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BreadTalk has revolutionised both the concept of bread and the way consumers enjoy it. Through their 50 new, healthy recipes, unique store concept and engaging platforms, BreadTalk continues to inject life into customers’ lives across all cities with their award-winning baked creations. continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-06
This post is a little special, because I have a dedication to make.This post is specially dedicated to those who were in line for the McDonald’s Hello Kitty Toys!The Hello Kitty craze has been extended, and this time round, tickling your fancy with this fictional character is non other than Breadtalk. The bakery is an exclusive partner with the Japanese Company, Sanrio (the people behind what is stirring the scene today – Hello Kitty). With their ties, fans of the Kitty can get their hands and meowths mouths on the newly-created Hello Kitty designed breads in all outlets now. Although you can’t collect and store it like you do with the toys, they are still quite an Instagram-friendly moments.Kitty in Pink (Cake by the Slice) ($4.20) :: Besides selling whole cakes (design of the whole Hello Kitty face) priced at $42 that serves about 8 – 10 persons, Breadtalk has also prepared single slice of tiramisu cake (top row, middle piece).Kitty in White / Kitty in Black ($1.50) :: Depending on your preference for white or dark chocolate, you can choose between the two donuts respectively. Okay well, or I should say, depending on your preference of the design of the donuts.Together Forever (Cupcake Set) ($5.80) :: But of course, Daniel and Kitty ain’t gonna separate (though I might have accidentally forced them to in the first photo). This 2 cupcakes come together, both of vanilla chiffon cakes. Daniel’s the tanned (and thus darker) one with its chocolate themed flavors – chocolate fresh cream, maltesers caramel crunchy pearls and white chocolate curls, while Hello Kitty is the white and angelic one, with its lighter tone of make-up of strawberry cream, marshmallow, and white and dark chocolate.Lastly, they have available a Pocket Full of Berries ($2.50) in store as well. The morning sandwich is made up of fluffy buns with a stamp of the Hello Kitty face and fresh cream and strawberries. A healthy start to the morning. continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-08
Bread Talk headquarters at Tai Seng is finally open and so today we decide to go there to try. Decide to order the usual stuffs we had when we dine at Bread Talk but was quite disappointed with the food quality here.The bo lou bun here is not warm and not that soft as compared to the other breadtalk outlet.The mee rebus looks yummy but the taste is no good, the noodles are not fully cooked, a little hard and the gravy is not that nice as compared to the other outlets we go.The laksa is not yummy at all, the mee tai bak is cooked till so soft, check out the next pic, it is so soft till it is all broken into small pieces, very disappointed.the coffee here is not nice too, a little sour in taste, don't like. continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-03
This outlet has one of the most extensive range of pastries on sale. The mini swiss rolls ($5.90 for 2) here are not available at other outlets I frequent. There is a choice of two flavors...Chocolate & Vanilla.Chocolate swiss roll with raisin & chocolate chipsI love this...the center is filled with chocolate fresh cream, sweet raisins and crunchy chocolate chips...very nice!Vanilla swiss roll with assorted fruits cubesThis one contains fresh cream center with canned mixed fruits (peaches, pear etc.)...nice and refreshing. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-29
The BreadTalk Group was housed under one roof in the big building in Tai Seng, interesting! ToastBox, Food Republic, Ramen Play, Din Tai Feng are all situated in the big building. As we were heading for fireworks from the NDP rehersal, we bought a handful of breads from BreadTalk and decided to "camp" all the way with this breads before our dinner. There are two entrance to the shop and this is the entrance from the mall. Varieties of bread are no different from the usual BreadTalk stall we see in mall. If you have the thought that breads might be cheaper here, drop that thought. . The prices, too are of no difference to their branches.Any 4 mini buns at a cost of S$2.80, this marketing method seems familiar to one of their competitors.The attractive looking sardine buns with leaf at its base.This is our purchase while we are in the queue!Yummy blueberry danish with icing. Danish was very welled defined by the layers form. Tasty! These thick yellow yammy cheese cant take my eyes off. Love the cheesy nachos smell together with the small little bits from the harsh browns adorn by the sprinkle of the green onions!This is the total amount spend before we went on "camping". continue reading
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Level3 2013-07-23
This outlet is almost the same as the rest of all Breaktalk outlets. One thing thou, it is housed under the same roof as with all Breadtalk group of cafes and restaurants ~! Good isn't it? It makes dining out so easy. Just go to one place for all your fav.food. Recently breaktalk came out with two new buns.. and they are oh so cute!! Check out this Hello Kitty donuts with sprinkles and choco coating.. very tempting isn't it I bought one each .. tasted nice and soft..and sweet! This is even cuter! has an imprint of hello kitty on the pancake. Cream and strawberries are sandwiched in between two slices of pancake continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)