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Inspired by the vivacious Bangkok, otherwise known as the “City of Angel”, Bangkok Jam started with a refreshing idea - to offer a modern twist to traditional Thai fare for diners who seek a contemporary culinary experience. continue reading
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Level4 2016-07-19
Located on the second floor, near the escalator is Bangkok Jam. It is a rather open-concept restaurant. The tables have a glass top with very colourful pop-art designs. I tried their thai milk tea that tasted rather diluted and nowhere as sweet as I had half expected it to be.1, Green Papaya Fresh Spring Rolls with Zesty Som Tam DressingLunch reaches a pinnacle with the presentation of the colours of the vegetables definitely brought out the appetizing factor for the dish. The dish was always well plated, but it was way too spicy for my liking. I'm also not a fan of springs rolls that aren't fried.2. Grilled Australian Wagyu Beef Short Plate Salad with Chilli Lime DressingEach and every slice of the grilled australian wagyu beef was juicy and tender. The chilli lime dressing on the other hand boasts a hint of saltiness paramount for the spiciness to stand out. 3. Stir-fried Kway Teow with Sriracha Sauce, Cuttlefish & Chicken / PorkThis dish cleanses the palate with its sweet and savoury impression of pad thai. The sriracha sauce wasn't as spicy as I had expected it to be. The kway teow had a distinct wok-hei taste but without the wok-hei fragrance. Bangkok jam was generous with their ingredients. Every mouthful of kway teow was accompanied with some cuttlefish, chicken or pork.Overall : A cosy ambiance for a nice family meal on a weekday or weekend. The food here tries to look reasonably priced without trying to over promise. continue reading
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Level1 2015-10-05
At Bangkok Jam, we had lunch for 4 .The pineapple fried rice had pineapple cubes ,a few large prawns  and cachew nuts. It was fragrant and delicious. We shared the rice ,it was not a big bowl as we had other food coming.The fried items were spring rolls and and Thai fish cake. The sauce that came with them made the dish even tastier.We regretted asking for the green curry bowl and rice set. Since there were 4 of us,I thought that the bowl would be bigger but as you can see it was only as small bowl .I found out later that you can order a la carte a bigger bowl for $14.90 with no rice. The Phad Thai fried kway teow comes with condiments, chilli powder ,pounded nuts to go with your noodles . We had Lemongrass tea all round. We will be going back to try other things on the menu in the future. continue reading
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Level4 2015-01-08
I was randomly craving for Thai food that night. And coincidentally, Bangkok Jam was the first restaurant I saw as I stepped into Marina Square. Without further ado, we headed there for my Thai food craving fix.We asked one of the staff if we could sit on the sofa and she said yes. When we were looking at the menu, suddenly another staff (I think he was the head staff) came and told us that the seat we're sitting on was reserved (which means they accept seat reservation) and he asked us to move to another vacant seat, which was located in a secluded corner of the restaurant. He did request us to move politely, but still, I was a bit upset that I had to move out of my comfort zone haha.Thai Iced TeaIt was actually not written in the menu. There was only Caramel Thai Tea Blend. I just anyhow said I wanted to order Thai iced tea, the staff didn't say anything and noted down my order. I got the Thai iced tea that I want, not the Caramel Thai Tea Blend coz I didn't feel any trace of caramel and it didn't look like it was blended. The drink was a bit diluted though.Aep Gai - $13.90chiang mai style grilled curried minced chicken wrapped in banana leavesWhen his order came, bf got dumbfounded. "Like this only?", he said sarcastically. It didn't come with rice, so he ordered a bowl of white rice for a buck. I tried a spoonful and my, it tasted so weird! Didn't think it was worth the price. I suggested him to order dishes that had photo in the menu next time haha.Khao Na Gai - $11.90honey sesame chicken served with hom mali riceI'm really blind when it comes to Thai food, so I just ordered one that sounded familiar to me. This dish tasted like sweet and sour chicken, with onion, red and green bell pepper. I wondered what on earth was Hom Mali rice, and turned out it was just normal plain rice coming with a very small portion.Overall, the food what we had for dinner was not really pleasant. Service-wise, it was good, I must say. All the staffs were polite and always put smiles on their faces. They were prompt and attentive as well (calling them to refill the plain water wasn't a big deal). Despite the good service, I'm still unsure if I would give Bangkok Jam a second try...For more reviews, kindly visit http://ariellacahya.blogspot.com continue reading
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This is actually my second time dining at Bangkok Jam, albeit at a different branch. I apologise beforehand for the lack of pictures for this post because I didn't intend to do a review on it, since I've already been there once (PS new wing) and the experience was, well....mediocre. Mediocre service (even at a less packed dining time of 5pm and most of their crew was idle), mediocre food (had their Pad Thai & special item Earl Grey Milk Shake then) Nothing good, nothing bad. But this time round at Marina Square, the level of service & food seemed to make a turn for the worse. Was actually reluctant to dine at Bangkok Jam, but since YS kept suggesting we go there as they have a shorter queue compared to Hi Fu Mi and the others (with the exception of this sorry looking cafe called Addictions, which was empty) and I sensed that she was eager to try it, I agreed. There were two couples in front of us in the queue, and from the outside I can easily notice that the restaurant is horribly understaffed. There're dirty tables left uncleaned, along with a few empty tables staring invitingly at us to just walk straight in and take our own seat as those particular few servers just threw us a blank stare as they zoomed by to tend to other seated customers. Finally, one staff dressed in a chef coat came out to usher us to our respective tables. Or perhaps, their restaurant manager dressed up like a chef unlike other servers in black? I doubt so.Anyway, YS and I ordered similar dishes. Seafood in Red Tom Yum for her (plus an additional sunny-side-up), Clear Tom Yum for me, and we both ordered iced Thai Milk Tea. Our orders took roughly 20 minutes to arrive, yes for a soup dish it is a very long waiting time. Never mind, see how our (or rather my) food was served.Let's not even complain about the tiny bowl of soup (with exactly 2 small pieces of fish, 2 squids, 2 shrimps ONLY) selling at $7.90 (a total ripoff, yes!). My utensils and serviettes were not served, but only a black ladle was given.Now, obviously not very happy, I reminded the waitress about the missing utensils, and also our missing drinks (which restaurants serves drinks later than cooked food, and mind you ours took 20 minutes to come) YS also took the chance to remind her that her red tom yum has yet to be served, to which the waitress interrupted curtly, "I can speak Chinese."YS and I exchanged glances of bewilderment before she turned back to the waitress and told her again in English, that her red tom yum wasn't served. Seriously, what has your customer's language abilities got to do with the orders not served? And yes, we do speak Mandarin too, but sorry to say YS doesn't speak it well. After a few minutes, YS's red tom yum was finally served and our utensils handed over by the same waitress, just as YS pulled out a strand of long hair from her bowl of rice, to both of our horror. The waitress immediately apologised and snatched up the bowl of rice, saying she'll change it for us. She returned shortly after with a bowl of rice that seemed to be 'disrupted' instead of how it looked like in a pretty dome shape. I really hoped that they didn't just pull the hair out and re-serve it to YS. And yes, with our food served, we finally started eating our dinner. The first sip of my clear tom yum brought a frown to my face. It wasn't spicy at all. Previously when I visited the PS branch with Ade and Boon, Ade had red tom yum and she liked it because it's spicy. I remembered Boon commenting that the clear tom yum will be even spicer, for that's how it's supposed to be, because clear tom yum is cooked with chopped chilli padi. Then, I asked to try YS's red tom yum to compare. Hers was much more spicier than mine. Clear Tom Yum is spicier then Red Tom Yum. Really?Being really hungry, we just gobbled down our food quickly. I shan't give much comment on the food because it really isn't fantastic. The ridiculously small serving aside, the fish definitely wasn't fresh as I can taste the fishiness even when it's cooked in Tom Yum soup. The squid was overcooked, hence tough and rubbery. Shrimp was too, but at least not as horrible as the squid. And when we're both halfway into our meal, YS exclaimed, "Where's our milk teas?"Ahh, yes! Our milk teas weren't served. So once again, we desperately raised/waved our hands at the pathetic few servers, only to have the chef coming to tend to us again. It took a couple more minutes after he has left our table before he returned with our milk teas.Which really isn't fantastic. It's just a tinge sweeter with a slightly stronger tea fragrance as compared to any other milk teas.And back to my clear tom yum, I finally realised the reason why it wasn't spicy at all when I polished it off (not because it tasted heavenly please, because it's really a tiny bowl!)There's only a pathetic 1/3 piece of a chilli padi inside the entire bowl of soup. How to make it spicy?! I remembered when I told Sa I enjoyed dining at Porn's (Pornsak's Thai restaurant), she scoffed that I have no taste for Thai food. I don't blame her for being overly critical. She hasn't tried Bangkok Jam. continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-05
On the outside, it seems like this restaurant serves nice food as the restaurant is quite filled up during the lunch hours. This is also why we decided to eat here instead of going to other restaurants. The decor is nice as it tries to recreate the feeling of being in bangkok with themed tables. However, the food and service is a large disappointment. We ordered the red tom yum soup $7.90, phad thai $11.50 and a papaya salad $10 to share among the two of us. The tom yum soup came first and then we had to wait for 15 minutes before the other two dishes came, even though we had asked for our orders twice. It is really bad service. Moreover, the soup was not served hot and the ingredients are very little, there is only two fish slices, two prawns, two straw mushrooms and one tiny sliced tomato. It is very overcharged. By then we had already lost our appetite for eating with the long wait and I did not bother to photograph the phad thai and papaya salad when we saw how tiny the portion was. As for the taste of the dishes, I thought it is just average and the taste is something you can easily get outside in food courts selling thai food. The only thing which really saved the meal a little is the phad thai, I felt that it is moist enough and it has a mix of savory and sweetness. The texture of the rice noodles is great as well, it is quite like those that you can find in Bangkok. However, with all the measly portions and long waiting time, I will not come back a second time. continue reading
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