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Box n Sticks is a home-styled Japanese bistro located in a rustic cultural enclave that promises a whole box of surprises. They offer bento lunches and dinner sticks at friendly prices. continue reading
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No GST. No service charge for weekday lunch!
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Bacon Mochi Box N Sticks Maki Buta Kakuni with Onigiri Carbonara
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Founded in December 2010, Box N Sticks is a home-styled Japanese Izakaya, an informal, after work, casual drinks and tapas place. This hole-in-the-wall shop is incredibly popular, Box N Sticks is typically crowded most evenings! They're known for their wide variety of Japanese alcohol, as well as made to order small bites from the kitchen team headed up by Chef Bram Lim.Ambience at Box N Sticks resembles the traditional izakaya / kushiyaki bars of urban Tokyo, in the Kanto region of Japan. The small, cramped, dimly lit interior has functional, but not too comfortable, wooden furniture packed closely together. There is a sense of street chaos here, traditional lanterns and knick knacks line the wall, colourful flags strung across the ceiling, faux trees sit in the corners, while the open kitchen is designed to resemble a street side stall. The place is noisy and bustling, transporting diners to the back alleys of urban city life in Japan.Service at Box N Sticks is good. Staff are courteous and friendly, quick to greet and seat guests upon entry. They display good product knowledge, able to briefly describe the menu, as well as individual dishes if asked. Waiting time for orders is longer than usual, about 15 - 20 minutes or so, as food is only prepared upon order. I note that staff are efficient, quick to clear away empty / dirty tables or plates. The tableside service is good as well, upon serving, staff will help to arrange the table for plates, as well as inform diners the best way to consume each dish.Food at Box N Sticks is all about Japanese cuisine. As their name suggests, lunch is mainly bento boxes set meals, while dinner is kushiyaki skewers and drinks. As a tapas / snack place, their small plates are suitable for both individual or communal dining, with decent portion sizes. I find taste of their food to be delicious, each bite has good flavour, and you can tell they've put effort into perfecting each dish. Prices are slightly more expensive than elsewhere, so be prepared to splurge if dining here. Budget about SGD $40 per person for a decent meal with 1 drink.The Umeshu Wakayama San-Choku (SGD $8) is a sweet, slightly citrus, ume plum sake, served chilled. Love the refreshing, sweet, tangy taste! It can be served as either an aperitif or a digestif.Absolutely loved the unique Sweet Potato Koroke (SGD $4), with its crisp, breaded exterior, and soft, sweet, grainy interior! Made with a vibrant purple Okinawan sweet potato, it's served with a tangy sour plum and mayonnaise dipping sauce. Highly recommended!Full Box N Sticks review: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2016/01/box-n-sticks.html continue reading
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Level2 2013-10-25
Popped by for lunch. Colleagues ordered their Katsu Don while I went for the Teriyaki Salmon with Onigiri (rice balls). While my colleagues commented theirs were normal, I truely enjoyed mine.I paid about $4 to make my main course a set lunch, and I got 2 side dishes and a drink - Chawanmushi, potato salad and a ice green tea. Variety of their sides are quite good. What I love about my choice was that the salmon was grilled to just the right way, cooked but still juicy and tender, and the Onigiri were just superb ! I love rice, and they did this with perfection. The rice were light and chewy and fluffy. Just good by itself and u need no sauce to go along with it. Service was also quite good , and you get 10% off if you make payment by Cash, how cool is that? continue reading
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Level3 2012-01-23
Well, the last time i wanted to try this restaurant ended up disappointed, reason because they do not open on Sunday! my bad! that i did not call the restaurant to check or check their website. but wonder why they choose sunday to rest isnt sunday a good day to earn moreanyway, walked from Bugis MRT, along the way you will cut through a few streets like Haji Lane and etc. it's about 15min walk from the mrt to the restaurant.It's a friday evening, pretty quiet in the restaurant, only about 4-5 tables are occupied at this dinner time. maybe is because of their location, quite off the crowded area... so that's why it is so quiet, but good for those people who like to chill with friends in peace.Anyway i ordered something not found in their house menu but their new introduced dish Chilli Crab Pasta (tasted more like tomatoes sauce than chilli crab sauce, i wish it was more spicy so that i can feel like i am really eating the chilli crab, the pasta is topped with a full piece of soft shell crab, crab is crispy and tasty, $12.80 nett) can try for those who find it unique.Braised Pork Belly with Furikake Onigiri (Rice ball with fish flakes) additional $2 to change the plain rice ball to the rice ball with fish flakes, tasted really nice with or without the dark sauce of the pork belly. the sauce is kinda quite sweet for me, was also wondering why the pork belly doesnt have much of fats which it should. anyway this dish is quite filling because of the two rice ball (fish flakes rice ball must try, the pork belly not necessary)Bacon Mochi (japanese sticky rice cake is sticky and not so chewy as i tot it should be, quite bland too, it taste better when i try dipping it into the dark sweet sauce of the braised pork belly. not a must try.when comes to dessert, i wanted to try their Matcha Tiramisu because normally we only have the coffee taste de, but sadly they dun have it that day. so disappointed, i ended up did not order any dessert and left. continue reading
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Level4 2011-11-02
I never knew there's such restaurant until I came across the 1-For-1 Dine & Drink Deals in Herworld Magazine (ended in Oct). The interior of the restaurant is simple and cozy. There are quite a number of articles sticked on the glass wall, all of which are the reviews about this place. For the 1-for-1 deal, hubby and I will each get a Tenzaru Soba (cold buckwheat noodles served with tempura) and a glass of sparkling peach sake. While waiting for the food, we looked through the menu and decided to order the signature dish: braised pork belly dish with riceballs. The owner looked at us with the hesitating face. I wondered and asked if the dish is sold out for the day. Then she said:" no. it's just that.. the Tenzaru Soba is this big" (trying to describe with her hands.. and at the same time, the waitress was bringing out our soba set. The owner continued: "see.. it's this big". Haha! I like her honesty. As in.. as an owner, she cares more about customers than just making money. And of coz we did order the pork dishes simply because it looks irresistable. The tempura tastes ok, you won't feel the heaviness despite the fact that it's deep fried. I guess it's because they use the fresh oil. The soupy sauce for the soba is very refreshing too. To have the ice pack underneath the soba, it helps to maintain it at the low temperature. Sweet act!The set also comes with a glass of sparkling peach sake. Very cooling and refreshing! The alcohol content is not very high, the fruity flavour is awesome. There are some small peach chunks in the drink too, good combination! The braised pork belly dish is superb! The sauce is thick and of very nice flavour, though it doesn't taste too japanese. Frankly speaking, the 2 riceballs ain't enough! I like the service here. The waitress/ waitors are very alert, and attended to your request in very short time. Thumbs up! Another good point about this place is, there's no GST and service charge! Like what they said on the menu's cover page, they are indeed good people!! continue reading
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I absolutely love Japanese food and Box n Sticks is definitely one of my favorite Japanese restaurants. A hidden gem at Aliwal Street, they don't charge GST nor service charge and it’s opened till 1230am during weekends! It's the perfect hangout place for late night snacks and sake Unagi Tempura - I've never heard of Unagi Tempura before, this is certainly unique (at least for me). The batter is really crispy and the unagi is extremely juicy.Tori Karaage - The huge chunks of chicken are deep fried till crispy. It can get a little dry after a few bites though.Kushi Moriwase - A platter with specially grilled items like shishamo, mushrooms, bacon, etc. The sweet sauce compliments the entire dish. Hotate Mentai Yaki - You definitely wouldn't want to miss this. Perfectly grilled and the scallops are big, fat and juicy, bursting with flavor. We ended the meal with their delightful desserts - Tiramisu, goma & yuzu ice cream. The goma ice cream was to die for.I'm definitely going back for more continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)