By day, Axis is a relaxed lounge where you can enjoy a selection of light bites or afternoon tea. As night falls, Axis transforms into a chic, contemporary bar where you can sip a glass of champagne, a smooth cocktail or try a light tapas bite, with the sparkling city skyline as your beguiling backdrop. continue reading
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Level4 2016-06-10
For pictures and full review, pls visit:http://madamechewy.com/2016/06/01/afternoon-tea-mandarin-orientals-axis-bar-lounge/Mandarin Oriental’s afternoon tea menu refreshes on a monthly basis and for the month of June, the focus is on berries. While waiting for the food to be served, we sipped on a complimentary cup of an exclusive blend which was created in partnership with TWG. The green tea blend incorporates Asian flavours, featuring mix of citrusy and spicy notes rendered from lemon peel, ginger and spearmint. In addition to Mandarin Oriental Singapore Tea, the luxury hotel also offers an extensive selection of TWG teas.It was a hot day and I enthusiastically welcomed the first course, a chilled starter of berry jelly cubes, topped with crème fraiche emulsion.The common afternoon tea classics, such as egg mayo and cucumber finger sandwiches, are so yesterday. At Mandarin Oriental, be dazzled by rolls and open sandwiches of unusual varieties! Hitting the spot is the decadent Duck Rilette & Foie Gras, brightened up with raspberry jam while cured-meat lovers will take comfort in the Prosciutto & Melon with Arugula & Aged Balsamic. The earthy Truffle-scented Egg Mayo & Chives Sandwich as well as Semi-dried Tomato Cream Cheese with Caper Berries were superb too.We continued the time-honoured ritual of tea with freshly baked Cornish Lamb Puff and Farm Butternut & Cranberry Pie, where flavoursome filling and flaky pastry captivates. Indulge in unique scone creations such as Caramel Maple Walnut and Mixed Berries Rosella, accompanied with raspberry jam and clotted cream.Finally, the sweets arrived, displayed daintily on a quintessential 3-tired stand. Let your palate be intrigued and delighted by the following artisanal desserts:Classic Blueberry Souffle RouladeLychee Strawberry Lemon Pound CakePistachio Raspberry MacaronBlackberry Yogurt MousseCherry Confit Mille-FeuilleSummer Pudding Yogurt ChantillyEvery bite was savoured with a wide, silly smile on my face. It wasn’t easy picking a favourite out of these lovely darlings but for me, the Blackberry Yogurt Mousse left the deepest impression. I simply adore its balanced flavours and dreamy, airy texture. Here are more close ups photos of the drool-worthy cakes.It’s always a pleasure to spend afternoons in Axis Bar & Lounge, where you are always assured of excellent morsels, fine teas, and attentive service. Despite being a regular here, it’s still easy to be impressed by the afternoon tea offerings as the chefs’ inventiveness and attention to detail, are unparallel.Afternoon tea is priced at $42++ per person or $80++ for 2 guests. It’s served daily from 3pm to 5pm from Monday to Friday, with an additional seating from 12.30pm to 2.30pm on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays. continue reading
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Level4 2016-01-04
Full review - http://midas400.blogspot.com/2015/12/afternoon-tea-at-axis-bar-lounge.htmlWe're here upon request from our girlfriend who wanna have afternoon tea for her birthday celebration. After some researching, we settled for the SG50 Afternoon Tea at Axis bar & lounge, Mandarin Oriental hotel.Located at level 4, overlooking modern SG cityscape, this place is a sanctuary of peace and quiet on a lazy weekday afternoon. Great for lounging and catching up with friends over a cuppa.TWG TeasLive MusicSG HazeThey served a 5 course Afternoon Tea set, $42++, which included two choices of tea or coffee. The menu changes every month, and for SG golden jubilee, they are serving local themed tea sets to celebrate the occasion. We had an 'Indian' theme menu for the month of September.My Emperor's white garden teaFirst course was a tea jelly drink, Masala chai & cinnamon jelly. Yep, the Indian flavor was obvious, the taste was acceptable for me though, albeit a little exotic.Next, we had a variety of small bites served on plates. Majority of these were seasoned with Indian spices. I liked the Spicy prawn and the Chicken tikka stuffed mini pita. The others were rather ordinary.The next course was two kinds of flaky puffs, one contained curried Potato filling, and the other had a spiced Fish meat filling. The Potato puff was fine but the Fishy puff was too 'Indian' taste for my liking. I had to drown the overpowering smell in my mouth with lotsa tea!After having plenty of savories, the sweets were served. First up, some Cookies & cream scones and Pineapple scones, served with clotted cream, lemon curd and jam. I didn't eat these as they smelled extremely buttery but my girlfriends liked them though.Then, more sweets came sitting on a 3-tier tea stand. There were 6 variety of cakes and pastries on the stand. Many of them were overly sweet. The only stand-out was the Raspberry tart, refreshingly sweet and tangy, which we all liked.Lastly, we ordered our second drink to go with the Complimentary birthday cake for our girlfriend. I had Mocha while the rest had ice chocolate drink. The chocolate cake was , again, very sweet...we're getting serious saccharine coma!Dining experience at the Axis bar was generally decent. Food was above average, with a little hits and misses here and there. Service and ambiance was great. I would recommend some homework be done to find out the menu for the month before heading down. The Indian theme menu we had was a tad too exotic for us, we couldn't truly appreciate it. Do check for credit cards promo as well. continue reading
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for photos and more reviews, visit http://thelittlemomentsofmylife.blogspot.com/Inconspicuously tucked away at the side, away from the attractions that are Mortons Steakhouse and Melt the world café, is Axis Bar and Lounge. Chill-out with the gorgeous view of the Marina Bay area right in front of you. Unfortunately that day I went, the windows were misty -.- I couldn’t see the view at all, such a pity.Anyway, the drinks are good, and the bar snacks were simply awesome!This place has to have the most interesting accompaniment to my drink ever. Wasabi chips which packed a real punch – they were kick-a** spicy! I popped one into my mouth, and the zing just totally woke me up! Good if you’re starting to get intoxicated on the alcohol, this is perfect to prepare you for more drinks to come.I ordered the stately romance cocktail ($24), which was earl grey infused gin with lychee puree, rose syrup and fresh lemon. I couldn’t really appreciate the earl grey, which was what struck me for every mouthful I took. But I like how it mellowed down to a gentle aftertaste with the rose and lychee flavours. it’s such a prettily girly drink! mum ordered the ginger mojito ($24). She felt that it wasn’t gingery enough, but I thought it was! It had the spiciness of old ginger. Not really my type.my sis had the chocolate sin martini ($20) which was similar to that at mortons! Absolut vanilla, with crème de cacao white & brown and chocolate syrup. A decadent, smooth drink that could beat a dessert hands down!and a thing to note is that their service is impeccable! from the time when they welcome you into the bar, to taking orders, serving and making sure your every need is met - it is absolutely impeccable. continue reading
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My idea of a high tea session is one that is with the perfect peaceful and tranquil setting; one that you can wind down to and just sit there for a good couple of hours. Axis Bar & Lounge @ Mandarin Oriental Singapore exudes just that ambience, offering high tea sessions from 3pm, in this bold yet elegant blanket of black and deep shades of brown and red. It feels warm, spacious yet cozy.Engaging a live pianist in the house is a sweet sweet icing on the cake. That afternoon, she played Seal’s ‘Kiss From A Rose’ and also a song from Adele. It’s even more cool, because we can actually make a song request. Aw.1688 Grand Rosé ($18++ / glass; $98++ / bottle): The first in Singapore, this salmon-pink non-alcoholic champagne calls for a mid-day lounging session just about now. It is most befitting for people with a love-hate relationship with champagne, like me; loves champagne, hates alcohol. I don’t drink because I have the Asian blush, and it doesn’t feel good. Now, this is one serious bubbly alternative I can enjoy without worry.It is a full-bodied champagne, enhanced with red fruit notes and some subtlety of natural Muscat flavors, a girl’s favorite, especially. Further, it is a relatively healthier option, what with the inclusion of only natural ingredients and no added sugar.Exclusively for the month of September 2013, the Chef has creatively infused 1688 Grand Rosé into some of the high tea snacks, while having the remaining complement the creations. The Luxury September Bubbly Afternoon Tea Set is a 5-course tea set which involves the 3-tier spread and only costs $42++. To pair it with the non-alcoholic champagne itself will be at the above-stated price.See, it’s really quite a snatch, and I love that the high tea set is enough to last me throughout the afternoon (provided I don’t start swallowing them). If you want to do a trade with your dining companion, let me tell you what is great. The Champagne Chocolate Lollipop is literally a party in your mouth when you bite through. The chocolate with hints of champagne just fireworks in your mouth. Rich and thick.The Truffle-Scented Egg & Chive Petite Sandwich, need I say more. It really isn’t just scented, you can actually taste it. And it’s without fail, orgasmic. Whatever next couple of dishes would be truffle-y too.I personally adore the combination of Lemon & Thyme (Scone). The herb lifts the flavors and hits the nose pleasantly too.Everything on the rectangular plate was good, from Smoked Salmon Mousse to Marinated Lobster to Porcini Mushroom. It is very much the ‘posh’ plate. Have the Porcini Mushroom Tart the last, as it gives no chance but fills your entire mouth with the flavors of mushrooms. Heavenly.Though not situated on high grounds, it is a blessing that it bears an unblocked view of the Raffles Place / Marina Bay skyline. Just imagine the sight when the sun sets, coupled with the thoughtfully decorated interior. Perfectly romantic. continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-11
To find anywhere serving a good afternoon tea even on weekdays in Singapore is in itself noteworthy. But to sit down in such a relaxed setting — with a glass of 1688 Grand Rose Champagne in hand overlooking the magnificent view of Marina Bay in a comfy banquette— is cause for outright celebration. So is Mandarin Oriental’s Luxury September Bubbly Afternoon Tea. I started the 5-course (not 3) mid-day feast with a tall glass of Grand Rose champagne jelly. Followed up with the spread of savoury canapes and desserts to accompany the sweet delicate bubbles. The three-tiered set includes four kinds of special desserts that use champagne: champagne macaroons, a dainty champagne chocolate lollipop, chilled champagne and damas plum sabayon disguised as a fruit tart and a champagne cassis gateau snugged cosily in a purple chocolate wall.Take a moment of break from sweets with the bottom-tier selection of savoury canapes that are at full blast with flavours and definitely not your average egg and ham sandwiches. Take for example the duck rillettes & foie gras canapé or the truffle-scented egg & chive petite sandwich. Both canapes take turn to perfume your palates with its strong aroma and balanced well with the red fruity notes of the Grand Rosé champagne. Of course, there is no particular sequence between the 3-tier and one can jolly well hop back to the sweets which includes non-champagne selection like the Passion-Banana éclair. The Dulce De Leche Tart- a buttery shortcrust pastry with caramelized brown milk jam was so excellent that I would love to pack home a box of it.You can’t get more British with the scones in two flavours: Lemon-thyme and Strawberry yoghurt, served in true style with authentic clotted cream, strawberry preserves and a grainy lemon curd. But just in case you might think that this is the end, there are two more courses to go.....The 4th course is a luxury platter which is a feast for the eyes. The ice cream cone is not a sweet biscuit but a savoury one, piped with Smoked salmon mousse. The Marinated lobster compression with Champagne aspic reminded me of the wacky creations by Heston Blumenthal while the Porcini mushroom tart with basalmic alioli lived up to its own name. It was bursting of umami flavour that left me curious about the amount of mushrooms usedThe last course is something hot from the oven—Duck Confit & Pistachio Puff and a Classic Chicken PieThis afternoon tea is only available in September. For those who are concern about alcohol, the Grand Rose is non-alcoholic. A very good healthy excuse to drink your time away, in this genteel and unhurried oasis.For full review and more photos, please visit http://dairycream.blogspot.jp/2013/09/axis-bar-and-lounge-luxury-september.html continue reading
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