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Welcome to a dining experience with visual dramas composed of chandeliers, lava lamps, video projections, table-top TV screens and even a wall lined with 40 tablets, making for an unforgettable ambiance. A meld of Asian and Western influences that have created a new blend of borderless cuisine, Beast & Butterflies is arguably a standard bearer for modern Asian cuisine and one of the best restaurants in Robertson Quay. With fresh new styles and seasonal creations, expect something different and tasteful every time you dine at Beast & Butterflies. Serving from breakfast to dinner, from savory hot dishes to sweet delectable delights, there’s always something to choose from at Beast & Butterflies. continue reading
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Level4 2017-01-26
Located on Robertson Quay, within M Social Hotel is Beast & Butterflies. This is a dining experience like no other. Loaded with visual dramas composed of chandeliers, lava lamps, video projections, table-top TV screens and even a wall lined with 40 tablets. A meld of Asian and Western influences, creating a new blend of borderless cuisine.Crispy Spinach $10.00++These crispy spinach leaves are so addictive. Imagine this to be a plate of potato chips in the shape of spinach leaves. I lost count on the number of leaves I had grabbed. They are so crisp and thin, there's a satisfying crunch in every bite! It's not overly seasoned or salty, but yet flavourful in every crunch!2. Oyster Shots $10.00++ (A pair)These Thai infused shooters are guaranteed to whet your appetite. Seafood especially oysters is very sensitive to freshness; if it isn't fresh, you're probably going to get a stomachache, or worse. But the ones at Beast & Butterflies were fresh with Thai goodness!3. Spam Fries $10.00 ++ *highly recommended*Definitely a crowd pleases, these spam fries are dry to the bone but yet filled with all the spam aroma and taste! Served with Beast & Butterflies very own home-made Basil Cheese Dip. This is extremely good. No joke, I'll be back for more of this!4. Duck Crispies $15.00++Deep fried Duck Rillette Wantons, Pickled cucumbers. Crispy all around and moist in the center where the meat is. Well dressed and full of duck meaty juices.5. Treasure Pot (Pen Cai) $68++ *Takeaway $84At the heart of every lunar new year feast is a pen cai filled with luxurious ingredients to help your family bond over good food!This auspicious dish is filled to the brim with layers of luscious and exquisite ingredients and delicacies such as seafood and meat.This pen cai would suit most palates as it has a umami flavour that will awake your senses the moment it touches you palate. It is not too salty either, it carries the mushroom goodness from the juices to the other ingredients.6. Ham Hock (Full) $35.00++ *highly recommended*Ham hocks are generally tough but flavorful cuts of meat because they contain muscle and tendon as well as a fair amount of fat, which means they need to be cooked fairly slowly at a lower temperature to make the meat tender.Here, the Ham Hock is served with Asian Sauerkraut and Nam Jim Sauce. The skin is crispy brittle to the point that it is biscuit dry! However, beneath this extremely crispy layer, is the tender and moist layers of juicy pork meat. It is a tough job to achieve both crispy exterior and moist layers on the inside. I loved the juices from the pork fat, it was so good and umami! Definitely give this a try!7. Wok Fried White Clams $15.00 ++ abt On first look, I thought that this was a blazing hot and spicy dish and I was a tad sad, as I'm a weakling when it comes to spicy food. But fret not! It's lemon grass spices, there to spruce up the flavour of these white clams!8. Wooly Pork $35.00++Grilled Mangalica Pork Collar with scallion brown rice galette, kimchi cucumber and bulgogi sauce. One of the juiciest and tender pork meat I've eaten, though a proportion of this meat is pure fat, sinful but still damn SHIOK! This slab of pork meat has clear lines of marbling!9. Strawberry Basil $10.00 ++The basil ice cream was very refreshing and yet creamy. Definitely something to try, rather than your common ice cream flavours. I liked the combination of fruits and ice cream, but the butter cake, strangely tasted like bread.11. Matcha Lava $10.00++- Warm Green Tea Cake, Matcha Ganache, Azuki Red BeansAlright, I'll admit, I'm a matcha fan. I go absolutely crazy when I see a matcha lava cake, but I'll be honest and share that it took some effort to make this lava cake "flow". It's not easy making something look good and taste good. So even if it doesn't flow, it's still not going to affect my perception of this chef's platted dessert. However, the matcha lava cake lacked the earthy characteristic and had a strong lingering sweetness. Overly sweet in my opinion. The ice cream helped balanced out the sweetness in this dessert.13. Beef IchiranThis beef ichiran is set to get you drooling over the tender colouration of the premium grade meat. It carries a sweet fragrance along with the juices from the fats and meats, this is another highly recommended dish to try at Beast & Butterflies. I am so coming back for more! Chef Bryce sure knows how to choose his meats, marinate them and send them to happy tummies of customersDon't forget to order one of these unique cocktails at Beast & Butterflies to complete your dining experience!Overall : Beast & Butterflies has a very interesting concept going on, both on the food, service as well as the decor. A lot of effort has been placed in every corner of Beast & Butterflies. Everything was so worth the calories. Especially the Ham Hock, Beef Ichiran, spam fries and even the pen cai! continue reading
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