough and is quite juicy, with no stingy lamb smell on it. It is also not too oily and with no sauce to go along with it, still taste really delicious! For the price of $60 per adult, I should say worth the money for its wide range of cuisines. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2013-05-21
I have to say I was rather impressed with this place.It is now certified halal, so it's a good destination for gatherings. The variety of food served here is really luxurious although it's mostly restricted to asian. If you love fresh seafood, this is heaven for you. Lots of fresh crustaceans - prawns, crayfish, mussels, oysters.I love the prawns because they are so fresh, juicy, chewy and sweet. There are lots of lemon slices and sauces on the sides so you can help yourselves. The mango salad was also awesome, with sweetness, sourness, spiciness all intertwined together. There is just too much going on here!OystersEverytime the oysters get topped up, a group of enthusiastic dinners will swamp over the counter. The speed at which these oysters disappear, usually within 2 minutes, is amazing. My friend who was lucky managed to snag 3 for us to share. It's really fresh and cold! I like mine with a twist of lemon.Roast meat sectionThe food selection here is so vast that the roast meats section seems to have been overlooked. Nonetheless I took 1 small piece of each meat to try. It tasted good; well roasted! But sadly I didn't have much space in my stomach for more.SashimiOne of my favourite sections! The sashimi here is fresh and chunky - good quality! I can't emphasize how luxurious it is to be able to enjoy an endless supply of awesome fresh sashimi in this meal.KebabOver here you can DIY your own kebab. I didn't do it because I thought that would be quite filling for me, so I only tasted some of the meat. Juicy and fragrant!Cooked food sectionIn particular, the cooked seafood section. I went crazy over here because I simply couldn't resist the giant-sized chilli crabs and the humongous juicy slabs of sambal sting ray. Both were really impressive with lots of meat. They don't stinge on any quality or quantity. (See the crab pincers sticking out?) In fact, chilli crab is one of the star dishes in this entire restaurant, so it's really not-to-be-missed! If you like mantou, you can help yourselves to more chilli crab sauce and drown your crispy mantou in them.DessertsThis is only 1 portion of the choices of dessert. I didn't help myself to any pastries because I was too full, but there is an ice-kachang machine that diners can help themselves to, for their own DIY ice-kachang. Another famous to-die-for dessert here is the durian pudding. The texture is like real durian flesh being blended with lots of other secret ingredients for that very intense bite. Served chilled, the taste is simply heavenly. I witnessed so many diners going back for 2nd/3rd/4th helpings, and each time they would fill up their bowls over the brim (like a full mountain) before going back to their seats. Although I was extremely full, I just had to squeeze in 2 bowls.Some of the food on my plate. The satay was tender and succulent too!The above only showed the food selection in half the restaurant. There were still many choices, like laksa station, etc, but I was too full for those. Next time..! I'll sure be back soon..! continue reading
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Level3 2012-05-18
Visited Asian Market Cafe for the first time with my boyfriend for our third year anniversary. A close friend of ours recommended the place to be good for local and Asian food. We're both huge fans of buffets. He loves the quantity, I love the variety, and we both are constantly in search for both of that plus quality.Our initial expectation of the restaurant was quite high because it's situated in a hotel.However, upon stepping foot into the restaurant, we were quite surprised by the profile of diners around. They seemed under dressed (short of better words) and rather sloppy. Thankfully, the food there saved us. The spread was extensive with all sorts of Asian food - from the cold food selection leading all the way up to desserts. We were ecstatic!The laksa was very lemak, the popiah very smooth and full of flavor, middle-eastern food tasted very authentic, and our local food was yummy!I love the durian paste as well, but I don't quite get the little icey bits in the paste. Otherwise, it would have been perfect. The Portuguese egg tart is a must-try too!The service was very good at first. They were fast and responsive, and seemed happy to serve us. But at the later part of the night, it seemed like they were ignoring us and unwilling to clear our table. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)