Arriving by public bus: #61,77,106,173,177,189,852,941,945,947(Bukit Batok Interchange) Arriving by Train: Exit C - (NS2 Bukit Batok) Nearest Carpark: West Mall, Underground Carpark continue reading
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BaliThai opened in 1998, offering perennial favourites of both Indonesia and Thai cuisines. Behold the bright motifs, colours and textures from Indonesia and Thailand, bringing the richness of their cultures alive. Smell the wafting aromas of fragrant herbs and spices. With an extensive menu of mains and appetizers all day, you would be spoilt for choice. continue reading
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Bali Thai offers vegetarian options
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Combi Bakar Kaeng Khiao Wan Gai Tom Yum Talay
Review (11)
Level4 2014-01-20
BBQ chicken $10Portion was very small for this price but it was well-marinated and chicken was tender. lemongrass seabass $29the flesh was really soft and tender and the gravy was spicy and really sour. It went well with white rice too.prawn tanghoon with pepper $10.80. There were 3 prawns in it but their texture was quite soft. The tanghoon was drenched in black pepper gravy and was smooth. The taste of pepper was not overwhelming too.Overall, it was a decent thai meal. continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-19
BaliThai, a restaurant serving a sweet combination of both Thai and Indonesian food. With its contemporary interior decor, they have mocked up a relaxing and cozy dining experiences under the dim lighting with hazelnut color furnishings. Not only did they allow diners to enjoy cuisine from best of both worlds, comfort levels of dining environment were delicately well taken care of! One of the all time favourites of the restaurant and also a typical Indonesian appetizers is none other than the Tahu Telur.This simple deep fried bean curd dish was adorn by shreds of bright orange carrot and light greenish cool cucumber. Enjoy the drench of the specially prepared peanut sauce over them as the sauce strikes just the right punch of sweet and spicy taste which is highly addictive. Beware! Cost: S$8.50What's Thai Food without ordering the traditional and authentic green curry? Chosen the chicken version over the beef, the dish comes with some splatter of coconut milk on its top with tender chicken meat drunken by the green "light cream" soup alike of Thai curry. It's a simply good to the point that just the dish alone will go well with a plate of plain fragrant rice. And this portion is good enough for 2.Cost: S$12.00Drools over the tenderness of the deep marinated chicken wrapped by leaves with the pandan fragrance giving a punch to the entire dish. Becareful as you tear open them as these golden brown gems were served pipping hot. Not forgetting its accompanied chilli, for extra kick, do douse some on the chicken.Cost: S$14.00The food was pretty good but the service was a total let down. We was frantically waving countless times to catch attention as we need to make additional orders to the drinks but in the end we had given up as we need to catch up an appointment. Even for billing, it took us a long while to get the bill to our table as well.Last but not least, for those who enjoy promotional value, you can order their set meal at a better value. As I'm ordering ala carte from their menu, with the amount spent, it is more worth while to top up a bit more to enjoy more plates of food. continue reading
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Level4 2012-06-13
It was dinner time and long queue were seen outside most of the restaurants in West Mall except this one. I wouldn't think the reason for such scenerio was that the food here was not attractive, but maybe the residents in this area weren't that fancy over spicy food. Personally, I had eaten in several of the restaurants from this chain and found them not bad. This restaurant serves both Bali and Thai cuisines, as its name suggestedTonight, we were particularly interested in high protein meal and thus we ordered this BBQ seafood platter. This particular dish belongs to the Bali cuisine. As most of Indonesian BBQ would be, the sauce was slightly sweet. The sotong was very thick and juicy, but the fish was a little too hard and dry. Some might prefer to say that it was crispy but personally I didn't like fish to be fried till such a stage. It's quite worth it for the price (though I couldn't remember how much was it). If you have nothing against the sweet nature of the sauce, it would be worth a try. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level3 2012-06-12
Coconut, the drink, is one of my all time favourite, especially when the meat is soft and nice. However, this coconut that I drank at BALIthai, was a little hard. I know that it is by luck, the type of coconut you get, and you can never blame the person who gave it to you. Well, but eh meat of this coconut was so hard that my dad didn't want to scoop it up. The juice was nice tough. The previous time I went to BALIthai, the coconut was wonderful. My bad luck to meet a hard coconut. Nevermind that, I still like coconut and I will still buy coconut. I just hope I don't get hard ones. (: continue reading
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Level4 2012-03-22
I went to bali thai with my family for dinner. We ordered their delicious green curry, pineapple rice and their grill set. The grill set was amazing. There was a combination of various seafood like sotong, prawns and fish. There was also satay and a quarter chicken. The fish was really large, could not believe that they actually gave us a whole fish. The fish itself was very fish and it was very meaty too. The prawns were the king prawns, very huge and juicy. The sotong was very chewy. The satay tasted very fragrant with the marinate they coat on the meat. The chicken was very tender. I like the dip they provided, it was sweetish and went really well with the grill platter. Really delicious! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)