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Astons Specialities had its humble beginnings in a coffeeshop along East Coast Road. Before long, it gathered a loyal following for its tasty fare, reasonable prices and sincere service. Within a few years, the Astons brand established itself as a household name, synonymous with quality and affordability. continue reading
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Level3 2014-03-05
Arrived at Changi airport after Phuket trip and decided to take a sky train to T1 to have lunch. This Aston is quite crowded and need to wait a bit before getting a table.and the service is a bit slow since it is crowded. I got a table near the window whereby I can see the social tree inside the departure area. I ordered hickey BBQ chicken with fried onion ring and baked potato. The chicken is grill to perfection not overdone and very juicy. Love the smoky BBQ sauce. The baked potato does not comes with sour cream but still delicious with a big scoop of butter. Fried onion ring is very yummy too. Grilled meat with very reasonable price. I spent about $8 continue reading
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Level3 2013-12-03
I've a bunch of friends who are avid fans of Western food.. Thus one of our favorite eatery is Astons at Changi Airport. It serves quality western food, with great service and efficient service. As usual, we ordered its Crispy Fried Chicken. For my side dish, I chose Tasty Rice and French Fries. What I like about its tasty rice is that they do add in some seasoned vegetable pieces to enhance the taste of the rice and make it even more tasty. As for the fries, I believe its the seasoning that made the fries so delicious. For my friend's side dish, he choose Baked Potato and fries. The baked potato was baked nicely and wrapped in foil. On top of the potato was some butter, to enhance the taste of the potato. As usual, the crispy fried chicken is really crispy and tasty, served with tartar sauce. continue reading
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The first time when I went to Astons, I was pleasantly surprised that it served quality Western food at relatively low prices compared to most restaurants. To make it even better, the portions were huge. However, the portions have somehow shrunk a bit which I attribute it to rising costs. In addition, quality tends to be fluctuate at times.During this visit, I had ordered the teriyaki chicken with sausages and potato salad and fries as sides. The size of the chicken had become much smaller than usual, sausages were OK while the potato salad had a few pieces which were not cut to bite-sized. Onion rings was good but then again, this is not something made in-house.If you want to go to this outlet on weekends especially dinner, be sure to come before 6pm or else you will have to join a long snaking queue. continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-25
Prime ribeye xtra cut- $18.90This is my mom's order and I managed to taste her food. Helped my mom to order medium well for the steak, but tasted more like medium to me, a little too rubbery for my liking, but my mom said its not too bad and easier to chew if eaten in small pieces. Tasted quite salty too. The coleslaw tasted alot like kfc's coleslaw, but in bigger pieces. The baked potato tasted quite bland, especially the inner part.Black pepper fish - $9.50Craving for fish and wanted something non-fried, thus I ordered this dish. The fish meat was very smooth and tender but tasted a little bland even with the black pepper sauce. I like their onion rings very much, can really taste the onion fragrant and not floury at all. For the mac and cheese, the mac just did not taste right, like did not match well with the cheese, as in it tasted quite hard and did not absorb the cheese at all. The cheese was nice though, thick and rich.BEST OF ALL, no GST and service charge! continue reading
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Level3 2013-07-09
Conveniently located at the Changi Airport Terminal 1 (where them budget flights at ), Astons is a godsend for all the hungry travellers waiting to fly out and not interested in lousy budget airline food (at all!). It is on one of this occasions that I find myself and my travelling buddies heading there for dinner before catching our evening flight. At only $8.90 for my grilled BBQ chicken that came with 2 sides, it's definitely a steal considering the quality of the meat and sides served. I opted for a baked potato because a girl needs her carbs and a garden salad. Of course for the more indulgent (and those who can afford to gain a couple more pounds), there are more decadent and sinful side options available such as onion rings, french fries and Mac n cheese! Eat all the calories! For the more health-conscious, there are also sides such as grilled vegetables, coleslaw and garden salad. If you're feeling extra hungry, feel free to opt for extra soup or bread!For the main course, they have almost all the meat you could want, burgers and of course, pasta for the carb-lovers! My chicken was well-cooked and tender yet juicy, and the BBQ sauce complemented the meat nicely. They could have been a bit more generous with the amount of sauce given though. The baked potato came with an enormous portion of butter, which made it extra yummy but sinful at the same time. The garden salad was your usual fresh vegetables with a light creamy dressing. All in all, I would recommend this place for those who like western food but are on a budget. Even if you're not on a budget, feel free to come here and pig out all you want! continue reading
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