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Auntie Kim's Korean Restaurant is situated in Upper Thomson and serves authentic Korean dishes such as Kimchi Fried Rice, Duck Pok Ki and Korean Jajangmyeon. continue reading
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Ddeokbokki (Spicy Rice Cake) Kimchi Fried Rice Pa-Jeon
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Level4 2014-03-30
This outlet of Auntie Kim's Restaurant is located at Alexandra Retail Centre, and I liked how it was a rather quiet mall compared to all the super crowded malls in town etc. However, there were quite a number of people in the mall on a Saturday night so it's not like it's a ghost town! The deco of the restaurant was very Korean like, with muted colours and the staff in traditional Korean costume. There were quite a number of food that looked really tempting, but we decided on the army stew in the end. The army stew has a history to it (just google 'army stew') and it consists of "American food" like sausages and luncheon meat, with mushrooms, sliced carrot, sliced rice cakes, tofu, zuchinni slices, leeks, kimchi and some Korean ramen. The ramen included in the pot wasn't much, so we ordered another bowl of rice and another portion of ramen. The stew base was quite spicy, but sharing the army stew with your loved one and slurping up the spicy noodles and ingredients felt very shiok Just thinking about it is making me salivate!There was also ban chan/side dishes which was complimentary. The ban chan is refillable at some places but sadly, it's not the case here. I really loved their ban chan so I would really love for them to make it refillable. There were 6 side dishes.This was cabbage kimchi. It was nice and juicy and crunchy, but really spicy!Bean sprouts which were nice and crunchy too. Korean bean sprouts are always somehow juicier and fatter than the normal ones you eat in Singapore.This was kelp, which I really really love! It was kinda crunchy and savoury which tasted like seaweed. Spinach that's cooked with sesame oil I think. It was still fresh and wasn't overcooked with a hint of sesame.I'm not too sure what this was, but they were like noodle strands in mayo which were really crunchy. I really liked it but I've no idea what they were.This was pretty interesting and can easily replicated at home. What you see are actually zuchinni slices coated in egg then pan fried. This is probably a good way to disguise vegetables to feed them to fussy kids ! The Korean food here is of good quality, and I also really liked the ambience and deco of the restaurant. Will be returning again and again in the future continue reading
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