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<BR>B. Bakery & Cafe offers freshly made artisan breads, cakes and pastries. Their cafe has a selection of sandwhiches, gourmet salads, pizzas, drinks nd special menu items. continue reading
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Beef Stew Rose Marry Chicken
Review (6)
Level4 2012-07-31
Cute little outfit in a lovely location, B Bakery seems to be popular with foodies. I first discovered this place several years ago and bought something that's a cross between a chocolate butter cookie and a wafer which was heavenly, but they never made it again because - I was told - they only make stuff as and when they "feel like it". To me, this is a clear indicator that not only are the owners vain and self-absorbed, they see the cafe/bakery as a vessel for their "performance" and are not interested in making customers happy. They ought to realise that this is a grossly misrepresented attitude of top chefs or celebrity chefs, and that these days continue reading
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Level2 2012-04-03
During our expedition to Haji Lane, we had to drop by B Bakery, located at nearby Bussorah Street. Why? 'Cos I have been hearing so much about the lovely cafe fare that this nondescript eatery has been churning out! It is nice to sometimes just drop all pretences and focus on the real deal. Feed us good food!At first glance, the cafe is simply furnished and may appear to be rather ordinary, but look closely and you'll see that the owners do make an effort to enhance the place, sprinkling little details throughout. Flowery decals fill up most of the lightly pastel walls, with a frame or two being attached on it. Its simplicity eases you up and it does feel cosy after hanging out for a while more.The lunch kickstarted with grilled veg and hummus dip. The dish encompassed slices of eggplants, bell peppers, zucchini and tomatoes that were grilled slightly charred, but their sweetness were well-preserved, making each piece a juicy bite (squirt!). Accompanying it were two slices of bread that you can smear with hummus. A delightful starter.The rosemary chicken was served in a little pool of olive oil, but seeing that this oil is healthier than any of its other counterparts, it is forgiven. The fragrant herb scent hits you when this dish arrives at the table. It is not bad a dish, with the flesh on the drumstick being so much more tender than the other parts (I must have had the tough breast earlier).I am especially a fan of avocado when it is "trapped" between slices of bread. I always love avocado in sandwiches because its creamy and smooth texture contributes to binding the other ingredients together. Of course, I couldn't resist ordering the chicken mayo and avocado sandwich, which apparently is quite popular here. Glad to say that it didn't fail me. I was won over by Mr Avocado's slickness...We were leaving the best to the last. Right at the back of the cafe is a refrigerated display of gems....rows and rows of pretty-looking cakes, all standing neatly side by side. You could just imagine them looking up doefully and whispering, "pick me, pick me...". But with not much space left in our tummies and as much as we hated to do this, we could only afford to select one.So, who is the chosen one?The manjari lemon cream won the vote of two against one (sorry, Steph!) and I am glad to have made the choice. The lemon cream is slightly tartish, but it helps to counter the sweetness and lusciouness of the chocolate. We were seduced. Though B Bakery might not look all that elaborative or chi-chi on the facade, it makes a good place for an easy lunch with friends. I liken it to a girl who may be in sneakers and jeans but comes with a fun and cool personality, that makes you want to hang out with her. Plus I believe being located on Bussorah Street is already charming on its own. continue reading
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Level4 2011-10-07
This place is a hidden find, the outfit's really small, but it gets really busy at lunchtime. It serves sandwiches, salads, coffees and teas, but one of the things tt you must try, are the cakes. The chocolate raspberry and the Manjani chocolate with lemon cream, which we ordered, were both really good. You've got the rich taste of creamy chocolate, nicely contrasted with the tangynes . This place is cozy and is good place for chill out with friends. continue reading
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Level3 2011-09-22
Read some reviews on B Bakery and expected some nice food there - especially this Hummus Platter which I ordered without second thoughts. Ah, how disappointing. It's basically boiled vegetables that are tasteless. Serious. I doubt people who are sick are even willing to eat this. Paying more than 10+ bucks for this still pains me till this day hurhur.. But the Cinnamon bun is really worth a try though, made up for the previous disppointment. Remember to go there earlier for the bun cause it sells out pretty fast! continue reading
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Level4 2010-09-22
Hidden in the lively district of Arab street, which is touted as an alternative to the hip Dempsey enclave, is a small cafe that goes by the name of B Bakery. We were attracted by the somewhat cosy facade it portrayed and decided to drop in for dinner.The air conditioned interior is smallish but rather simple and homely. For those who prefer the open spaces, there is a small al fresco sitting area just outside the cafe along the side of a road, which allows you to soak you in the vibrancy of the area. Do note that it can get quite warm though.Rosemary Chicken - Apparently one of the highlights of B Bakery, the rosemary chicken was honestly quite decent. The meat was tender and juicy with a strong hint of rosemary, which definitely helped to accentuate the taste. The only thing that bugged me was the pool of oil the chicken was sitting in. Yes, it's olive oil but somehow there is still a nagging doubt about the health implications somewhere at the back of my head.Penne, Prawns, Tomato Sauce Cream, Vodka - The penne was al dente with the tomato base lightly tart. I counted 9 average sized prawns which was really quite generous but on the flipside, they weren't exactly fresh.Chocolate Fudge - Plain old chocolate fudge. Sweet but not very rich and topped with a petite, poor excuse of a macaron. Void of any characteristics worth mentioning. Palatable though.Tiramisu - A teetotaler version of one of my favourite desserts, the tiramisu carried a rather strong coffee presence in between alternating layers of rather dry sponge and light mascarpone. Decent but not really my cup of tea.Dinner for 2 stood at $45, which stood somewhere in the overlapping pricing zones of reasonable and expensive. Quality of food is decent but I wouldn't make the trip down just to eat here. Service was acceptable but a little spotty at times.See all my pictures at http://www.timelessfacade.com/2010/09/b-bakery.html continue reading
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