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Here at BIGMAMA, we pSide ourselves in serving you authentic Korean homestyle food that is both healthy, and a delight to your tastebuds. Using creative cooking methods, coupled with a strict no-MSG policy, the dishes you taste when you come to Bigmama, are assured to be of the highest quality. continue reading
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Dakgalbi (Spicy Grilled Chicken) Suyuk (Steamed Pork Belly) Samgyetang (Ginseng Chicken Soup)
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Level3 2013-12-09
We went there for dinner, usually they will reject us because we didn't make any reservation but last Sat we were lucky, we managed to get in as walk-ins. We ordered the dakgalbi (spicy chicken) $15/pax min 2 ppl.I ordered pork bulgogi for my helper, it looks spicy too, but she said it's good.Anyway the dakgalbi comes with the many side dishes. I like the radishes it was nice. My kid love the rice and noodles hehe. The Dakgalbi itself was good, soft and spicy just nice, love it.But since they cooked in front of us, after dinner, the whole body smells dakgalbi. But it's worth it! continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-22
I have read about this place quite a couple of times before and noticed the good reviews. Hence I jumped at the chance to visit this place for dinner with my family. Luckily I called the day before to book a table because during our course of dinner, a few customers had to be turned away. They had no reservation and the place is fully booked till 9.30 pm. And that's for a thursday night.Even though the place was busy, service was still good and prompt. The wait staff was very happy to top up any of the side dishes (complimentary). The side dishes were all pretty tasty, especially the glass noodles and the kimchi, which is the more fiery type. - The side dishesThe seafood pancake was crispy and delicious dipped in the accompanying chilli-sesame sauce. There wasn't much seafood given, just a few prawns.- Seafood pancakeThe beef short ribs which came sizzling on a hotplate was tender, juicy and well-marinated with a delicious sauce. Do remember to eat them first else the last remaining pieces might start getting charred - unless that's your intention - Beef short ribsWe ordered one of the signature dishes, the Suyuk. It is basically pork belly slices with a few vegetables on the side. The waiter enquired if this is the first time we are trying the dish. When we said yes, he proceeded to patiently explain the three different ways you can eat it. Basically there are different combinations of the types of vegetables/dips to go with the pork belly. Interesting. Quite a tasty dish. But since I'm not a particular fan of pork belly, this is not more favourite dish here.- SuyukAnother signature dish, the dakgalbi (spicy grilled chicken) was really spicy but tasty. Tender chicken chunks are cooked in a special chilli sauce with rice cake and assorted vegetables. We opted to have the chef use the remaining sauce/vegetables in the hot pot to cook up a special fried rice (see photo below). Usually the chef cooks it on the spot by the side of your table. But because my young nephew was there, they cooked it in a further corner of the restaurant in consideration of safety. - DakgalbiThe fried rice absorbed the delicious sauces and was very tasty. A highly recommended add-on option to your dakgalbi.- Fried riceThe korean food here is pretty good, I'll say. Definitely will be back for repeat visits. continue reading
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I am no Korean food veteran, but in the recent months, I have conformed to the social norms and trends, of being all crazed about Korean, well, things. I’m proud to say though, that I haven’t been entirely sucked in. Save for Korean food, I remain clueless to their music, TV or basically any other things. Having only been an amateur, I have found love to Korean food, particularly their BBQ items.Located in the newly developed (food-wise) precinct, Tiong Bahru, it was a chore trying to get seats around the popular restaurants down the stretch, without a reservation, and BigMama Korean Restaurant was one of them. You ought to know that if you walk in, they will not be able to commit an exact time f0r when the table will be ready.Appetizers: Complimentary, as in almost all other Korean Restaurants. Their kimchi is particularly satisfying, what with it being slightly more spicy, and not soggy at all. The rest were forgettable. The appetizers are unlimitedly refillable.Dakgalbi ($15+): This pan-fried chicken is one of their signature items. Stated price is for 1 person, and a minimum order for 2 persons is needed. The waitperson would bring out a stove at your table to cook it there and then. Pros and cons. While it’s entertaining to watch the cooking done, the smoke and smell that gets to you might stink your clothes up, though that’s pretty much to-be-expected whilst at a Korean Restaurant with BBQ items. So there, in your face, they would pan-fry the chicken with vegetables, rice cakes, sweet potato, and spicy sauce. I’ve learned that Korean chili are not all that spicy more often than not. And it is true for this dish, in case you are pondering back and forth in fear of spiciness. I would strongly recommend adding Fried Rice ($3+) to the chicken. This is how it works. They would cook the chicken. You eat slightly more than half of them up. They would again, come in to fry the rice with the remaining portion. Seaweeds and seasonings are added in the process. Poof! Comes a better presented and better tasting creation. The seaweed was the most memorable and fragrant. Worth the $3. Otherwise, the Dakgalbi itself did not quite live up to the name of signature dish.Dwaeji Moksal Yangnyum Gui ($18+): Grilled, pork collar slices, with Gal-bi seasoning. I held high expectations for this, mainly because I love pork collar, and more so with it grilled. But the meat turned out tougher than assumed, even dry, I’d say. The seasoning was mildly sweet and did not help with the poor quality of meat. Major disappointment.Haemul Buchu Jeon ($15+): For a pancake accompanied with chives and seafood to be $15, I thought it too expensive and had better be of top class quality. Unfortunately, it failed to water down the disappointment. The seafood was insufficient and was not distinct at all. We agreed that it was slightly too floury as well.I have no idea what the hype is about. I had one of their signature dishes, and some other regular items, it couldn’t have been that I had the wrong items. Nevertheless, there is still chance for redemption, if I were to be asked along for a second shot. I would then give them the benefit of the doubt and try other items on the menu. Despite running on full house, service was not compromised. That is at least, commendable. continue reading
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Level2 2013-09-07
Bigmama doesn’t have the polished skills of a professional restaurant, which really does resemble home cooking a lot. However the problem is I don’t really have a affinity to Korean home-cooking since I’m Singaporean, so I couldn’t really appreciate the homeliness of the dishes. Also, Bigmama might have tuned a few dishes to suit Singaporean preferences as the taste profile differed from the ones in Korea. It’s a smart business move in a way, but then it starts drifting away from being authentic which conflicts the entire style.In terms of affordability, I don’t think it’s as cheap as some other reviewers put it out to be. The simple menu is also roughly $10-$12 for single portion of mix rice or noodles, which is in the normal restaurant range compared to food court Korean food which is about $7-$8.For full review and more photos, please visit http://sethlui.com/food-review-bigmama-korean-restaurant/ continue reading
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Level2 2013-07-09
Big Mama Korean Restaurant offers a really comfort ‘Home Style’ cooking as the name of the restaurant suggest. They serve many authentic korean food that when you eat you feel like you have a korean mum cooking for you. i like their kimchi omelette. the omelette is not too oily and the kimchi makes the omelette very unique. You can hardly taste the spicyness of the kimchi.Somehow, they complement well together continue reading
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