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Billy Bombers recreates the 1940s style American Diner experience, complete with bar stools and retro jukeboxes. With a juicy selection of gourmet hamburgers and milkshakes, diners can enjoy hearty portions of American style food. continue reading
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Mon - Sun
11:00 - 22:00
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B-52 Juicy Burger Honey Sang Chicken Wings Seafood Combo
Review (14)
Level3 2014-11-27
It was an heavy raining day and we were looking for dinner at Jurong Point .While walking around Jurong Point with a bunch of hunger girls, we saw a quiet restaurant, full empty seat and no-queue at all.Blog review : http://cennds.blogspot.jp/2013/11/billy-bombers.htmlSince we have heard a good review of this American restaurant, so without thinking so much. We walked into the restaurant and welcomed by their staff with a pleasant greetings. We enjoyed much of the peaceful and cozy ambience.On top of it, we were impressed by an excellent service served by their supervsior @ Marryane. So, we wrote a feedback form for her compliments.Texas Crispy ChickenA Big serving of fried chicken. No doubt to eat this fried food because it was not so oily, and i think that they use a fresh new oil. Meaning that not those re-use cooked oil to fried the chicken. The meat was tender enough and love the crispy skin at outsidePremium Fish & FriesThe level of oil is also the same as the Texas Crispy Chicken. Not too oily which i am always worried to eat oily and fried food. But it makes me convenient to have a bite on it. The fish was smell, no smelly smell founded on this crispy fish. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-18
I like visiting American diners once in awhile. Billy Bombers' one of those places I frequent for good American food. Have ordered their Seafood Paradise Italiano Spaghetti ($13.90), which I really enjoyed. I was given the option to choose between spaghetti or fettucine. The spaghetti had a good texture for my liking and the tomato sauce was rich and fresh. I like the seafood that it came along with such as the mussels, prawns, fish and squid rings. Would be nice if they were more generous in the seafood aspect. Overall, they have good service in that interesting American environment. The food are great and prices are affordable. Would love to return soon to try out other dishes. continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-19
The service here is usually fast and friendly (though the last time i was there they seemed quite understaffed), and the staff are usually very accomodating. The milkshakes are smooth in texture and thick, just the way a good old fashioned milkshake should be- hard to get that anywhere else. We also love the buffalo wings (with hot sauce) and potato salads. The food was okay, not fantastic, but the turkey and ribs were not bad. Salad was not bad too, everything was average for the food. continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-09
I always like to eat Beef Chilli Dog. A&W used to sell my favourite Beef Coney Dog, but now A&W was no longer in Singapore, I just have to look for another restaurant to satisfy my crave.Through my friends, I found this Billy Bombers at Jurong Point selling this Beef Chilli Dog. In their Menu they called it Hound Beef Chilli.The Chilli dog was big and there was generous amount of mince beef sauce. There were also sides such as fries and coleslaw.The fries were freshly fried, crispy on the outside and soft powdery in the inside.The mince beef sauce was full of mince beef meat and was a little too spicy for me though.The hotdog was big and juicy in the inside, they grilled it perfectly.Overall, I think if you can take in spicy food, you would like this Hound Beef Chilli. Though I wish they could have an option to order a non chilli mince meat sauce. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-29
I went for food tasting at Billy Bombers at Jurong Point along with 2 other friends - HP and CF.Star of the day:Ribs and Belly GoodContents of the dish:All 3 of us were encouraged to give different inputs regarding this dish.So HP talked about the dish being presentable, with the meats tasty and easy to swallow which is friendly for children or elderly.CF discussed about the meat being neither fatty not oily, which translates to an excellent not-so-sinful indulgence.For me, I found the dish rather special, made up of 5 different elements, providing a whole array of contrasting flavours for our tastebuds. I mentioned well-balanced not merely for the taste of the dish, but also in the sense of it being a well-balanced meal - there are 2 kinds of meats and 3 different kinds of vegetables here.Also, my most important criteria for good food lies in taste and texture. Presentation is important but secondary. This dish excelled in both the former and latter, so I gave it high marks for its appealing factor.I went on to share that whenever I ate Western food, I usually leave the potatoes behind because I don't enjoy the starchiness and mushiness (texture) of potatoes commonly used - makes me feel bloated sick really quickly. For the above dish, the potatoes were lovely; the texture was delicate. I could eat lots it it! Jessica, the Executive Director of Billy Bombers, confirmed that they used red american potatoes for the better quality and texture, as well as for that all-american dining experience.I also drew attention to the Sauerkraut, because it is rather uncommon in Singapore. Sauerkraut originated from Germany, and is actually finely-sliced, fermented/picked cabbage, so the authentic version tastes really distinctively sour. It is an acquired taste, so those who aren't able to take it would find it pungent. For me, I'd say that Billy Bombers' version of Sauerkraut is enjoyable and mild, which is excellent for local taste. The slight tinge of pickled sourness really whets the appetite!As for the ribs and pork belly? They are yummy! Personally I really liked the Original sauce because it is chocked-full of flavours. I usually prefer spicy food, but this time round I feel that the spiciness takes away the fullness of the taste.Pork BellyI did this to check on the texture and juiciness. Result? Pass! =)RibsChecking on the tenderness and fall-off-the-bone quality. Result? Pass! =)Mango Tango MilkshakeThey have new flavours for milkshakes on the menu! Mango Tango was good! continue reading
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