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Bricks 'N' Cubes Cafe is a LEGO theme cafe that offers a one stop place for Food & Play. They sell a selection of Gelato and Belgian Waffles, Barista coffee and premium tea. continue reading
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Level4 2015-07-27
To be fair, we only went there for desserts. My one star rating was mainly for the sad state of their waffles and ice cream. The waffle came with 2 scoops of ice cream with was decent. The main problem was the waffle! We could see something was not quite right when the waffle looked really brown. We didn't smell any burnt  smell so we thought maybe the waffle had some chocolate in it. This establishment is called Bricks n Cubes which was very apt to describe the condition of their waffles. Their waffles had the texture of a brick with small cubes cutout as design. We did raise the matter with their chef and he agreed to change our order for us. Unfortunately, the replacement waffles were no better and we thought as good gesture to make good of our dining experience, the chef would have at least also added a complimentary scoop of ice cream on the replacement waffle. But we were wrong. So we just ate as much of the hard, tasteless and unappetizing replacement waffles as we could (as we didn't have anymore ice cream to soften anything). We didn't want to waste food but the waffles were really quite quite sad...It's quite sad as the establishment had the potential to be a really great place for adults and kids to eat & place but the food is so below par. 😞 continue reading
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Level2 2015-06-11
For full review, visit http://molly-mia.blogspot.sg/2015/06/mias-review-bricksncubes-cafe.htmlAttracted by their avengers-themed burger set groupon deal, I took great pains to persuade T to drop by with me on a Sunday early afternoon, and found the café absolutely deserted. Frankly speaking, I was really surprised, judging from the fact that there is a groupon deal ongoing and I've expected a huge crowd on a Sunday. And first up, their service didn't really impress me much. I had to walk to the counter myself to get a menu from the staff, and get reminded by him, albeit in a very polite tone, that I have to return to the counter to make my orders. And the real first impression killer was the menu. The menu book really.... sucks.It's just a worn out clear folder slotted with crumpled papers with dish names and prices printed on them. You don't even get to see what the dishes (will/may) look like when served. Avenger's Burger SetThe result of a collaboration between a few brilliant local chefs, these colourful buns are made from natural ingredients, with no artifical flavouring, no gluten and no trans fat. Each set comes in 4 different coloured mini burger but there's only 3 flavours to choose from: Grilled Chicken, Grilled Fish or Classic Beef. Needless to say, this is indeed an instagram-worthy dish! Such adorable looking mini burgers with such bright colours. But the good things end here.The buns are pretty, but dry and hard, especially the outer skin. There seems to have a slight tinge of flavour in the buns (especially the orange bun, with a hint of citrus flavour) but it really didn't add any brownie points to the dish. The grilled chicken was pretty poorly done, with a strong 'frozen chicken taste' to it and thick globs of fats under the slightly slimy skin (the chicken definitely wasn't fully cooked on the grill, but probably in a microwave).Grilled fish, albeit better than the chicken, was still nowhere near good. Just, acceptable and not as bad as the chicken. The french fries were also slightly soggy and dry inside. Didn't taste like they were freshly out from the fryer either. Rocky Beef BurgerT chose a beef burger and his only comment was: At least the food is (temperature) hot. continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-06
The Cathay had been recently spruced up with many new tenants, especially F&B tenants that are either new in Singapore or popular yet affordable to most. One of them is the Bricks N Cubes Cafe that had replaced the former Ben & Jerry’s outlet.Bricks N Cubes Cafe is named as such due to it being Lego-themed. Many Lego sculptures can be found when entering the cafe, some of which being buildings built using Lego blocks and also Lego sculptures of current pop icons such as the Minions from Despicable Me. While it is named a cafe, it only serves cakes, coffee and ice-cream along with waffles that goes with the ice-cream. Patrons can also use the iPads available at tables to either look at the menu, get the attention of the waiters, view the top sellers using the app developed for the cafe and even surf online.Being predominantly an ice-cream parlour, I had decided try their ice-cream. The variety is rather moderate here, and while they are not many locally adapted tastes over here to choose from, there are some pretty standard flavours to choose from, including sorbets and alcoholic flavours. I went for Vanilla Oreo and Bailey’s, both of which are my favourites. The Vanilla Oreo was somehow did taste a bit far-fetched as it the Oreos have overwhelmed pretty much of the Vanilla, and even the colour of the ice-cream seems so. This flavour however would appeal to Oreo lovers out there due to the chunkiness of the Oreo bits that provided much bite and chew, which was something I liked. The ice-cream itself also tasted like Oreo itself, which was pretty tasty as well. The Bailey’s was smooth and aromatic with a heavy flavour of Irish Cream but ends off with a more creamier taste, something that you do not really get elsewhere. I thought it would have been better that they got rid of the whipped cream on top though; it felt like it had nothing to do with the ice-cream and gave a weird taste to the ice-cream in general.For the full review, please visit: http://jiaksimipng.wordpress.com/2013/08/02/bricks-n-cubes-cafe-the-cathay/ continue reading
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