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Bochinche is an Argentinian Restaurant that sits in Martin Road. With 100 seats, Bochinche will offer Chef Diego Jaquet's signature dishes like braised pig's head croquettes and quince, grilled octopus with smoked leeks and more. continue reading
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Signature Dishes
Braised Pig's head Croquettes and Quince Dulche De Leche Creme Brulee Grilled Octopus with Smoked Leeks
Review (8)
Level1 2020-04-18
I had the Bife de Lomo - Beef Fillet Steak ARG 300g, and the cut of meat was just incredible! IMO these chefs really know how to cook the perfect steak! It was seared to perfection. It was salted and seasoned deliciously. I asked for medium rare, and what I got defined what medium rare is for me. It’s not cheap, but while I was eating it, I didn’t for one second think that it wasn’t worth it. We had some starters, as well as a bottle of red wine to share, all of which were really good too! continue reading
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Level4 2016-02-25
Pictures are at http://thehungrybunnie.blogspot.sg/2015/09/bochinche.htmlWe really really really like boCHINche. The food is hearty; atmosphere is buzzy; service is warm - overall, a winning formula for the full-house most nights.Reservations at boCHINche are advised, especially if dining in groups of more than 2 persons. If possible, try to hit up the restaurant before 7.30pm on weekdays, the wines are $10 a pop till then - an excellent (and extremely affordable) way to unwind after a hard day's work.We love:1) Caramelized Pork Belly & Grilled Prawns ($18) with sweet potato puree, pork crackling, and chorizo: must-try appetizer2) Ojo de Bife Ribeye ($55): cooked a perfectly pink medium, and so sumptuous it rendered the mustard-tinged peppercorn sauce redundant.3) Malbec Braised Ox Cheeks ($23) paired with a velvety truffle mash, succulent house-made chorizo, and a luxurious malbec sauce: totally melt-in-your-mouth4) Iberico Pork Chops ($42) glazed with mustard and honey and drizzled with a caramelized apple chutney; gloriously luscious5) For a meat-oriented restaurant, their grilled market fish is awesome. The fish everyday is different, and according to market price (the chef will apprise you of the price beforehand). Their treatment of fish is to season it with rosemary, sea salt and blistered lemon, and grilling it.So simple, and so good. continue reading
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For the complete review by Chubby Botak Koala, click / copy the link below:http://www.chubbybotakkoala.com/2015/06/bochinche.htmlBochinche, an Argentinian theme concept deli and restaurant. A collaboration between Spa Esprit Group with Argentinian born Chef Diego Jacquet. It seems that Cynthia Chua and her team are the people with the golden touch when it comes to new F&B concepts in the market. Bochinche is located in the same building as Common Man Coffee Roaster, which is also owned by Spa Esprit Group. Once you entered the second floor, you will be welcomed with huge paper carcases as if you are entering a butcheries. Of course no major scale butchering happen here, instead you will see the range of Argentinian products. Our brunch stated with Watermelon Salad ($13). Our favourite cheese was on it. Beautiful Mozzarella with extra chilled watermelon cubes are just refreshing. The sliced tomato, micro herbs and toasted seeds provided the contrasting texture and flavours to the dish. Yum Yum, good start. Chimichurri Burger V2.0 ($29) and Bife Ancho Rib Eye Steak ($55 for 300 gram) are our main meal. Together with Provenzal Chips ($10) on the side and Béarnaise sauce ($5). Chimichurri is a common sauce use in Argentina to marinate or to accompany the meat. Made of finely chopped parsley, garlic, olive oil, oregano and white vinegar. Normally each family will have their own family recipe for this sauce and each one will tell you that theirs are the best. This sauce paired well with the burger as the acidity and herbs balance the fats in the meat. The patty is tender and juicy. The deep orange colour of the yolk just scream BITE ME!!! However, watch out for the extra pungent provolone cheese which did not bode well with us. The beef from the Rib Eye originated grass fed cattle in Buenos Aires, hand selected by Chef Diego. Our first encounter with Argentinian beef was a memorable experience, so we have no doubt this one will be the same. It is nicely charred, cooked to medium rare. It has a nice marbling to it, tender and succulent. I say it is comparable any US or Australian grass fed beef. The provenzal chips was well seasoned and a good pairing for the steak. Crispy on the outside, yet moist inside. It is definitely better than normal fries. It is also good as a beer snack. Service was friendly, attentive and have a good understanding on the menu. The décor of this place is very casual, whimsical using solid wood as the main theme here. Indoor and outdoor seating are available, my suggestion is that watch out for what's written in the back of the seat cover and have a good laugh. For the indoor seating, Bochinche have two long bench seating beside the usual dining tables. On one side you can see the chefs at work, while on the other side, the bartender will provide the entertainment during your dining. Overall, our dining experience in Bochinche was a positive one. The food, service and atmosphere is just dandy. We really look forward to our next visit here and try our their dinner menu. Salud!!! Cheers!!! continue reading
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Level4 2014-10-12
The whole place looks pretty "ATAS" (high-class). Separated by wooden planks walkway, left side is the drinks bar, while right side is more to the teppanyaki concept. In addition, one side of the outside seating is more to chilling at night for drinks, with low tables, while another side of the exterior is more for normal dining. Interior seating is available as well at the far end of the restaurant. It seems that boCHINche has took great effort in their designing concept and able to accommodate the different needs of their patrons, be it for food or for drinks.Pan & Manteca ($7.00). House-baked bread and their salted butter is one of the best starter before the mains. Freshly-baked fluffy bread and spread with butter makes it awesome with both kids and adults.Classic Provoleta, Almonds & Honey ($17.00). If salted butter is not good enough, chuck a piece of this on top of your bread and it works just as good as the butter!Yellow Fin Tuna, Grilled Pak Choi, Spicy Humita & Crispy "Aji Molido" Tofu ($30.00). Big fat and fleshy tuna, dabbing against a light amount of cheese set aside, is definitely worth the price paid for.Brioche French Toast, House-cooked Ham & Bacon Ice Cream ($19.00). What's unique about this dish is the bacon ice cream! With the "concoction" of bits of bacon with vanilla ice cream, it may receive both praises and criticisms.House Chorizo Sausage, Malbec Braised Ox Cheeks & Caramelised Onions ($25.00). Pork sausage is quite tasteless to me, but tried it with the sweet dark sauce will be able to compensate for the blandness."Chimichurri" Burger v2.0 ($28.00). With the provolone cheese, tomato, onions, pancetta and fried hen egg, the burger is pretty much a hot favorite in boCHINche.Grilled Pineapple, Mate Tea Granite & "Arroz Con Leche" Sorbet, Lemon Crumble ($18.00). Ended our meal at boCHINche with a dessert. I do love their rice pudding sorbet, which is of the right balance for its sweetness.For more details, please visit http://www.foodesteem.com/2014/10/bochinche.html continue reading
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Level3 2014-08-31
If you have read my post about Common Man Coffee Roasters, you would know how much I love the brunch items there. But CMCR is soo popular amongst the expats and its always packed! Now, do you know there's an alternative nearby? Really near in fact; it's located just above CMCR!Had the chance to try out their new brunch menu sometime back, and I'm happy to know that some favourite classics on Bochinche's dinner menu can be found on the brunch menu too. You definitely should not miss the Provoleta cheese which I recommended here. Other classics include the house chips, House chorizo sausage and Yellow fin tuna.We started our brunch with some freshly squeezed juices made on the spot at their bar and served in a cute beaker. Both the orange and grapefruit juice, as well as the watermelon and mint juice were really refreshing.The Toasted croissant with grilled tomatoes, creamy spinach & smoked ricotta ($9) uses the same croissant as CMCR which I loveeee. This is definitely one dish I'll order if I'll head back again.The Ricotta pancakes, berries salad, maple syrup & cinnamon crème fraîche ($18) is a dish that would whet anyone's appetite just by looking at it. The colours are so enticing! Pancakes here are slightly more chewy than the usual buttermilk pancakes. So if you like something with more bite and texture, then you'll probably love this!My favourite dish of the day! The Squid burger, smoked pepper, chopped romanine, crayfish & dill mayo ($27) was so flavourful. The patty was fresh and crisp and the dill mayo totally enhanced the taste of the patty. I will totally have this on my own!I spotted the Brioche French toast, house-cooked ham & bacon, vanilla ice cream ($19) on the menu and I was thinking to myself "ham and bacon with ice cream??". It sounds super mismatched but the flavours actually went quite well together. I wished the flavours were more robust though.Bochinche provides a twist to the usual eggs benedict, by substituting ham with braised ossobuco. It looks super awesome but I can't take beef!! The eggs was perfectly poached and the yolk oozes out once the knife delves into it.Ending the meal with some desserts and the Crème caramel, “dulce de leche” & crushed meringue ($13) was something I didn't try at the dinner tasting. The pudding was soooo smooth and creamy and the crushed meringue added on to the texture. What a perfect end to the meal!Read full review and photos, please visit shirlynnyang.blogspot.com continue reading
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