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Black & White Dessert House at Sembawang Shopping Centre offers a range of Taiwanese desserts or a choice to design your own dessert with your pick of base, flavoured ice, toppings and syrup. continue reading
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Level4 2014-02-09
There is a cute and pretty-in-pink dessert kiosk at Sembawang Shopping Centre, which is called Black & White Dessert House, with the "Black & White" being an allusion to their mascot panda.There are currently 4 signature desserts on their menu: Signature Grass Jelly ($4.90), Signature Smooth Beancurd ($2.90), Osmanthus Kanten ($2.90) and Refreshing Ai-Yu ($2.90). Each of these comes with a variety of fixed toppings. For example, the Osamanthus Kanten comes with kanten, lotus seed, aloe vera, and black sugar kanten with osmanthus sugar syrup on shaved ice. If you don't like some of the toppings, or if you have other toppings you prefer to get instead, you can always Design Your Own Dessert here in 4 steps:Step #1: Choose the base: Grass Jelly, Cold Beancurd, Kanten or Ai-Yu Jelly ($1.20 each)Step #2: Pick the ice flavour: Plain (no charge), Passion Fruit, Winter Melon, Watermelon or Honeydew ($1.50 each) Step #3: Add your toppings from a list of: Red Bean, Taro Ball, Peanut, Lotus Seed, Aloe Vera and so on ($0.80 each)Step #4: Syrup Topping (if any): Caramel, Gula Melaka, Honey or Pandan SugarPretty interesting if I may add!I decided to get one of their signature item to try, the Refreshing Ai-Yu, which came in a big and cute foam bowl with their "black & white" mascot on it.Refreshing Ai-Yu ($2.90)The photo doesn't do the dessert any justice. The kind auntie actually packed it almost to the brim in the bowl but I didn't eat it right away and by the time I reached home and actually managed to sit down to enjoy it, the shaved ice has mostly melted, although there was still sufficient amount of the shaved ice left for me to enjoy this! This dessert has Ai-Yu, Yogurt Magic Ball, Colorful Konnyaku and Aloe Vera with Honey Syrup on Plain Shaved Ice. The ingredients are quite fresh and the Ai-Yu is smooth. The honey also adds a touch of sweetness to the dessert. My favourite topping here, other than the Ai-Yu, is the Yogurt Magic Ball, which will add bursts of slight sourness to the dessert with each bite. Pretty refreshing!Premium Soy Milk ($1.50)This comforting drink is not only fresh, but is also quite smooth and easy on the throat. It is not too sweet, at least for my taste. Overall, the prices are quite decent, especially for their signature series which comes with various toppings. The service is also pretty good here. The auntie who served me when I went is quite friendly and approachable. Call me superficial, but I would also like to give the thumb up to their pretty stall set-up and cutesy brand image, which they have obviously put some effort in. Taste-wise, my first impression of their desserts is quite favourable, especially for the Refreshing Ai-Yu, which is really quite worth it despite the mishap on the reduced portion size due to the melted ice (but that was really my fault). I'd definitely recommend giving their signature items a try! continue reading
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