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'Foo Yong' Egg Mussels Ribeye Tenderloin Tartare
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Level4 2017-04-19
The restaurant was located at a corner of the hotel lobby, with 3 staffs 1 service and 2 kitchen handling the 18 seats dining area and a small open kitchen. It offered 4 course lunch tasting menu ($25+) on weekday and 5 course dinner tasting menu ($35+), as well as, a la carte brunch menu on weekend. To celebrate its opening, the restaurant was having a 40% off discount until 23 April 2017. As it was dinner time, I only got to try 5 course dinner tasting menu ($35+). There was no GST but there was a 10% service charge. Only cash and NETs was accepted as payment.Toasted walnut bread, served with blueberry yoghurt + Basil oil dipThe dip was quite a surprise combination and went quite well with the warm toasted nutty bread.Butterhead lettuce, Parmesan espumaIt looked simple with just lettuce topped with foam, but the savoury cheesy flavoured foam really added flavours to the crispy vegetable.Poached Mussels, Garam masala, Papadum, ParmesanThe mussels looked a tab small but were flavored and not too spicy.Mushroom risotto, Truffle oil, Truffle dust, Shiitake dustThe dish smelt very mushroom when served. As a risotto dish, I was kind of surprised that it wasn't served with a spoon. The risotto was well cooked with a lot of different flavours from the assorted mushroom used here. Cooked in mushroom stock with chopped shiitake mushrooms, topped with truffle oil, truffle, shiitake dust, and dehydrated enoki.Torched salmon mi cuit, Basil tomato concasse, Burnt eggplant The cured salmon was undercooked just right and sliced through easily, giving it a smooth and buttery texture. The creamy sauce which made of burnt eggplant went quite well with the fish.Mango, Coconut, Corn The dessert was coconut ice cream, served with sweet corn, slightly touched mango cubes and topped with crispy crunchy red rice puffs. The ice cream was rich and milky, while mango was sweet and juicy. The rice puffs was quite unique as it was not the usual light and airy type. Instead it was more on hard side where one may felt that it was undercooked rice, but it smelt nice like pop corn.Finished the meal with a glass of homemade drink.Goji, Berry, Coconut ($6+)The blended drink was served topped with tiny purple flowers. It was quite a refreshing drink.Service was not bad. Water refilled from time to time. continue reading
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