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Prawn Noodle
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Level4 2015-06-14
For more details, please visit http://www.foodesteem.com/2015/06/beach-road-prawn-mee-eating-house-prawn.html Beach Road Prawn Mee contrary to popular belief, is not located at Beach Road. It was still pretty crowded when we were there around 1-2 in the afternoon, and parking is definitely on first-come-first-serve basis around the private estates surrounding it. After wasting some time on the parking, next will be locating an empty table for dining. Concept is like a coffeehouse where you got to stand around and wait for an available table. Beach Road Prawn Mee Eating House has plenty of seats, occupying 2 shop houses in size. Turnaround can be quite fast with some patience. Queue processing is quite efficient and so is their food preparation. While they are famous for their Special Big Prawn Mee, they also provide options such as Pork Rib Mee and others. Serving is available in 3 sizes (small/medium/large). Special Prawn Mee with Bee Hoon ($8.80). Had actually wanted the big prawns but was told it was out-of-stock, and we had to settle for the medium-sized prawns. Ok, better than none. We also had the Prawn with Pork Ribs Mee ($5.80) in small-sized serving. For an average eater, I would recommend a ordering the small-sized serving portion, which is just nice for a meal. Generally I would prefer the soup base to be stronger in taste. The noodles are kind of soggy when it was served, thus losing a little of the firm texture. But disregarding the noodles and the soup, the prawns are still crunchy and also the pork rib is so soft and can literally lick the meat off the bones clean. Just right beside the Prawn Mee ordering queue, is another popular stall, Ngoh Hiang, a Chinese delicacy. It was quite ok, but I love their Ngoh Hiang most although it is not that crunchy. It is a little mushy to make it easier for chewing and is so flavorful. I do envy peeps living near popular food streets, and one of them is definitely East Coast Road. With such array of options to dine at, regardless at which time of the day, seems like a food haven for all! For more details, please visit http://www.foodesteem.com/2015/06/beach-road-prawn-mee-eating-house-prawn.html continue reading
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Full review at http://lepakwithyaops.com/beach-road-prawn-mee-at-east-coast-road-since-1986Follow Lepak With Yaops on Instagram and FacebookWho would have imagined that a humble prawn mee hawker stall about 25 years ago will evolve into a food empire today. With the ability of selling more than 100 bowls per hour during peak hours, this speaks volume of their food and service standards. Apart from sales, Beach Road Prawn Mee has retained the tradition of having NgohHiang kitchen along side. Check may like to check out Geylang Prawn Noodles too!So here we are during lunch time, but to our surprise, our orders came within a blink of an eye (10 minutes, but you get my drift). Is that all it takes to sell more than 100 bowls in an hour?The prawn broth was packed with seafood sweetness and balanced in taste, thumbs up for the umami taste!We had a couple of selections from the NgohHiang kitchen. The tofu was the kick ass! Soft and silky!Definitely worth the trip despite of the crowd. The only bane would be the scarcity of parking lots. I guess getting a booking ticket just for this legendary Prawn Mee is justifiable? continue reading
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Level3 2013-12-10
This is the best prawn noodle which I have ate In SG. A monthly must to visit.Although the price is abit pricy and hard to find parking lots.. What attracts me is the prawn soup.Prawn soup- Super yummy as it has boiled many hours had a very strong prawn taste. Jumbo Prawn noodle: Prawn is big and it is not over cook. Normally Jumbo prawn is hard but this stall manage to cook it perfect. Love there are prawn egg also.Ngoh Hiang- A must to order. Why?? Because it is fresh and crispy. continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-30
When I go East Coast park for blading, cycling etc. I will usually past by Beach Road Prawn Mee shop, which appears to be closed all the time. Seriously, are they ever open for business?One fine day on a weekend afternoon, we decided to make a special trip down to the shop. I dun believe it can "escape" from me! I must eat the prawn mee by hook or by crook!We ordered the Prawn Mee with Pork Ribs, medium size, which is priced at $8.80. The soup was GOOD! So tasty that I drank finished the whole bowl. The pork was very soft, and easily fell off from the bones. The main ingredient ~> prawn was succulent and fresh. A pity there were only 2 prawns. Too little for me to feel satisfying! HahahaBig prawns!I noticed that the prawns served in medium size and small size were different. The prawns in medium size are supposed to be the better ones. Total cost for the lunch was $20 for 2. It seemed a little bit expensive for hawker type of food, but I think it was worth it! The next time, I will go for all prawns medium size instead.To read more & view photos, please visit http://fun-hideout.blogspot.sg/2010/12/beach-road-prawn-noodle-house.html continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-26
Love the prawn mee from here and the chilli is really good I will always ask for dry one and when I get the bowl of soup I will just pour it in. Of cos I will taste the soup first before pouring everything in as my friend will nag that my soup will not taste original if I pour in. Oh well the soup is thick and flavourable can taste the sweetness of prawn in the soup and I will always order thick bee hoon unlike the one like katong laksa those big thick bee hoon this is slightly "fatter" than the usual one. Prawn is halve but is still nice I will always deshelled it before eating everything and Ngoh Hiong is always as a side dish for us to share! continue reading
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